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If you love Chromebooks like we do you'll want to see these tips and tricks to make the most of them

Millions of people are using Chromebooks, but despite their simple and "for everyone" nature not every powerful feature is easy to access. Every Chromebook (or Chromebox) is a powerful tool that's just waiting to be used to its full potential, and once you know a few tricks you'll feel like you're getting even more value out of your inexpensive computer.

We're rounded up the top eight tips and tricks for you to try on your own Chromebook so you can start making the most of your machine. Read along and learn a thing or two about the computer you're using.

1. Use third-party DNS servers

Google DNS

There are a lot of reasons to use third-party DNS (Domain Name Server) when you're on the web. Some say they are faster, some claim they are more secure, and it's a great way to get around any silly content blocks that may be in place on the servers of the people who provide you your Internet. Using them on your Chromebook is easy. Open the settings page, and click on the name of the network you want to change. In the window that comes up, choose the network tab. At the bottom, you can choose which nameservers to use.


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Top 10 Chromebook tips and tricks


This is awesome.....since I am a newbie, there is one thing that I REALLY want to know how to do.

is there any way to lock the keyboard and trackpad? and then unlock by a button combination?

I video chat with my family all the time, and my little one likes to play with they trackpad/keyboard and usually ends up muting us, or them, or closing windows.

any help would be appreciated

I really want to buy that Chromebook in the Groupon promotion but I already have a desktop that works, and a tablet that doesn't get as much use as it should. :sigh:

Stop tempting me Android Central!

I have a desktop and a laptop that both work great too. But I also have a chromebook. Why? Because it's small enough to carry around wherever I want, and it has battery that lasts all day, and it's a much better web experience than my phone. On average, I use my chromebook more than my desktop or laptop. For me, it's a better tablet than a tablet because it has a keyboard. YMMV

I'm just wondering how that Asus Chromebook is treating you. I've been fighting between that one and the HD screen of the Samsung CB2. I'd like to hear a little more about that Asus, though. Looks good and $150 less on Amazon.

If anyone at Android Central would be interested in writing up something specific to why and how to set up DNS I know I would appreciate it. This article has me searching google, however since you pointed it out in this article maybe you can help. Maybe point out the best reasons to change from your ISP to a third party DNS and which third party to use. Thanks for any help in advance.

Posted via the Android Central App

Please help me! I just returned an Acer C720P laptop (brand new) because there was no way to adjust
the blink rate of the text cursor. I get sick when I look at anything that blinks or flashes. Imagine how many
things you see all day long that blink. then imagine getting sick because your brain is different. I asked Google
and they don't care, told me to send it back if it 'bothered me'. Can ANYBODY tell me how I can get a laptop that
can have the adjustment to make the cursors not blink? I am so frustrated. I'll have to stick to my desktop, it doesn't blink.

I'm pretty sure I was able to change the blink rate of the cursor on Windows 7.
Have you tried that OS yet?

Posted via Android Central App