Three UK might not be taking orders for the HTC One X from new customers just yet, but if you're due an upgrade from them, you may be in luck. It seems the network is already allowing existing customers to secure themselves a One X on launch day, assuming they're eligible for an upgrade. So if your contract with Three is up for a renewal, check the upgrades area and you should be able to select the One X in grey or white.

Orders placed over the past few days are reportedly due for delivery on April 5, which as we all know is the reported launch date for the HTC One series.

As we reported a few weeks back, the HTC One X will be sold on every major network in the UK. Vodafone UK is currently taking pre-orders, while O2 has said it expects to stock the device from April 5. T-Mobile and Orange both specify an April release window.

Thanks to AC reader +Andrew Jones-McGuire for letting us know!


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Three UK taking HTC One X upgrade orders from existing subscribers


Minor complaint, but I prefer the microsUSB charger on the bottom of the phone. Makes it easier to use sideways on a table when charging. Though, you could just put the right side on the bottom and have the cable sticking out the top. Again, minor.

It is minor but its always the one thing that bothered me about HTC phones and my Droid 2. No matter how you hold it it seems to get in the way. Either its pulling on the device when on top, or getting caught in my hand or fingers. The G1, and my gnex have the best placement, the bottom. One more complaint. The tbolts placement. If charging you can't use the kickstand, bothered me the most.