A few important fixes just a couple short weeks after a big 4.1 release

Shortly after releasing version 4.1 of its keyboard that brought new themes and improvements, the bump to 4.1.1 today brings a few important fixes. First up, those of you with Samsung devices using the stock email app will now have proper text input, without a cursor that jumps around in the paragraph you're typing. Also an important fix, the keyboard will no longer have an unusable "execute" button while typing in the new Google Hangouts app. Additionally, two crashes related to personalization features and using the "Pitch" theme on older Android 2.1 devices have been fixed.

There's no doubt many of you out there are using SwiftKey daily on your devices, so head to the Play Store and grab your update for these important fixes.

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Reader comments

SwiftKey hits version 4.1.1 with important bug fixes


Looks like they haven't fixed the problem with some Android 4.1 fones defaulting to the default keyboad after a reboot with the paid version. It;'s OK with the free version but that only lasts 30 days..

It drives me crazy. My wife stopped using Swiftkey all together because she was annoyed with having to turn it back on after she rebooted.

Wow, they just now fixed the Samsung email app typing issue?? I loved Swiftkey at first but I haven't used it in a year and a half because of that bug.

I really like SwiftKey but it's annoying how my phone reverts back to the stock keyboard after I reboot. I cant believe they haven't fixed that bug yet for paid users.

Agreed. First keyboard I bought then bought thumb keyboard and now my favorite kii keyboard. Thumb and kii don't revert back to default keyboard on my reboot. And I'm using the galaxy note 2.

I really like this keyboard but I really need autotext. The version of Swiftkey on the Z10 integrates autotext/word substitution, why can it get implemented on Android? It is a pretty popular requested feature on the Swiftkey website.

They need to fix the bug where it keeps asking me what keyboard I wanna use...stupid thing.

I choose SwiftKey every time and everyday it asks me again.

Does it fix the problem with HTC One (and others) on 4.1.2 where it uses the calculator keypad on the PIN lock screen instead of just numbers? You only need the numbers, but they add parens and plus and minus and other stuff so the number keys are too small to hit. Quit using it after 2 years because of this.