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Like doing one-year contracts on Sprint? Hope you're not married to the idea, because starting Oct. 2, they're history. Kaput. As in, you're not going to get them anymore. That goes right along with the mobile hotspot changes we brought you last week, and the changes we've already seen to the Premier program. Guess it's just a sign of the times.

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Sprint saying so long to 1-year contracts


I'm locked in for 22 month right now, but when it's up, I guess I'll have to consider my options if there is no clear Sprint advantage.

the funny thing about it is that unless you were a premier customer, you would only get $75 off of the MSRP. that's not really a deal breaker for most because if you planned to buy a smartphone (let's use the Evo 3D for example) you will only getting $75 off of $550. most people tend to remain loyal to their provider unless something catastrophic happens (AT&T T-Mobile Merger).

That new iPhone better have 4G or I won't even consider it. But I have my left eye on the Nexus Prime. My left eye is my good eye... ;-)

Damn sprint is switching up faster than I thought. The playing field between carriers will eventually be even and everybody can't stop complaining

I don't understand why the iPhone means anything. The iPhone has no 4g and no tethering so data should not be affected to much. Also att let's iPhone users upgrade annually when a new iPhone is available as long as they already own an iPhone on contract. Why can't android users get this deal?!?! Its bullshit!!!!

Doesn't Sprint need these "extras" to make up for their network? Their 4G network next year better smoke, or they be in trouble.

Unlimited data will go soon. Welcome to the data hogging iphone world Sprint users. It was fun while it lasted.

As I Sprint Premier Gold customer, the changes aren't really a game changer to me. The only real valuable benefit was the annual equipment upgrades. But more importantly Sprint's pricing terms of service are much more compelling. I'm sticking with Sprint until they start screwing with pricing and data consumption.

This doesn't mean NOTHING AT ALL.. People should FOCUS on OCTOBER 7TH that is what will matter most... The world will know exactly how great sprint has become...

It may mean nothing to dupes like you, blind to reality, but for us folks who can think, it's simply another nail in Sprint's coffin.

I'm not surprised you've made such a stupid statement. Not only does your unintentional double negative in "doesn't mean nothing" MEAN it means something, but it actually DOES mean something to SOME Sprint customers. Only morons such as yourself would make such a blunder out of what should have been an extremely simple statement. You should be so very proud of yourself for hitting an all time low.

BTW, Sprint isn't all that "great". If we (I'm including myself since I am Sprint customer) were so "great" wouldn't we be #1 in terms of subscriber base, 4G technology, and data/voice coverage? Cause last I checked, we're #3 in terms of subscriber base, Wimax expansion is practically dead, and when there's no Sprint service (which, depending on the location of your home or work, is quite often) you're roaming on Verizon's networks. So besides pricing, please tell me in what ways "how great sprint has become"?

To be fair how else would Sprint fall in the list of top providers? Verizon is considered to and probably has the best service so it has that advantage. For most of the iPhone's existence it has been an AT&T exclusive which explains why it's ahead of Sprint despite it's obviously questionable network. So where else would Sprint go in the list?

For their service and the price they offer plus their strong selection of phones I think they are a very strong carrier. Once they sort out their 4G LTE service they may even swap places with AT&T and their "advanced backhaul."

As long as they keep their unlimited data option and their Network Vision is as awesome as they say it is I shall remain a happy Sprint customer. Oh, and they have to get the Nexus Prime ;)

I got my letter from Sprint and it clearly states that I get my upgrade as of December 1st this year, so whichever phone will meet my needs for the next 20 months from December 1st, is the phone I'm going with. Hopefully the Nexus Prime comes to Sprint, is a world phone, and ICS is more than an interface tweak. If the Nexus doesn't come and the iPhone does, it will be between the iPhone and likely, the Photon, as it's the only other World Phone on Sprint, right now. When Apple makes their announcement on the forth, if Sprint is confirmed to get it, that could be the game changer.

I've been with Sprint for over 10 years and almost that entire time there were no perks for loyal customers, only for new customers. I finally start getting rewarded for sticking with Sprint despite the fact that my service at home sucks and now they take it away. Doesn't make me feel too appreciated. Without loyal customers their company wouldn't exist and they need to remember that! I'm a premier gold member and I usually do take advantage of my yearly upgrade. They better come up with another program for their loyal customers or some of us may not continue to be loyal!

im still on a regular plan. i don't pay for the $10 premium data fee yet. not happy about having to when i do upgrade but i get a 23% discount i get from work so they are still the cheapest. att may be a little cheaper but i wouldn't get unlimited data.

I have been with Sprint 8+ years and I feel like I am getting screwed for being loyal! I use the upgrade every year and that's what kept me with Sprint. My reasons for sticking by them are disappearing fast, and if I don't have a good reason to keep them soon, I am going elsewhere!

You think that's bad? Their stock has been trading in the $3 range for over a year. Right now Sprint is trading at $3.08. Makes them ripe for a hostile merger, doesn't it? Who do you think might want more LTE bandwidth in a year or two?

Not that this means everything, but I was told by a Verizon store owner that the end of one year contracts and unlimited data there was specifically done because of Apple. We think of Verizon as having balls but Apple has a lot more control over them than we realize, sad, very sad.

Verizon wanted the new customer sales they knew the iPhone would give them. Apple was holding the cards because Verizon needed Apple more than Apple needed Verizon. Sprint needs the iPhone to increase sales and get the stock price over where it's at. $3.08.

So yes, first the yearly upgrade goes. As soon as their LTE Network gets penetration, they will likely do away with unlimited at some point. We can't expect it to go on forever, can we. I hope my new Sprint iPhone lasts for at least two years.

I ditched Sprint today. I'm paying an ETF but I can sell my phone to help dull the pain. It's better to pay $110 to get out than $840 to stick out the contract, IMHO. Sprint's data speeds have been so dogged slow that it makes a high end smart phone tedious to use most of the time.

I'm now on Virgin, but with a cheap phone and cheap plan. Same network but half the price each month makes it easier to tolerate.

Word is Bill To Account is gone also, no more getting your new phone billed to your account. Equipment must be paid at time of purchase, that pisses me off now.

Not really a big deal to me. They have always treated me good so 2 yrs is no biggie at all. Im glad they are ranked 3....Verizon is 1 based on subscribers but look at how they rape their customers with caps and fees. Plus their phones are starting to get better, but have always been awful.

The sad part is, sprint is probably only getting that stupid iphone 4s, not even the iphone 5!!! All these changes for a one year old phone!

Oh well... Any wifi only phones coming out? Seems as if all carriers are gonna "iphone" our pockets to death. Overpriced phones & data plans based on hype instead of productivity.