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I've been camped out in our Verizon Droid DNA forums for the better part of the last two days, and the discussion is simply incredible. Here are a few threads you must be sure to check out:

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The ridiculous claims about how we can all just use the cloud since the dna has such tiny internal storage is so frustrating! Fewer and fewer of us have unlimited data, so the cloud just isn't feasible for all our storage. And those hd photos and videos, along with just a few songs and movies, will fill the phone up in no time. Not releasing the least a 32gb version is such a shame. Think about this, HTC - even if android geeks like us aren't the majority of your customers, we're the ones who are asked what to buy by friends and family! And how can we recommend this phone as is?

Man I couldnt agree with you more. I was a big HTC fan but 16 Gigs is too small. I have a 16 GIg S3 and I filled that up easily. If I didn't go by an SD card I would've had no space. Hell a nandroid back up will fill that tiny amount of space in no time. I think its stupid to force cloud storage but take away unlimited data plans and have current data plans be so expensive.

Careful people. If you start buying phones with little or no expandable storage, you'll be walking into the trap that the big carriers are setting for us. Keep in mind that AT&T and Verizon are eliminating unlimited data so the meter is running with everything that you are uploading and downloading to the cloud. If customers start buying phones without expandable storage, more and more manufacturers will save themselves a few bucks and eschew sd cards. The big carriers would love nothing more than getting the buying public conditioned to the cloud, to the point where they can raise prices for data plans once the majority of phones stop including memory. Not saying that it's happening, just that it's possible. Consider that on my last smartphone purchase I paid $30/mo. for unlimited data while my next smartphone contract will be $40/mo. just to have a smartphone on the plan and that's before a tiered limited data charge starting at $50 for 1GB of data. Careful people.

Just to expand on my post from the other day, I happened upon the DNA review from Vincent Nguyen on SlashGear posted on 11/16/12...

"Neither HTC nor Verizon will say on the record why the decision around a 16GB maximum was made, though since the HTC J Butterfly – Japan’s DROID DNA counterpart – makes room for a microSD slot, it seems obvious that it’s something other than physical constraints forcing HTC’s hand. Were we conspiracists, we might wonder whether it was carrier-led, so as to maximize LTE traffic by users regularly accessing data stored in the cloud."

Just sayin' Careful people.