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We currently have the baristas in custody and hope to have their statements by the end of the day. DNA results from the coffee cups and restroom take a little longer. [Joy of Tech]


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That's exactly how low we'll stoop, actually


You know if they had real computers with real OS's they would not be looking to find a way not to use them like this useless conversation, but then would it be personal?

Great way to start the week, humor is always welcome on a rainy Monday in FLA. I bet Steve had the Chai Latte and Eric I'm guessing coffe black two sugars ;-)

Stevie just wanted a footlong and the cafe barista told him he'd have to go next door to Subway. So he decided to vent to Eric about it over some coffee as he wept saying, "why doesn't anybody love me?" And Eric replies with, "Because you look like a douche with the black turtleneck, jeans, black socks and athletic shoes when everyone knows you spend all day in front of your Mac watching internet porn." He also threw in a comment that if he had flash on his iPhone, he could watch some internet porn on the go.