Samsung Exhibit 4G

We’re getting a better look at the Samsung Exhibit 4G, that mid-range Gingerbread device we first heard through the grapevine recently.Though we’re still waiting for official word from big T, this latest leak reaffirms the specs we’ve been reporting, including that 1 GHz processor, front and rear cameras, and HSPA+ support. Hit the source link for the Exhibit 4G's photoshoot.

Source: CellPhoneSignal


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T-Mobile's upcoming Exhibit 4G poses for unofficial photoshoot


I love how those specs are "mid ranged". Phone technology is great. Last year that would have been top of the line lol

Crappy mid end phone however, i will take the apk's for the scrabble and other game i see there... my scrabble port doesn't extend the full 4.3 inches...on my tbolt.