Toshiba Thrive

You might want to look away if you just purchased a Honeycomb tablet for Christmas: has the 32GB Toshiba Thrive on sale today for a mere $299.99, a full $180 cheaper than the list price you'll find at Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers. The 10-inch, Tegra 2-powered tablet is no slouch, as we discovered in our review back in August, and while it may not be the prettiest Android tablet out there today, it's hard to pass up for a mere three Benjamins. Hit the source link before midnight tonight to grab one and if anybody sees Santa, break the news gently.



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Toshiba Thrive 32GB hits rock bottom $300 price; Santa has buyer's remorse


bought one this morning the second i saw this since i look at 1saleaday on the daily and knew i had to get it, and getting it with money i got for xmas makes it so much sweeter.
i dont mind its a refurb you get 90 day guarentee on it, prob. just some ios fanboy bought it thinking they would like it but couldnt understand the android os and sent it back.

I got two brand new ones though Groupon Goods in November for $299 each. I really liked the way they looked with the blue back cover ($5 from Best Buy). However, there was just enough bugging me about them (LEDs on the front, poor battery life, screen lag, browser force closures, lack of tablet-optimized apps, etc.) that I returned them both.

I really liked the look of this device with its SD card slot and removable battery when they showed it at CES. Unfortunately, once they named it and installed honeycomb, the battery life turned out to be about 4.5 hours. Still a great price though.

Can someone please provide the name of the wallpaper used in this Thrive picture? I've searched thru the Android Central wallpaper page and cannot find it. I believe AC uses the same wallpaper when reviewing most if not all tablets.

I think this one sale a Daysite is a scam so buyer beware! I received afake
Tracking #from them today from UPS. Sooooo here we go with the bullshit to get my $$$ back.