Upcoming T-Mobile plans

AT&T's new plans are only really decent choices for moderate data users, but T-Mobile will be offering a few that are geared for more hardcore smartphone owners. A leaked internal memo is detailing two new plans that will be available for a limited time starting January 25. The Unlimited-Premium 5 GB and Unlimited-Ultra 10 GB plans will both toss in mobile hotspot and cloud storage for photos as free additions (normally costing $20/month combined). 

Although specific price points are shared in the memo, the prommo will be available to both new and existing customers. You might have to ply your sales rep to get this offer, though; the memo instructs employees to "not proactively offer the bundled features to customers already on a 5 GB data feature who do not want additional data" in order "to protect T-Mobile revenue". 

I'm curious to see how well these promo plans are priced. Anyone on T-Mobile with a particularly sweet grandfathered plan? 

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T-Mobile prepping limited-time 5 GB and 10 GB plans


You gotta love how they use the word unlimited but then follow it up with a cap number. I wonder if they can advertise in commercials that they have unlimited plans now.

I was thinking the exact same thing. Though there is a possibility that these are unlimited and the cap is just the amount at which they start throttling?

While I agree it's misleading, I think T-Mobile technically still has unlimited data service. I think the 5/10GB cap refers to the point at which they start to throttle your speed. You won't get charged for overages.

Yes the cap is just the point at which you get throttled. I'm not sure what they say you get throttled to but I get throttled every month and I've never seen it lower than 1mb/s

I was throttled down to 2.5kbps for two weeks after I hit my cap. Couldn't even connect to email. I'm ditching T-Mo asap with their "Unlimted" bs.

I thought the same thing. I switched to Sprint for exactly 9 days because I thought they had TRULY unlimited data, but Sprint has started to throttle too. They all do. I realized what a mistake it was to switch to Sprint because not only does their customer service suck, AND they charge an extra $30 for wi-fi hotspot (where it's free with T-Mobile) and you trying to tether w/o rooting your phone w/Sprint is a freakin pain.. all on top of Sprint throttling data as well. I switched back to T-Mobile so fast.. and getting my money back from Sprint within their 30-day money back guarantee took 3 months!

Truth is....who cares!!!! T-Mo Sucks!!!!

I say this after being a T-Mo customer for 10+ yrs. Phone signa is ok, but very weak inside homes. Data signal downright a joke. I live in South Florida, in a 4G area, where for the first time in over 10 months I've gotten over 1GB DL speeds. An area supposedly checked by TMO techs to be working perfectly, yet the only way to use data is to sit outside of any building, not very close to any walls either!

My wife's VZW 3G phone get data and phone virtually everywhere we have been. She gets faster downloads, or signal for that matter inside buildings...

So T-Mo's %GB unlimited/limited plan....who cares I have to use WiFi anyhow!

Even in NJ, where t-mobile is pretty strong, my Verizon 3G connection kills t-mobile in terms of reliability, I am never without signal, even in basements, my roommate has t-mobile, he can't use google gps because the internet cuts out while he's driving, he has to move to certain areas of the house to get any data access at all, while t-mobiles outside speed with no barriers is faster than my verizon 3G it's a lot less useful because it's so spotty, 1700 Mhz and 2100 Mhz will simply never be as good for in building penetration as 800 and 700 can't wait for 4G to come to the area, then even my speed will outmatch his.

In the Inland empire (southern Cali), T-mobile is the boss. We did a speed test between T-mobile, sprint, & Verizon. T-mobile beat out sprint by double the speed, and Verizon by 4 times!! I'm sure you'll think that's bogus since Sprint is known for slower speeds, but that was what we got on all four test we ran. The only thing I personally think sucks about T-mobile is that the antenna sucks in buildings. But in general, the signal & data speeds are great anywhere I go out here (which may just be the case since Southern Cali is so populated, that they have to have a good network out here).

If you're getting 1gb download speed you might not want to leave T-mobile. Thats got to be the fastest download speed ever. Unless your measuring that per hour.

I'm not sure what issues you are having with coverage or speed because I live in South Florida too and have no such problems. Also, you just reached 1GB download? That's amazing since its pretty much impossible... did you mean 1mb?

I just took a speed test a couple minutes ago (from inside my condo):

I get even better speeds at my job on Biscayne near the 195. Do you live in the Everglades or something?

T-Mobile offers to anyone who needs it a free signal booster. My sister has one and I will tell you it works great. There is 2 parts to it, one goes into a window where you get the best signal and the other part goes in the center of your house. She use to get around 1 MB download speed and now she has 4 bars and getting over 4 MB download.
I live in a very good HSPA+ area and my download speeds are over 7 MB during the busiest time of the day. This is inside my house. I guess it is all where you live. I would suggest trying the free booster that they offer. I checked out a store where they sell this same booster and it sells for over $500.00. The RepeaterStore.Com

They wouldn't give me a signal booster. I got the run around and they "sent a tech to check to cell towers." Meh.

As much as I like this remember stock phones like the G2x and Nexus allow tethering out of the box. for $10/month I might upgrade to the 5GB plan just to lock it in but as it stands now even tetherin my laptop and iPad when needed I don't come close to using 2GB.

T-Mobile is decent as far as data goes in Chicago land. But my calls tend to get dropped in some specific places. I just upgraded from 2 to 5 gbs for an extra $10 per month. U can't beat that anywhere unless u go with sprint IMO. I'm happy.

My wife and I both use a HTC sensation 4G (with free wifi tethering), 5Gigs of data (even with both of us tethering we never come close) and 750 "whenever" minutes which we also never come close to using. Signal is great and speed is 4-5 Mbits. My whole bill is only $120. Since no other carrier can match that, I'll stick with T-mobile until I die.

I just left sprint for Tmobile a month ago and absolutely love, it, I don't know wtf u guys are talking about but I have better coverage in my area in tmobile then sprint plus I get between 10mb and 16mb speeds on tmobile while I was getting about .2mb on sprint.

I have a no-contract, "unlimited" data and txt, 500 minute plan that is 59.00 a month (69 with taxes and phone insurance). Is that considered a good deal? I tried to upgrade to 750 minutes but they said it's no longer available for no-contract plans...

They've had the 10 gig plan for a while...a rep offered it to me and I took it. I think they're charging $60 or it...not sure why this is news, I asked her why they didn't offer it to me originally and she didn't know, just said it was available.

"Anyone on T-Mobile with a particularly sweet grandfathered plan?"

I currently have the "T-Mobile Android Unlimited Web + Unlimited Messages(Required)" for $34.99/month. Should I upgrade?

I've got the Android Preferred Data Plan on my HTC Amaze. $20/mo for 5GB with a soft cap (aka no cap).
It's an unlisted plan, but if you call customer service, you can get it on your account. I called one day and got it on my account in 3 minutes after I was getting throttled for going over my at the time plan of 2GB.

What ever you do don't change that plan I use to have that plan but my girlfriend changed it about a year ago to setup some share plan with minutes and text. Plus it only gave me 2 GB of data which I went through the first month I had it. That's how I found out about it because they started to throttle me after I hit the 2 GB of data, so that got changed real quick and of course I lost that Android Preferred Data Plan. Now you ask what gives her the right to change it she's the main account holder, I'm just a authorized user. ;(

P.S. Called TMobile and the 10 GB plan right now is 60 dollars a month and the 5 GB plan is still 30 dollars. So the questions is will the 10 GB go down to 30 dollars to 40 dollars.. :)

I live in NYC and I don't have issues with T-Mobile. It's pretty much the same around large cities, I never have any problems with service.

I'm on an old plan 1000 min for $39.99 and unlimited texting & data for $34.99