Tmo Galaxy Note

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note has been more or less official for a week or so now, after being unceremoniously confirmed in a tweet from the carrier. And now the Tmo Note has made an appearance on Samsung Mobile's website, alongside a complete spec list and some promotional shots.

On the outside, it's the same North American Galaxy Note we've already seen on AT&T and the Canadian networks -- same 5.3-inch HD SuperAMOLED display, same chassis design, different carrier logo up top. Of course, this version is lacking LTE support, though, and instead totes T-Mobile's 42Mbps HSPA+ "4G." It's also pre-loaded with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, which recently rolled out to the AT&T Note.

A launch is promised "in the coming weeks," but with a possible Galaxy Note 2 expected to be announced at the IFA show in Berlin next month, the late launch might leave Tmo loyalists feeling short-changed.

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T-Mobile Galaxy Note stops by Samsung's site with ICS and 42Mbps HSPA+


My sentiments exactly but I can't help but think they're catering to the more clueless consumers

What is this the GS2 all over again? Nobody wants a almost year old phone for a release phones price. Bring on the note 2!

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Sometimes, it appears that the marketing people at Samsung are simply brain dead.
They should immediately cancel this launch and just release the note 2 on Tmobile instead.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Sometimes, it appears that the marketing people at Samsung are simply brain dead.
They should immediately cancel this launch and just release the note 2 on Tmobile instead.

I agree with these statements for the most part.

The Samsung Note is a great device and im glad TMobile is finally getting it...but the timing of launch of this device is mind boggling to say the least. :confused:

I mean...why would they announce the successor to a device (Note 2) before the first model is even available?! Seems kind of silly.

As you all have pointed out, although it's a great device as it is, its essentially "outdated" (I mean...not REALLY but get what im saying) before it's even available for sale (on t mobile that is).

If Samsung was smart...they would introduce this at a reduced price....say $99 - since the updated version will be available right around the corner.

I do want this phone (im a t mobile customer), but I wouldn't pay more than $99 for it since the Note 2 is already in the pipeline.

Oh well...patiently waiting to see how this will play out..

I'm actually looking to move to T-Mobile and I really wanted this phone (6 months ago)! When is the Note 2 being released! ;)

Tmobile shot itself AGAIN... always following behind ATT and Verizon. No wonder the company isn't doing well in North America!

Screw the GNote as it's late!
Wait for GNote 2 IF or WHEN it arrives for TMobile.

If ATT or Verizon gets it first, then TMobile should just shut down as its phone choices are just abysmal and whoever buys the phones should be fired!

Forget the fact that Unlocked phones' 3G/4G do NOT work on Tmo due to its proprietary network... TMo's lateness in releasing newer models is just killing itself!

>Forget the fact that Unlocked phones' 3G/4G do NOT work on Tmo due to its proprietary network...

Uhh...What? Unlocked phones 3G/4G work just fine on T-Mobile, my unlocked Galaxy Nexus works just fine on T-Mobile.

I've bought Unlocked phones while traveling from Europe and from Asia, most models which are NOT sold in the USA.

The models may or may NOT be compatible with the U.S. phone carrier frequencies, hence my point!

Your phone may be different and I'm not talking about phones made specifically for Tmobile.

You can buy an Unlocked phone in Europe/Asia but it may only get 3G service in the USA IF using ATT but Not with TMobile, which is usually the case.

TMobile uses 1700/2100mhz for their 3G while ATT uses 1900/2100mhz which many parts of Europe and Asia uses.
Unless the phone has the ability to access certain frequencies, it may not work with certain carrier's 3G network!

Try buying an Unlocked phone from ATT then using it on TMobile.
You'll get the voice feature but forget about the 3G/4G since TMo uses their own proprietary data network.

Generally, the Branded phones are no different from the Unlocked international phones (factory set as Unlocked as ONLY phone carriers Lock them into their system upon activation to a phone contract). The phone carriers may request some modifications in software but usually not so much in hardware and will stick their company's logo on the phone compared to the Unbranded versions.

We here on Tmobile would sure love to know what the hell are you smoking??? You need some serious help. Get off your useless At&t or Verizon high horse and come back to earth were humans reside. Tmobile and it's GSM HSPA PLUS 42MPS network is doing just fine over here. While the Galaxy Note might be old it's still better than any other device other than the Galaxy S3 or possibly the Droid Razr Maxx. Otherwise this is still a premium device that will be excellent for Tmobile and it's 42MPS network. Trust me people are living rather large with the GSM Galaxy Nexus it's the only true Nexus around. Plus we won't even get into the CDMA vs GSM NETWORK technology issue Verizon and it's CDMA LTE NETWORK is overrated and overpriced at best. My Tmobile Galaxy S3 will run rings around anything on At&t or Verizon. Plus at least Tmobile was smart enough to bring it to it's network with jellybean out the box instead of waiting for some silly Ics update like the At&t model. People on Tmobile should be proud of this device if at&t can have it why shouldn't we. If Samsung is smart they will launch the Galaxy Note 2 on all carriers just like they did with the Galaxy S3 this summer. No more single carrier exclusive crappy. If all this holds true we all will have the Galaxy Note 2 come October. Verizon and At&t is nothing special that's for sure I have been there done that on both carriers and trust they both suffer in it's battery draining LTE network

You can talk allll you want Richard, but it doesn't change the fact that you're still a moron, and here's why:
1. What the heck is "MPS"? Even with autocorrect on your "pimp slapping" SGSIII, you still can't spell.
2. The "Note 2" won't be released on all carriers at the same time because A) T-Mobile is only just now getting the first one (well over 6 months after it was first released in the US), and it'd be quite stupid sell both the first and the second in such a short timespan. B) The Note (or Note 2) is not Samsung's flagship phone and therefore won't receive nearly as much attention or a "push" to be released on all carriers as you say it will.
3. In all of your posts for the past few weeks "applauding" T-Mobile's "HSPA PLUS 42 MPS" network, you have yet to even once state the *actual* speeds you are getting. You're just repeating the same marketing crap T-Mobile is telling you. Sure, it possible to obtain 42 mbps, but that under VERY optimum conditions, and probably only short bursts at that. Just because a telecom company says it's possible to get 42 mbps, doesn't mean you get it even half the time. Try learning something before spewing such nonsense.
4. What you (again) fail to realize is that T-Mobile will be transferring their network to that "battery draining" LTE in a year or so. Where are you gonna go then Richard? Every single major carrier (and most of the minor ones) will either be completely or starting to roll out LTE. Either get with the times or shut the heck up.

Whether the Note 2 is coming out right after Tmo's release of the Note makes no difference at all if you're a loyal Tmo customer (like me). As is the case with every Tmo new release, we get the phones WAY later than everybody else. So, if the Note 2 comes out in September, it means that Tmo will not be getting it until the following May at best. The current Note - whether outdated or not - is still worlds better than my current G2X, has a stylus built in (which I prefer to use), and is much bigger for my old, tired eyes. At this point, I could care less if it is the fastest, most feature-rich Note on the market b/c it suits my needs much better than anything else I can get being a Tmo customer. Everybody who thinks that Tmo is going to get the Note 2 at the same time as the other carriers, needs to put the crack pipe down and come back to reality. As with Samsung's other recent releases, ATT's gonna get it first and have it for some time before it slowly trickles down to the other carriers until Tmo finally gets it - just before the Note 3 comes to market.

I don't think T-Mobile is actually going to offer the original Note for sale. I think this is just a teaser. I can't imagine a company saying, "This phone that has been out for a year, now it's for sale." Two years ago when the T-Mobile G2 came out, their promo photo was a silouette to keep the suspense. I get the feeling that they don't want to show the Note 2 before it has an official announcement, which is why they're displaying the old Note on the T-Mobile web site, yet it's not for sale. It shows, "Coming soon." Rumors are out that the Note 2 is coming (possibly in October.) Why would they offer an old phone when the newer version will be out two months later? Nobody would buy it in August. They'll all hold out 60 days for the better phone.

That's just my conspiracy theory.