T-Mobile showing Bobsled Messaging at CES 2012

I think we're all a bit curt with T-Mobile for announcing the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, but not actually having it here at CES 2012 for us to play with, but they did have something substantial to show off in Vegas. Bobsled Messaging is a new free SMS messaging application which allows you to read and send texts from just about any web-enabled device. 

Android Central @ CES

The Android app propogates text messages across multiple screens, including phone, tablet, and web, while packaging everything in a familiar threaded interface. The web console is particularly cool in that you can send out group messages with minimal fuss.

I think it might get a little weird not using the native texting application on an Android device, but for the sake of building a searchable archive of text messages in the cloud, I'm sure I could get used to it. While Bobsled Messaging might sound like this is the sort of thing T-Mobile would reserve as a value-added service for their own customers, it's actually going to be available for anybody, regardless of carrier or country. 

Wanna give it a shot? Head on over to the Android Market. Just remember that while it's free to use Bobsled Messaging, you'll still have to fork over your usual texting fees. 


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T-Mobile shows off Bobsled Messaging - free cloud-based SMS texting


I can't really understand why this app is news worthy. Text Plus has had the same features and more for quite some time now. I love having all of my Android devices in one room when I receive a text and all of them chirp a notification at or near the same time.LOL, and with Text Plus there are no carrier charges involved as it works over data and not via carrier messaging. Thats a BIG plus for Text Plus over this app.

Just sayin' ..... HTR

" for the sake of building a searchable archive of text messages in the cloud, I'm sure I could get used to it."

Very easy solution for this without using non-native texting app. Creates a folder in Gmail with all of your texts. I've used it for years.

SMS Backup - Apps on Android Market http://bit.ly/zqAQh0