T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2

Despite a little bump in the road, Samsung has been on a bit of a roll with updates lately and next in line appears to be the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2. According to new documents on the T-Mobile site, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is all set to receive an update starting December 19. The list of changes isn't huge but it's sure to make quite a few people happy:


  • New multi-window feature
  • Resolves Exchange calendar events not appearing on device Calendar
  • Resolves issues with being unable to swipe through Gmail messages

Yup, that multi-window feature we went hands on with back in October will be included and we're pretty sure we're not only ones who are digging that news. The update, when it arrives, will be available via OTA as well as Kies and will show as version Android 4.1.1/T889UVALK8. Need more info? The link to the T-Mobile documents can be found below.

Source: T-Mobile, via: TMoNews


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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 getting multi-window support starting Dec. 19


Since I know how big of a Verizon fan you are: The Verizon Note 2 launched with Multi-Window support the other week, it didn't cost >$350 to use an upgrade on it, & it can work on LTE right now!

I am glad for ya. We here on Tmobile actually have the intended Galaxy Note 2 Samsung meant for us to have. Not some cosmetically changed device from an external and internal standpoint. We don't have some pitiful wifi notification that constantly remains in our notification pull down shade. We on tmobile have a device that operates normally our devices have infinite scrolling in our application tray not like your crappy device which has been sadly altered. Plus we on tmobile recieved the intended packaging Samsung shipped to all carriers back in October we didn't have our ear buds stolen by the carrier. Plus we didn't have to wait 6 to 7 extra weeks ours launched October 24th the first carrier to launch this iconic device. Enjoy your stupid Verizon button and hideous infintile carrier branding we all know Verizon and it's customers suffer from a inferiority complex with your pitiful shared data plans. We're enjoying lovely unlimited data with great speeds and top battery life. I wouldn't want to be you or your pitiful overrated and overpriced Lte network. Verizon is useless

1. "Not some cosmetically changed device from an external and internal standpoint" Take a knife and/or a sugar cube to the home button logo and slap a case on phone, and you won't see one bit of the cosmetic "changes".
2. "We don't have some pitiful wifi notification that constantly remains in our notification pull down shade." A) don't leave Wifi on 24/7 and you won't see the notification. B) A lot of people find it useful to actually know when their wifi is on or off. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean the millions of people using the Verizon Note 2 won't as well.
3. "our devices have infinite scrolling in our application tray" Ooooo infinite scrolling! It's a tiny little "feature" that most people won't miss, and those who do can easily install a 3rd party launcher with a boatload more options. Your point is moot.
4. "we didn't have our ear buds stolen by the carrier." The cheap earbuds that came with the Note 2 are just that, cheap. They are a dime a dozen and can be had for less than $10. If you are really that hard up on headphones/earbuds, you might as well spend a bit on something with more quality.
5. "we all know Verizon and it's customers suffer from a inferiority complex" Says the moron who feels the need to justify that his T-Mobile Note 2 is more superior than the Verizon version by quibbling about insignificant little things. Talk about "inferiority complex"? Look in a mirror.

Oh brother the 3g Sprint Galaxy Nexus man trolling here on Android Central. Great job Mr. I can't afford a new device so i troll on every Site answering comments aimlessly. Can't help but laugh at your feeble attempts what joke you have always been. Guess things on Sprint must be pretty pitiful that makes me happy. Deep down inside i know your hurting with that useless 3g Galaxy Nexus. What a boring useless device it matches it's trolling owner.

1. The Galaxy Nexus has only been available on Sprint for 7 or so months. I'd hardly call that "old". Besides, why would I want to waste my money on another smartphone that can do only *slightly* more than my current one? Seems you've got your priorities all screwed up.
2. Just because you can buy "whatever [<$350 *carrier subsidized* smartphone] you want whenever you want one" does not mean you're "rolling with the big boys". How pitiful that you feel so insecure with your life to warrant buying a smartphone every 6 or so months, which in no way enhances the quality of your life.

Awesome, getting the new device from t-mobile shipped to me in the next day or so. Can't wait for this update.

I'm already thrilled with my Note 2. This makes it even better. (I've been waiting to try out the multi-window support since I got my 2.)

They would send this down the day I pick to flash a custom rom with the feature. Oh well 2 more days won't kill me, 4 might, but 2 is ok.