Tapatalk, the app that makes browsing vBulletin forums a breeze from a smartphone, has come out of its Version 2.0 beta and is now available for downloading. The biggest feature is an improved UI with multiple theme support, improved moderation tools, a nicer conversation style, and cloud-based account sync.

The official Tapatalk app runs $2.99 in Google Play. And, yes, we'll be updating our own Tapatalk-based Android Central Forums app in short order.

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hmmm says:

I bought the app, it is nice, but they are charging another $2.99 for each theme... I guess I'll be sticking with stock.

miller7796 says:

Are you using the free version? I went to "Display Style" and had a number of theme options requiring no additional payment.

hmmm says:

No, you can choose the first two for free. All of the colored versions send me to the Market even though they are listed as a selection.

phonejunky says:

That's good to hear. I love tapatalk. It's my go to app for anything forum related.

user7618 says:

@miller7796 only the Tapatalk light and dark are free. The others take you to the market so you can buy them.

moosc says:

Hm those theme Tapatalk have been. Around a while and have always been extra. That is nothing new. The app and any themes you bought will be free to upgrade.

Anyone know how to enable the cloud syncing on the app? I've searched for it, and found nothing.

I'm with you on that, so you are not alone....maybe we need a Tapatalk account?

Edit: Found this browsing the Tapatalk forums,


So it seems like you just have to install tapatalk on another device and then you will get the cloud section. Or am I misunderstanding.

El Jefe says:

I wonder if those of us who got Tapatalk for free from GetJar are going to see the upgrade to v2.0.

I played around with it when it was in open beta & liked it a lot.

mahers says:

I doubt it. Ever since I knew about the beta, I've been trying to get the GetJar app on my new phone and it's not listed there anymore. I even changed devices and still nothing. About a month ago, I started to get a pop up saying my version was expired and I had to get the paid version. No one told me the GetJar version was temporary. In any case, I use it all the time, so I bought the full app anyway.

Mobius360 says:

Phil any idea if tapatalk will be updating the xparent themed versions too 2.0?

Not ready for prime time. It lost my favorites and when I re-subscribed to them, I had to completely go back to the main start-up screen before my newly subscribed favorites would appear.

DenverRalphy says:

Just a note... it's not just for vBulletin forums. Tapatalk supports many different forums like phpBB, IPBoard, SMF, etc.

fathom39 says:

Dark theme + Halloween orange lettering + viewing outside = no good. Too cute, what's wrong with white on black? Still, an invaluable app.