T-Mobile vs. Verizon

If we were Verizon, we'd probably just point to the subscriber scoreboard, stick our hands in our pockets (filled with cash) and walk away from T-Mobile's taunts. And maybe say something about people in glass houses.

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T-Mobile pokes the bear, chides Verizon for its day of LTE downtime


Um, the outage was longer than one day. Wednesday to Saturday morning, minus a couple hours on Thursday. All at 1X in the center of LA.

How do they know what's been downloaded?

Is this bluff and bluster, or are they using deep packet inspection?

How professional. Did they forget about the abundance of severe weather, including the several tornadoes this past week? Pretty sure that has something to do with it.

Dunno why ppl keep bashing tmo about being bought. Its actually more of a merger and wont even happen for over a year. At&t just wants their piece of the 4g pie.

I can get a signal indoors just fine most places I go. In fact, I was in a restaurant last night, had 4-bar 4G and tested 8MB down via Speedtest.

Can't people make a point without exaggerating?

Not exaggeration at all.. go ahead come on over and stand right in my front yard and tell me how fast your cute little niche network is.

haha how come hspa+ is called 4g only in the United States lol this is pretty funny my 3g is almost as fast as my friends mytouch 4g on their hspa+ network and lte blows it out of the water its funny how t-mobile makes little smartass remarks which is why they might get bought out lol

t-mobile has one plane that throttles at 2gb. vzw has about 10 4g users once they get more they will CAP . they have said they will already! your 3g speeds are no where near tmobile 4g speeds check the speed tests and as 42mb 4g launches speeds will be comparable with vzw lte at A better VALUE!

Nope its not but in the real world... tmo "4g" won't get 19 either.

Verizon 3G is slow but I've never felt like it wasn't enough for what i nneeded to do on the net. Stream YouTube without problems and amazingly I can do it pretty much anywhere in the US, can you say the same. Tmo will never have the coverage Verizon does, hands down.

This is a extreme joke coming from T-Mobile. How can you download all that material, once you hit 2GB the speed slows way down. There is no cap on Verizon's network unless your doing major tethering in the top 5%. LTE blows every other network's 4g out of the water, they dont even compare. Speed wise verizon is way ahead of all the other networks. Reliability wise they are far better than the other networks. Our 3g on verizon competes with other network's 4g. Its a crying shame people even waste their money on other networks.

T-Mobile wasn't saying one person downloaded all of that. It was everyone across their network. I thought this was pretty obvious.

T-Mobile is awesome. I get about 8Mbps+ most places I've checked. Why would you need faster than that anyway? This speed arms race in mobile is pretty dumb and hurts customers long-term.

Actuall the CRYING SHAME should be those LOUSY DEVICES VERIZON IS PEDDLING TO THEIR CUSTOMERS...Everyone one of them are last years specs GIVE ME A BREAK....Verizon is GARBAGE and their so called LTE NETWORK IS UNPROVEN this past week is a great example of how UNPROVEN IT REALLY IS....Your only FOOLING YOURSELF with that OVERPRICED NETWORK WITH CRAPPY PHONES....300 DOLLARS FOR A DROID CHARGE WHAT A JOKE...

Note to T-MO, and soon to be bosses AT&T... when your data that you claim to be soooooo fast isn't even available in 3/4 of the US(I'm not referring to voice coverage only data so save the flames), you should spend some of that advertising dough on fixing your network so that more than just a few cities can get it. Funny while Verizon's LTE was down I STILL had 3G and all the other services I depend on. But looking at the coverage map for my home area... T-MO can't be found.

"Your netword is still at best the 4th in the US!"

What's with the semi-literate people posting? Is English not your first language? If it isn't then I understand.

There is Jerry living out in tin buck two kissing butt with Verizon again. If you can not get T-Mobile's kick ass speed then move out of the woods and join the rest of the world.

I don't care since T-Mobile has a 2gb or 5gb cap on their data plans, whereas Verizon is truly unlimited, or at least has a much larger cap than T-Mobile. I've used 30gb in my last billing cycle and 70gb in my current with my Thunderbolt and no problems at all. Suck it T-Mobile.
: )

Verizon is unlimited until they get enough people to sign up...Then T-Mob will have better pricing than Verizon...Once again.

There's a lot of trolls in here tonight, and the FUD is piling up pretty fast.

1. T-Mobile is NOT being bought out by AT&T. Not yet anyways. So far the FCC has already went on the record before that they are not interested in any mergers between the top 4 carriers, especially those involving AT&T or Verizon. And even if it might go through (which it probably wont), that wont happen until at least a yr from this past march.

2. I don't understand all this carrier vs carrier arguing. It's pretty pathetic. It's not like any of you built or own these companies. Yes the carriers jab and prod at each other and make up FUD themselves, but they are greedy corporate pigs, it's a sad but true reality of corporate America. However that doesn't mean we can't agree to put aside our differences about the carriers.

Personally I couldn't care less about what my upload or download speeds are, or "how many Gees" my phone gets. If T-Mobile is the best carrier for one person's wireless needs, then great. If instead they find that Verizon can better fill those personal needs good for them too. It's all PERSONAL and depends on the person's specific needs and what's available to them.

All the carrier fanboyism is getting lame. You people arguing over who's data network is faster or bigger or has more G's need to get a life. The reason we're here is because we love Android, not to argue about minor differences between carriers, let's grow up a little bit, even if this is the interwebs.

Whether or not T-mobile is going to get swallowed up or not, I still find this pretty funny. I have Verizon and have had Verizon for a little over 7 years. Yeah the Outage SUCKED since I do have a thunderbolt but I will cut them a bit of slack. Where I won't cut them slack is with this f'ing update that is supposed to roll out for the thunderbolt and hasn't. Lastly, the Tmobile chick isn't even attractive. Rail thin and has bad gum to teeth ratio, which is a deal breaker for me.

Bad gum to teeth ratio...

Too funny....Yeah it's funny how much dung is being thrown around here..like bragging is the new sport, because your phone company being faster will slowdown my phone...lol

So if T-Mobile users downloaded that much while Verizon was out, how much more have Verizon users downloaded to make up for that since it came back up?