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The usual caveats apply with this one folks, but it's potentially good news for T-Mobile customers eagerly awaiting news of the Galaxy Note 2. This leaked screenshot obtained by the good folks over at TmoNews, seems to indicate that the 5.5" Note 2 will be available on October 24 in both white and grey. 

We all know it's coming, that isn't the potential story here. October 24 is the date of the Samsung "Next Big Thing" event in New York City -- which, of course, we'll be covering live. Should this all play out, could we be looking at some same day availability for the Note 2? Leaks are fun, that's for sure, but we'll be keeping a close eye out for any further news. And, to kill some time while you wait, be sure to check out our full review

Source: TmoNews


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T-Mobile to release Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on October 24?


yup... been a big HTC fan from day one (owned several of them), however the 5.5" screen is just too good to pass up. Time to make the jump to Samsung. Just hope T-Mobile doesn't over price it like the S3. Not holding my breath though.

The phablet is brand new, I'd hardly call ths late. Regardless, I'll be selling my S3 and getting this for AT&T.

Yes sir day one purchase for me without question. Tmobile will be offering the 16gb model in stores and the 32gb model online. I loved my Samsung Galaxy S3 it's boss no doubt but the Galaxy Note 2 is something entirely on another level. Ready for purchase baby...

Congrats TMO users! Quite a deal if you can get it on the 24th! I will be waiting on the ATT version (probably 16GB only) which hopefully is not far behind!

As awesome as that would be, I highly doubt it considering they priced the Galaxy S 3 higher than other carriers.

Slim to none chance that it will be$199: Note One was $299, and the specs were lower than the fabulous Note 2. Still getting it once Sprint gets it!

How about making a black color available and I'll jump in head first.
White & gray sound decent, but classy black is just plain sexy....

I am absolutely getting this phone.

Not really familiar with T-Mobile. I haven't used them in over 8 years.
(back the, you have to have service for a couple of months and then
call customer service to get the SIM unlock code)

Are their phones still SIM-locked? Will I be able to use them overseas with
prepaid SIM cards?

Cant wait to get my hands on the Note 2! I almost went and got the S3, but the 5'5 screen is ridiculously awesome! The specs on Note 2 blow the iphone 5 out of the water, the iphone 5 feels like holding a long and fake tv Remote.