Samsung Galaxy Note 3

495MB over-the-air update brings T-Mo's Note 3 up to latest Android version

It looks like the Galaxy S4 isn't the only Samsung phone seeing a KitKat OTA today — T-Mobile's Galaxy Note 3 is also arriving at Android 4.4.2 this morning, by way of a 495MB over-the-air update. As we've seen from previous Note 3 KitKat updates, the new firmware shouldn't do much to change the look and feel of Samsung's 5.7-inch handset, with the most noticeable change being the switch to all-white status bar icons.

Note 3 owners on T-Mobile will also benefit from the usual KitKat features, including immersive mode, transparent notification bars in some apps, and built-in cloud printing support.

If you're seeing the OTA on your T-Mobile Note 3 this morning, be sure to hit the comments and make yourself known!

Source: Android Central forums; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 gets KitKat update


SDcard broken in 4.4.2 update.
Third-party apps can't read/write to ext-sdcard. Only Google and Samsung apps can.

Don't upgrade if you use apps that write to the ext-sdcard...!

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mA battery and ZeroShock Case)

Two types of people will respond to this..



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Downloaded on note 3 this morning at 6:35 just got done. I like the white notification bar icons. Still looking around to see other changes but happy to finally have it but not sure why I wanted it so bad lol.

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Wasn't BLE already there? Google released it as part of stock Android back in 4.3 when the New Nexus 7 was released.

Posted from my Nexus 5

Oh maybe, I wasn't aware of what version the Note 3 was prior. My bad. I just updated my LG G2 last night and I knew I didn't have BLE before.

Yeah, the Note 3 has been on 4.3 which was when it was added, but the G2 was on 4.2 which was before then.

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For any kind of battery saving settings to have been added in, it doesn't show, at least for me it doesn't. My battery life isn't as long as it used to be.

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I'm right with you. I was so anxious to get the download now I'm like "why did I want this again" What can you say damn consumers are never satisfied. Lol

It says in the article Qualcomm Kit Kat devices COULD be affected.
Also you need to be using a app like skype that accesses the camera in the background to possibly encounter this bug.

You say it as if it will absolutely affect the device. I do not think that is the case. Just because you have it doesn't mean EVERYONE has it.

I have a Qualcomm Kit Kat device that "should" be affected but I don't use any app like Skype, so I am not seeing it.

Even the few times I used snapchat this weekend I didn't see anything weird.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

This has to be the slowest OTA update ive ever downloaded, 41% in...208mb downloaded... 1 hr 25 mins remaining! i can download over 6mb a second on my wifi connection

The update isnt supposed to change much about the look. The flatter UI and white status bar icons are the only major differences.

Posted from my Nexus 5

It wasn't worth the anxiety of waiting for, said it all along

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Depends on what version you are coming from, but in the Note 3's case it isn't much. Unless you are REALLY excited about white status icons.

Anything on 4.3, which in most cases was last year's stuff, could wait. If you are on 4.2.x like half of LG, then yeah it is a good upgrade

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

According to Google, tap and pay is enabled on all 4.4 devices that contain a NFC chip......just as long as they were not purchased internationally (aka US only)

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Well that sucks. I guess Google should update their page that says that then.

Quote from Google Support Page:

" Tap and pay functionality is available in the US, and requires an NFC-enabled Android device running 4.4 (KitKat) or higher on any carrier network."

That makes it sound as if it is available on any 4.4 device with a NFC chip on any US carrier or phone.

Posted from my Nexus 5

Tap and Pay definitely isn't functioning which is odd considering the T-Mobile variant of the HTC One has it enabled after 4.4.

Tap and pay funtions perfectly fine on my tmobile s4 using the international 4.4 kit kat rom. I used it quite frequently at babies r us and shoprite.

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I saw your tweet. I believe sprint supports gwallet. It came preinstalled on my moms s3 with tap to pay working

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Downloaded this morning @5 am I've also noticed you don't have to continue to set your web browser to desktop viewing once you close out of a web session. Seems to run faster as well.

Was it locked before?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Downloading now!! Can't wait to get back on KitKat!!

It's going very slow...says 1 hour and 15 min remain!!

I'm downloading now!
It's telling me 1:15:00 left at 10% downloaded, but that 10% has been within 5 minutes....

Cue Richard Yarrell saying "nobody" will "except" this update because Samsung is finally playing ball with Google when it comes to SD card support/coding, despite several people saying they're downloading it right now.

Started downloading at home, had to leave for work, update only available over WiFi.

Downloading it on Kies 3 now at the office.

I was going to add to the joke by asking if the update will add a replaceable battery or an SD card slot,'s already got those :D

Did you make an app that cares?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

How about an update in the UK for the unlocked version, hey Samsung?

Unheard of for a carrier phone to get updated before a sim free one :(

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slowest download evvvvvveeeeerrrrrr. Why don't you all go ahead and cancel your updates so I can get mine... THanX :-0

I feel like updates used to be more important when smartphones first started coming out bt now with much faster phones and more ways to get the newest phone its like who cares.....

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Well I am curious if T-Mobile added any other fixes to this update but it doesn't appear that they haven't updated their Galaxy Note 3 support page as yet.

Have to say the Note 3 was never slow but with 4.4.2 its super fast, i hold a lot hope for the note 2014 now ive seen this, no lag, no stutter or hesitation, i am very very impressed.

People looking for some kind of radical visual change its not happening, Kitkat has never looked much different to Jellybean, even in stock form. its all under the hood with kitkat mainly, and it really is super smooth

If the download is slow stop it turn off wife wait 30 seconds turn it back on and try the update again.. at first I had to wait 1 he 25 minutes. After doing the Wi Fi reset it took 25 minutes total time for download install and reset. first thing I noticed. phone immediately started downloading updates from store.. and fast...opening apps is faster. did a speed test and finally Wi Fi is showing true speed I have a 100 Mbps connection (grandfather plan) on my pc it shows at 80 to 95 mbps connection. but under 4.3 the phone was doing 1 to 4mbps if i was lucky most times it was about 5Mbs.. now under 4.4 it says 20 to 45Mbsp

Sort of, the notification bar didn't stick around for videos , or many of the things you tried to view fullscreen, but for the most part not really, im not seeing the immersive mode yet, it may be for downloaded books cause i'm seein everything on google newsstand.

sort of, i mean the notification bar didn't stick around for anything you were viewing full screen, but i have yet to see this immersive function, it may only be for book apps, or downloaded books.

Uh...anyone else notice they removed options from the lock screen? There's no longer a way to change the application shortcuts that I can see, unless it was moved somewhere else.

Yeah, that isn't there after the latest update. Just have Screen Lock, clock widget options, Personal Message, Owner Information, Lock Automatically, Lock instantly with power key, and Action memo on lock screen.

If you dont want to wait for theOTA you can go to and download the RUU, it's 1.4GB so it takes awhile. Right now it's listed on the front page sm900T 4.4.2. I had to download it, because I tried installing a custom recovery and it soft bricked my phone.

Where in the f@#k is the Android 4.4 KitKat for the Samsung Galaxy S4? All other Phone Companies have it.

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Can someone confirm that they actually made the UI flatter? I'm at work and can't download it yet

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Yaay!! I'll download it, when I get out of class.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I've also noticed they changed the way the notification shade works, which is actually a bit annoying. They took away the different sections, so now persistant apps don't have their own separated area of the notification shade. The persistent and dismissable icons just show up in the same area all mixed together

WORST UPDATE EVER... I can't write to my SD card anymore.

All my emulators can no longer save.

I don't have enough internal storage space for this crap, that's WHY I got a phone with an SD slot in the first place!

And from a bit of googling, it's a "feature" of Kit Kat?

I'll be going to XDA and finding out how to revert, **** this crap.

I just moved a few applications over to my SD card and no problems. Maybe you should format your SD card

Exactly....This is what I WARNED PEOPLE ABOUT and made various posts on Google Plus.

4.4.2 Kitkat update has changed the permissions on sdcards where third party applications can't write to the sdcard any longer.

ONLY manufacturer applications/Carrier applications/and all Google applications have access to the sdcard.

Third party applications can't access any aspect of the sdcard. This means if you're on the internet and want to download something you can't .

You can only use the my files Samsung application to trasfer/Delete/or modify files. NO other file mangers can be used.

4.4.2 Kitkat isn't that important to me where I have to lose the overall functionality of my sdcard which has worked perfectly on my Note 3 since October just for the purpose of Kitkat.

At the end of the day i value my third party applications, and full functionality of my sdcard to much for any silly restricted update .

My Note 3 stays at 4.3 period after 5 months of ownership it's working perfectly fine anyway.

I will be buying the Galaxy Note 4 in October so I will be just fine till then.

Plus I have that 128gb sdxc class 10 SanDisk Ultra on the way.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

What will you do then? Even with your 128GB microSD card? You'll still be stuck on KitKat with no write access! I needed the update simply for the wifi calling bug fixes. My note 3 wifi calling was bugged so bad it was useless!

My NOTE 3 WILL REMAIN on 4.3 period. So I will always have a device that works like the current Note 3 on 4.3.

By the time the Note 4 gets released this issue will be rectified WITHOUT ROOT.

Don't appreciate my friend that's the beauty of android even GOOGLE can't make users update.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Thanks for the info, Richard!!

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

You're welcome. GOOGLE CAN GO TO HELL.


Google forgot where they came from and why they are where they are today.

The manufacturers who make handsets and the users who buy handsets.




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And just like that, you go back to making absolutely no sense again.
1. Considering you spent *2 whole months* claiming to be "looking into" rooting your Galaxy Nexus, you have no clue about root. Throw in the fact that, a year before, you were claiming rooting was for "2plus year old devices" despite owning an Evo 4G at the time, which had a huge root community.
2. If it weren't for *Google* buying out the company that initially developed Android, and then made Android available to anyone for *free*, there'd be no Android at all. No Android for the manufacturers (like the almighty Samsung) to tinker with. No Android for carriers to feel the need to "approve" on their networks. What an idiot
3. If Google can "go to hell", then why don't you get a Tizen phone or an iPhone? Oh right, according to you, Apple "sucks monkey balls", and Tizen isn't available yet. Deal with it or shut up you big baby.

That gets me thinking......not sure I ever needed to download something from a third party app. Can you give any examples of needing to do this? Most of my downloads are from chrome, drive, box etc. No issues. I still have 4.3 on my note 3 as well. Works very well. I have kitkat on my note pro, and havent had any issues yet with downloading. Being that its rooted, I use ES to move downloads to the SDcard. If thats where I want to keep them.

To follow up on this, I wound up rooting my phone to fix this "feature". Phone works again, but I wasn't really enthusiastic about being forced to root to retain my primary function uses of the phone.

The main reason this update is important IMO is to stop the My Magazine (flipbook) from locking up and freezing this device. Samsung's got flipbook/my magazine so deeply integrated into Touchwiz that you can't uninstall or turn My Magazine off. My GN3 is constantly freezing ruining what is otherwise a great device....I was a huge Samsung/Note fan, but this last round has me wondering.....with the frequency of these episodes, I'm looking hard at other devices...unless Sammy fixes this I'm no longer focused on the Note line.

Lastly, just like South Koreas edict that bloatware has to be removable, US/North America needs to somehow convince Sammy we don't need all the bloat....load it up, that's fine, just make sure it's uninstallable.

Just need a simple, functional, dependable device with great specs....if the Galaxy Note 3 had a Nexus option I'd be there in a two cents


Seriously? Because of that one feature few people have a desire to use, that makes T-Mobile just like Verizon? Despite that T-Mobile is one of only two carriers which doesn't have data caps? I prefer that over a barely useful tap-and-pay feature. Of course, I personally feel it takes just as long to pay with my phone as it does to take a credit card out of my wallet.

Camera shortcut is only available if you chose swipe to unlock. Not available if you have pin or pattern for your lock screen. Smh.

The white icons make it impossible to tell the difference between a missed call and other types of calls. Notifcation bar has newer font like Google. Also the notification bar at the top is now transparent via the Google Now launcher. The newest version of the Now launcher installs fine now on Kit Kat where it would get a parsing error on 4.3. I do notice some lag has been removed and the device seems more responsive. The Google Hangouts app now is missing the default Google emoji and only has the Samsung keyboard ones. Location settings app shows all apps requesting location and battery info. Default apps appear in the settings list now.

Storage settings app no longer shows SD card breakdown of files. Third party apps can no longer store to the SD card. This is a joke! My 64 or 128 GB microSD is useless now! I used to store my Xfinity Comcast movies and TV shows to it as did Flixster and Vudu but now it can still read ones I had saved but new ones are saved to the internal memory. This definitely makes me reevaluate Android as a OS. I can't even save music I download or images to the SD card now! The system camera app and ETC can still write to the SD though and I can still movie apps to the SD card? This is really confusing! I can't even search where it's downloading my files to as it won't let me view these files without root, WTF?! So you pay almost $800 for a phone and you can't see whats on it or where your files are going, just great. I figured it would store to internal and I could copy it over... nope can't find the files!

Some apps which rely on the SD card simply crash like Pocket Bible by Laridian. Flixster and others say they will use the measly 20GB of internal data! So what are S5 owners going to do with less than 8GB of data for EVERYTHING! Two moves and a game or two and they are filled up! Player Pro music player can no longer update ID3 info or edit anything on my SD card.

Wifi calling works now on incoming calls after 1:26 and no more alien speak also on incoming calls. No lag issues or screen issues yet. Keyboard is darker like the s4 keyboard and the emoji picker has different icons for selecting categorizes. Biggest negative is that I use hangouts as my main messaging app and now I can no longer go into messages to send MMS messages as they won't send on Wifi calling in hangouts. So now I'm stuck as I have to use the default messages app as MMS will not work on wifi calling! Arg! When you have hangout set as the default messaging app then go into messages it says cannot send messages! WTF!?

I noticed that's because the new software forces you to select a default sms app.

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Keyboard looks a little different. I still have lockscreen shortcuts. Best of all, my wifi calling is working for the first time.

I just finished installing the update it took about 30 mins. The phone does seem faster going to play around with it later.

I'm on rooted stock -- when I check for the OTA, it says, "Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available."

So... what do I need to do to get the update, and will I be able to remain rooted (or re-root)?

I was on rooted stock too, so I received the same message also. You need to make sure you have "Samsung Kies 3" downloaded on your computer. Start up the app, then connect your phone to your computer, and it will tell you that there is an update to your firmware. Then you start the ten thousand hour download lol. Seriously though, it takes a very long time. Updating to Kitkat will unroot your phone, you'll need to re-root it if you desire.

White icons in the status bar, but the bar isn't transparent when I am running apps like chrome. Also, my keyboard was white before the update, now it is a black/bluish color which I am not sure if I like. Not a huge "speed" difference that I notice, but then again my phone never lagged before the update either.

My only problem with the note 3 so far (unrelated to the update) is that my s-pen no longer writes. I have to press down extremely hard to write now. It isn't due to sensitivity issues because I did increase the s-pen's sensitivity and it didn't change anything (there is a screw for it under the s-pen button for those who don't know). Does anyone else have a similar problem or tips to solve it?

So, has anyone else noticed a weird change on the Auto Brightness? ? Not only does my screen seem darker, it seems to also be warmer, more red-tinted...

Successfully updated after second download. It is seem a little bit faster but the best feature as of now for me is new Bluetooth feature that sending tracks info from Spotify to my car. I could do it with Samsung Music app and Power Amp before but not with spotify. But now, sound sweeter.

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Note 3 owners on T-Mobile will also benefit from the usual KitKat features, including immersive mode, transparent notification bars in some apps, and built-in cloud printing support.
If you're seeing the OTA on your T-Mobile Note 3 this morning, be sure to hit the comments and make yourself known!

Just downloaded and installed this morning. Interface is flatter and script is thinner. White icons on the status bar. Smoother transitions. Not much else so far.

Got it and install went ok. Not much difference considering the hoopla about the update. It does seem a little quicker. The SD card problem I'm sure will be addressed hopefully but not a major problem so far. I've noticed a lot more battery drain than before with no applications actually standing out as far as drain.

Has anyone having issues with internet connection? On the first hours after update It worked great, but today it have been like not receiving data and not loading pages. It could be a bug? Any comment ?

I'm having issues with Internet connection, it will stop loading about half way through, and the old method I used of closing the app from the multi task draw doesn't work either. Half to restart to get it to work right.

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This update is absolutely murdering my battery life! Evidently, its a Snapdragon 800 + kitkat bug that causes an camera-daemon to burn up the CPU. They have not patched this yet; a problem on the Nexus 5 and the Note 3. I love the full screen album and podcast covers on the locksreen; everything else I could do with mild modding. But it's not worth updating if you have not already; it will cut down the life of a device you where you did not seriously have to think about a recharge [unless you take a two hour movie break] to one that dies in 8 hours. Anyone find a way around this? For the record, force stopping the camera app does not work.

I'm glad I'm not the only one suffering from this. My battery life is no where near as long as it was before the update. On top of that I keep getting system freezes where I have to hold the power button and soft reset the damn thing.

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Battery life is bad, real bad. Auto brightness broken, I have it selected but it will not dim unless I select auto brightness then de select it.

Rooting and finding a 4.3 stock Rom, that might trigger the Knox counter though.

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Honestly, if you haven't updated yet don't, wait until they have a fix for some of these issues.

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Funny thing this "OTA" update would not let me use the T-Mobile 4G to download. It forces wi-fi to connect to the server or suggests using Kies. I even tried using the mobile hot spot on my wife's phone to no avail. It was a long slow download almost an hour in spite of the N wi-fi network.

The update is a little disappointing to be frank. It's really not an oh wow or even wow that's really cool. Just an incremental update with way too much fanfare.

Kitkat Drains my battery,screen frezes, won't turn on when sleeping mode What's happening? I want back old version .

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Omg!! I downloaded after being pressured for 3 days only to find my notification bar is in black & white!! No red or orange battery when it gets low. No red phone when there's a missed call, no color 4GLTE sign!! This sux and I wish I could fo back :-(

Yeah just realized that!! So upset with this update!! I hate updates!! It changed the color of my keyboard, as if i wasn't having enough trouble finding the symbols, ugh!!!!! How can i go back to what i had?? Changing to the Iphone 6 when it comes out, the hell with android and all their updates!!!!