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Good news for T-Mobile USA Samsung Galaxy S3 owners this morning, as it seems a new over-the-air update for the device brings it up to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Numerous sources are reporting that the new software, version T999UVDLJA is rolling out to Tmo Galaxy S3 phones right now. Today's T-Mobile update follows Sprint's Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean roll-out a couple of weeks back.

If it's anything like that update, T-Mobile S3 owners should gain access to new TouchWiz features like Blocking Mode and new AllShare Cast sharing options in the new firmware, as well as standard Jelly Bean features like "Project Butter" performance enhancements and Google Now predictive search features.

If you're seeing the Jelly Bean update land on your Tmo Galaxy S3 this morning, shout out in the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

Source: SamMobile, XDA

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T-Mobile Galaxy S3 getting Jelly Bean update


Can we please add AT&T to this as well. This is getting pathetic that the 2 largest carriers are dragging their feet on this.

Gotta see if I could rush to get update on my Galaxy S3 today. On Thursday morning 10am I will be at my favorite Tmobile store in Manhattan purchasing my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. What a great week..

Yes Sir, Update completed 7:15am. Jellybean is lovely on the Galaxy S3 Google now is great and I love how the update place all my applications in circle folders almost similar to the Galaxy Nexus. Pull down shade with all the notifications are expanded and oddly enough my notifications have new sounds. I get to enjoy this till 10pm tonight then I will sell my Galaxy S3 to a Tmobile friend and purchase my Galaxy Note 2 Thursday morning. Least he gets a jellybean device and I get 350.00. What a fantastic Wednesday it has been. Tmobile is rocking real hard now that multitasking window feature better be on my Galaxy Note 2 tomorrow.

That feature will be on the GS III as well.I just wish they made a S pen for it.BTW,I got JB at 4:14am and loving it

just got mine...... but it changed the binaries to a custom one's, they aren't the stock samsung if you check in the odin. so, can't check the update. there are some new stuff in the update. like in the camera "low light" mode and also the note2 feature "smart rotation". btw love the update its really good. also i got 5100 on the quadrant before i was getting 4800

How sad. The two smaller companies beat the bigger two. Pathetic that VZW and ATT do not feel threatened enough to get off their rears and compete.

I have to say, this is why I am giving up my GS3 (on AT&T). The International, Sprint and T-Mobile versions have gotten the update while I am stuck now 2 versions of Android behind. I know its not that big of a deal, but it still bothers me.

I have 2 AT&T galaxy s3 both are white and extremely mint condition i am asking for $400 each. i have all packaging and access. let me know.

If I didn't get such great LTE where I work, I'd consider ditching AT&T, but the only other carrier to offer widespread LTE seems to rollout slow updates as well. FML!

Check Check ... Network came back up and he is downloading the update now. I have been very impressed with T-Mobile lately, but I am still not leaving Sprint yet. Congrats T-Mobile people.

Still no update love in Houston...Oh wait, nvm I'm on AT&T. We're getting Jelly Bean as soon as hell freezes over!

the best phone gets the best android based OS [TouchWiz]

kudos to Sammy for bringing us the most speedy updates [excluding nexus phones of course] and packing it with all those awesome features that only TouchWiz brings.

This is yet another reason why the merger with tmo and att needed to be stopped. When these companies get too big they drag their feet with support because they have you by the balls

Does Flash player works with this 4.1 update. Anyone, please check and post it here. I know it not officially supported. Thank you.

SAAWWEEEET! downloading my 300mb+ update now. super awesome. Love my GS3! Now its even better. Tmobile rocks! Great data speeds, great reliability, and cheap monthly bill. Dallas, TX

LOL, I know how that goes. Every time there is an Apple keynote, or Android product launch that takes place during my work hours, I'm always to busy, and end up having to catch the recap lol.

This is the first time out of all the updates I've impatiently waited for that I've pushed "Software Update" and it actually downloaded something. I guess I'll actually bite the bullet and pay my bill now.

Oh yeah, my benchmark went from 4715 to 5932. FYI.

I had a great surprise at 4 am this morning and thinking it was a maintenance upgrade til I saw the menu UI and then looked to see and YES Google Now.JELLYBEAN!!!

My baby runs Peter Pan Peanut butter smooth now!!!Guess the Gnote 2 will have to wait.Now to get the multiwindow feature in December

seriously att is getting worse with these update. First we were the only carrier with the 1st note then the second comes out and we are 2nd to last to get it, no update for sgs3, no update yet for the note 2 multitasking feature when sprint has it already.... trying to avoid rooting and custom roms but att damn near forces you if you want to be update with the latest software

JB Update went flawlessly. Kudos to T-Mobile for beating the big guys! I have always appreciated T-Mobile's pricing, service, and innovation.

Heard about the update via a friend and downloaded this morning. Love the new Google Now feature and I must say the swype on the keyboard is a whole lot better than before. Not perfect but noticeably better. Once I get home tonight I will check it out some more.

I WISH I can update with Kies but I'm at work.... I guess I can just let it download while I'm working... damn work...

Sweet, I can turn on my daughters phone I bought on CL a few weeks ago that I'm saving to give her for her Bday Saturday and get it up to JB for her. Although she wants AOKP on it, she said IF she gets an S3 for her Bday. LOL

Thanks to this site, I found out the update was available. Downloaded 334 MB (via WiFi) and installing it as we speak.

updated a couple of hours ago and instantly noticed how "buttery" smooth the OS is - I am using nova launcher but everything is SO much faster!!!!

I got my Jelly Bean today but my wife's didn't update, not even when I attempted to force it. Maybe because it is white. My email seems to be working smoother but some other things are still slower, than I think they should be. At least slower than on my old Epic with Sprint. But, I really wanted to move forward with a carrier that is more responsive than Sprint, so switched to T-Mobile with a couple of sweet S3s.

I'm still playing with the JB update but don't see significant differences other than noted above and the fonts. I'm starting to wonder what all the fuss over Jelly Bean is all about!

Eeek. Unless those are 100% unlocked legally $400 is too much for a locked used phone. But then I think the S3's are unlocked anyways..oh well.

I thought that with Jelly Bean, once in the camera app, we can swipe and it will take us to a gallery, and if we want to delete a picture, we can swipe down. I can't do that on mine, is anyone else experiencing this? Please? Is it because TouchWiz has taken over the camera app? I am guessing so.... :(

I got burned by AT&T once as the upgrade for the Samsung Infuse was delayed several months due to technical difficulty. So I grabbed the chance when Samsung offered phone trade-in and purchased the Galaxy S3 from T-mobile without a contract and had it unlocked so that I can continue to use the phone on AT&T until my contract expires in June 2013. My plan actually works out for me as I got the update from T-mobile today.

Immediately after the update, I noticed that I am getting 4G instead of 3G on AT&T. Under mobile network, the setting now shows LTE/GSM/CDMA auto mode, instead of just GSM/CDMA auto mode. It seems to take better advantage of HSDPA+ so connection speed should be at least the same as the Infuse with which I replaced.

Unfortunately, battery life has not improved and the default active-sync email client still sucks, as compared to the one on the Nexus 7. Oh well!

New jelly bean update works great and love the new features. However I do still have wifi calling issues, end up with a red wifi calling icon and error message "invalid certificate". Anyone else have this error and know a fix?

Loving it, fast and smooth, got my phone a few days ago with the free phone special TMo was running and didnt expect to get JellyBean quite so fast. Got the phone home and ran the software update and BAM ! Jelly beans for all !!!

Do not like the new Jelly Bean update. On the camera it doesn't have the HDR and the Panorama anymore it sucks and it needs to change!

Just updated my T999 to jellybean this morning from tmobile. not bad, all went well. kernel version is 3.0.31-370274. will update as i get used to this. i want to root and change rom anyway so well see. tmobile's coverage in my area is spotty anyway. i want to get the international version of the s3 but dont know if it is worth it. looking for a good used one. may look at the note.