New partnership will help keep your personal data, and your phone, a little safer.

Lookout and T-Mobile have a special treat for customers who elect to purchase Asurion PHP (Premium Handset Protection) or enroll in T-Mobile's new Jump! program -- a free subscription to Lookout's premium features. 

If you're enrolled in the Asurion program, or have signed up for Jump!, and a current Lookout user, you should soon be getting an email about the new promotion telling you a little more information. The gist of it all is that in addition to the antivirus, find-my-phone and backup and restore options offered in the free version of Lookout, you'll also have access to photo backup, remote lock and wipe, Safe Browsing, and Lookout's privacy advisor.

This is very much like the partnership between US Cellular and NQ Mobile, and any trend that helps people keep their phones and personal data more safe is a very good thing -- we hope it continues.

These tools are pretty useful, and Lookout has a long history with Android. You may or may not find the antivirus features useful, but the monitoring ans security features are great to have. Look for your email soon!

Source: Lookout. Thanks, Jimmy!


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T-Mobile offers free Lookout Premium subscriptions for Asurion PHP and Jump! customers


Yeah, I use the free version of Lookout and it works great, for what it does.

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Well, apparently it's only a free trial for Premium. Several weeks ago, I got an email saying since I was a T-Mobile customer with PHP, that my Lookout would upgrade to Premium. It did upgrade, but it only lasted for a couple weeks and now I'm back to basic and it wants to charge me for Premium. Lame!

Tmobile is on a roll. I am currently a happy Sprint customer (I am one of the lucky ones with great coverage), but I am definitely going to give Tmobile a look when my contract is up.

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I truly believe in 18 - 24 months, you are going to be the #1 Carrier..
Thank You for your $30.00 a month plan. $360.00 bucks a year for Cell Service is fantastic for me.
Keep perks like this coming... :-)

Not unless they can seriously increase their coverage. Their plans are far and away the best but what good is it if their coverage is awful.

Honestly, their coverage could be better. But, after their rollout of LTE, I'm sure that they will get around to expanding coverage of both HSPA+ and LTE. Until then, I consider those of us that have great T-Mobile coverage as lucky.

It's not bull at all. I've been with TMob for close to 12 years now. Love them but the service is not great everywhere. It may be great where you live, but that doesn't mean it's great for everybody. I barely get 1 bar of signal at home.

I've been a customer since 2005. Initially I only cared about making phone calls and although T-Mobile didn't have the best coverage it was good enough and cheap enough for me to deal with it. Over the years as I've become more dependent on data, it's been more difficult to stay with T-Mobile. I live in a Suburb and work in a city, but whenever I go to a friend of mine's home in the burbs or rural areas it's a complete crap shoot as to whether I will have usable data, usually the answer is no as I find myself on EDGE or GPRS. If you are primarily in a city or strictly a voice customer T-Mobile is a great choice and you can certainly save some $$, however if you need data and spend any time outside of an urban area be prepared for next to useless GPRS/EDGE coverage. Unfortunately T-Mobile has given absolutely no indications that they have any timetable or plan to upgrade the vast areas of their network that are GPRS/EDGE. Their currently policy is to keep upgrading their urban areas to the latest and greatest. If you are in a city and don't need coverage outside of it, T-Mobile is a great choice, however if you need dependable data outside of cities then, at this time, T-Mobile is probably not a good fit.

How original, Meanwhile I'm enjoying my Tmobile LTE 25 meg down , Really sucks when I leave LTE and only 10 meg down. Makes up for the Edge service I see about once every week. Doesn't work for everybody though.

Ha! I'm pulling for T-Mobile, but your comment makes me laugh. The reason that Verizon & AT&T are #1 & #2 are because they have coverage outside of major metro areas. T-Mobile does not & Sprint barely does (here in the midwest at least).

If you believe that, I certainly want to sell you a bridge.

Until they at least have a plan for upgrading their network, they will stay 4th. You can knock Sprint, but they are at least improving and extending the coverage they have. Tmo last thing was to upgrade speeds not not really coverage.

They are surviving on those cheap price points alone, that and being a GSM carrier for the Nexus.

Until they get bought by Dish or someone who cares (DKT doesn't and they have been trying to get rid of them for awhile) they will languish in 4th (only because there isn't a 5th to contend)

The London Bridge can be had cheap, the Tower bridge is priced reasonably but a little on the high side

I think T mobile has potential. Verizon has awesome coverage, but T mobile has amazing plans. I'll be keeping an eye on them as my contract is up next month.

I got this last week. I switched from Asurion to JUMP! Got the email for this a couple of days later. On top of the insurance with JUMP! and the upgrade-ability - now free premium Lookout! For everyone on every other carrier - LOL.

I just love the jealously...

I've had Verizon 2011 ( Droid Charge Because the Bionic got delayed for 3 months ) I've had AT&T 2012 ( Note 1 ) $96.41 a month for a lousy 450 mins & 250 texts..
I've tried sprint at the sprint store with an S3 even in the store.. Garbage..
I will NEVER Leave T-Mobile and I will NEVER pay more than the $1.00 a day I am currently paying for my Cellular Usage.. To own a Cell Phone with not only a Removable Battery but a 64Gb SD Card option, Unlocked, Rooted & Romed, overclocked @ 1,782 along with a $360.00 a year NON-CONTRACT Plan, They are ALREADY the Number One Carrier Period for MY USE.. I really don't give a Damn if they don't work for you.. doesn't effect me in the Least.. But I do know that, T-Mobile is Slowly & Methodically gaining more believers by the day.. and we will just see in the Summer of the year 2015 what position these current carriers are in.. AND that includes Straight Talk as well.. Folks are starting to realize that Prepaid / Non-Contract Plans are the future..

No contract should be the way to go, no dispute there. Yes, T-Mo are gaining customers for the reasons you stated. The plans are cheaper and no contracts.

As you stated, it works for your use. It doesnt come close to mine and that fine. It is why there is more than one carrier.

Here is another small glitch. The 2 largest carriers want no parts of no contracts. They want to keep you under control as long as possible. It will take a long time for enough people to change to make a real difference.

Also, with CDMA being closed source it will make migration harder for everyone to go the no contract route. Everything should be LTE and LTE-A only by around 2020ish then things will really go that route.

Does LTE A still run on different frequencies? If it's the same then I agree, but if the carriers are still stuck with certain bandwith, then nothing will change.

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LTE-A is a software upgrade to full OFDDM at the Base Station and is "true" 4G. It requires a tremendous amount of backhaul.(I believe 130MBPS)

In the beginning carriers will use it for voice, phasing out CDMA & "GSM" (GSM has been dead for years, but dont tell that to the fanbois") / WCDMA.

Verizon will be first with it as their LTE-A will go online in the AWS bands this year, data only as a trial, then slowly transition to VOIP.

Dual band 4G LTE! Believe it or not Sprint is second in this, AT&T is dead last and T-Mobile is third.

This. T-Mobile, likely, has the cheaper plans, because they know they don't have the best coverage. Once T-Mobile expands their coverage and becomes "on-par" with the other 3, then, we will judge.

Ummm... It's nice, and all, that your phone has " not only a Removable Battery but a 64Gb SD Card option, Unlocked, Rooted & Romed, overclocked @ 1,782," but that doesn't "really" relate to the debate of T-Mobile as a viable carrier.

But, I do agree, that no-contract plans are the future.

Then the Gist of the conversation at the moment of the comment escaped you..

Some sheep like to be lead.. so there will ALWAYS be those that WANT to sign a 2 year commitment.. I enjoy paying $360.00 a year for service.. The savings can go to something else.. T-Mo is AHEAD of the curve.. and Fanboys/Girls will stick with their AT&Ripoff & No Vision Verizon Forever.. Knock yourself out..

T-Mo is Creative.

I like that.

I've been using Lookout for a while and am really excited about this. Getting a premium app service paid for which is included in the JUMP! program only sweetens the deal. T-Mobile is doing things right.

TMo may be late with the LTE but it just might be a Very Good Thing :
Check out the GigaOM post from June 4th.
Can't get the link... sorry.

Thought this was about Lookout.... Hey had anyone used Avast security

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I use separate email addresses for my T-Mo and Lookout accts. Taking bets on the odds that I get this upgrade.....

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Try deleting and then reinstalling the lookout app from the play store, that worked for me right away to get the premium service even though I also used a different email address than my t-mobile account.

So does this replace the T-Mobile mobile security app that came with the insurance previously?

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Its hard for me to believe people r complaining about t mobiles coverage I live out in the sticks in a small town hardly anyone ever knows about n I get great coverage every where I go at times there r problems with my service but mobile customer service is always quick to fix whatever problem I might have, for those of u who have crappy service at home or in certain areas where u spend lots of time maybe u should try giving t mobile a call n have customer service look into what your problem mightb

Just spent and hour on the phone with T-mobile CS. Got the email last month telling us we were eligible for the free lookout premium upgrade. After waiting almost a week to receive it and automatically upgrading to the premium I received another email 2 days ago telling my trial version is up and If I would like to continue with the premium version I will now have to pay for it. T-mobile, Asurion and lookout need to start communicating better. I was told by T-mobile that if Lookout wasn't pre- uninstalled on my device there is no way to get the free upgrade to the premium Outlook. They gave me an email to Asurion to try to figure it out. I have also emailed Lookout and there response was they don't have any info about my account. Very disappointing. Don't offer something and then not be able to give it to all your customers.

I have T-Mobile PHP- Jump! on both my and my wife's GS4's...I just realized that my lookout premium has reverted back to Lookout (Free). T-Mobile has no clue what I'm talking about and Lookout said they'll push an update out to the affected users.

Also, it wont allow me to sign up for monthly premium at the special rate of $4.00 a month (even though the regular price is $2.99)

Something is pretty screwed up.