Sprint Epic 4G

The Sprint Samsung Epic 4G is finally gettin Froyo, folks. That's right. Android 2.2. On the Epic 4G.

We'll let that sink in for a minute.

So here's the deal: You're getting an update from Android 2.1 (Eclair) to Androird 2.2.1 (Froyo). Along with that, you'll be able to install applications to the phone's microSD card, you get better Bluetooth support and voice dialing, Adobe Flash Player 10.1, GPS improvements, new security features and data tethering over 3G and 4G.

The update -- EB13 for those of you who care about version numbers -- will start pushing out to phones in batches at 9 p.m. (Pacific time, apparently Eastern time we presume) tonight. If you don't get it at first, don't worry, it'll be rolling out in waves over the next four days. (And we'll have manual installation instructions soon enough.) Everyone should have the update by Feb. 25, Sprint says.

So that's it, congrats, thanks for waiting and being (cough) patient. Enjoy your update. [Sprint]

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Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Froyo update is finally (finally!) rolling out tonight


Sprint likes drama. They sending it out after 9 pm because customer service will be closed til the next day. I better not have no problems

Lol, congrads guys/girls your getting it finally. Hope it works well and soon the Captivates get them next... :/.

All those who cried about froyo for there epic are still crying because the can't wait another few houres, OMFG.

Thanks for the info and I'm so happy to see AC use this good news to get one more shot in there at us inpatient, unreasonable Epic users. (We are not the enemy, we're your readers.) Here's what I would have liked to see in the last paragraph: "Thanks Samsung and Sprint. Now, if you can get a Gingerbread update out before, or even very soon after HTC puts one out for the Evo, you might be able to recover some of the brand loyalty lost on this one." But maybe that's unreasonable.

lol. You know I love you all. I just wanna see everybody lighten up a tad. In fact, to show there are no hard feelings, if you ever see me out at a bar, show me your U.S. Galaxy S phone (any of them will do) and I'll buy you a drink. No enemies here. :p

Agree 100% Samsung is a joke - too little too late and it does suck cause the screen is amazing. Been rooted for a few months with Cog but that is still no excuse.

I really don't think that Samsung is at fault here. All the Galaxy S phones around the world are more or less the same, and the European version (which I have, being from Germany and all) got the Froyo upgrade last October. Doesn't that prove in a way that it's not that Samsung are too stupid to create the update, but that the carriers are way too profit-minded to provide updates in a timely manner, and want to sell new phones to everyone after a few months?

I think Sammy is trying to get Froyo out because they want to show they do update their phones before the new line of phones and Tab comes out.

Too little too late if you ask me, they have destroyed their update credibility with most of their users. Now if only someone else could make a phone with such a beautiful screen.........

I been using the leaked version as well... when the update comes... do I delete that "leaked version" or do i leave it alone???

Excuse my skepticism, but after waiting for this since October of last year, I think I will wait another day or two to see how many devices get bricked or have other issues with the patch before installing.

best to wait it out regardless - we've waited this long for official froyo, give it one week and we will have a whole crop of deodexed, zipaligned, clockwork3/ext4 and probably even overclocked ROMs to choose from that will be even better then stock.

Can I get another bottle of Vintage Feb 2011 for all of you whiner's out there. Is this what the rest of America has become a bunch of pathetic whiner's. I thought it was only reserved for all of my West L.A neighbors. The reason Sprint is not releasing it until 9 PM is less strain on the network.

Can I get a bottle of good old chill pills for izzydead. Sure America is doing a quite of bite of whining but who could wait for a update release. I'm waiting for them to update the HTC Hero. Oh why not the Hero.

I've had all those features (including gps which is accurate to 3 meters >:D) for a long time. I will gladly switch to that until they come out with new custom ROMs and custom kernels

Phone is crap now after update. Wireless won't connect ( open non secured) camera stopped working, other functions very slow and choppy. Went through an hour of srint tech help, master reset phone etc etc etc. Now camera works, lost all applications because of the reset. Also lost display options (never turn off display when connected to power) is one example of lost stuff. Still won't connect to wireless. OMFG sprint!!! Force an update and it doesn't work!!!! if there is a way to NOT update DON'T DO IT!!!!!! Now I need take 2 hours out of my day to go to sprint store and have them look at it. I am SO VERY disapointed!!!!!

They still haven't fixed the slow USB charging issue present in 2.1:

SAMSUNG_Android SPH-D700:
Current Available (mA): 500
Current Required (mA): 96

5 other phones I've tested, including iPhone:
Current Available (mA): 500
Current Required (mA): 500

My music player no longer recognizes the artist and album after the Froyo upgrade. Any solutions?

This is like getting a new phone all over again!
The Froyo update rocks
My Epic 4g has never run so fast, before. I really love all the new features and UI. I had to reinstall some of my apps, but I use appbrain, so it was no big deal.
Nice job Samsung, and Sprint

Well I was one of the unlucky ones to have gotten my update!!! IT SUCKS ASS!!!!! The camera does not work, I lost all of my photos, my alarm clock makes NO sound so it is worthless. Cant move Pics from picture mail to the gallery.. I have been to the sprint store and they were ZERO help!!!! I have spent hours getting all of my info into this address book to now have it all FUCKED UP!!!! I am ready to go to Sprint and have tell them to shove this piece of shit and give me an EVO.

I have had yet more issues within the past 24 hours of installing the new Froyo update on my Samsung Epic. As mentioned above in my enumerated post, the phone seemed more glitchy and hesitant than before under Eclair.

(1) Yesterday, around 7pm, my phone got stuck, where the only icon in the dock was the "applications" icon. There were no "phone, contacts, or messaging" icons at all in my dock. The only thing I could do was toggle back and forth between the "home/applications" icon. After having determined that there is no way with Touch Wiz to actually add back the icons to the dock and not understanding how or why they were now missing from my dock, I decided to do a factory reset on the phone. The factory reset brought the phone back to the basic Froyo 2.2(Eclair has apparently been wiped clean after having done the previous Update.zip install). I then proceeded to add back all my applications, which I had backed up to my SD card. Fortunately, all 4 dock icons have returned upon reset.

(2) Despite the dock now being made whole again, the phone remains glitchy. A noticeable and frustrating glitch occurs when I use the slide-out keyboard. With Eclair, the phone automatically switched to landscape mode to accommodate the slide-out keyboard. It was flawless and effortless without any hesitation with Eclair.

NOW, however, the phone pauses(10-15 seconds) and the circular "loading" symbol appears on the screen, taking a while to slowly re-populate the screen with widgets/ icons while making the switch to landscape mode and vice versa. And, yes, I did toggle the "auto-rotate screen" option under settings to see if that somehow had any effect on it. Unfortunately, neither option helped.

Has anyone else noticed any of these issues with their phone since the update?
If Eclair is still available on the Samsung site, I may download it and revert back to it. I can't really see that Froyo has made any huge difference in my phone. The only thing it has done is allow me to access the Skype application directly, but I was already able to do that indirectly already with the IMO Messenger Android application.

Can someone please explain what the great improvements are to this phone under Froyo, considering the number of people asking to have Froyo on their phone? Surely it isn't just an example of having the NEXT and LATEST THING, The latest incarnation of software isn't always a step-up. Windows Vista is surely a recent example of the falsity of such a notion.

Isn't it possible that poorly-conceived/programmed UPDATE with Froyo may very well make the Samsung Epic worse than it was before? In my humble opinion, this update has done just that.

Got the update yesterday. Process went smoothly. No data loss. had to reinstall a bunch of apps and I lost all my contact mergers. The fist several hours after the update the phone was very unstable, the radio got disabled, it was not synching, had to reboot a few times. Battery seemed to drain faster too, but I was tweaking a lot. Today it seems to be ok and all my apps, except Fancy Widgets are working fine. Fancy widgets is not updating properly. Aside from a few menu and gui changes I am not really seeing much of a difference. I am loving the fast GPS locks I am getting!

So I guess Sprint technical support is really slouching, I had to search Google just to find the update installation file. They suggested that I wait for an OTA, but that is just stupid since I've found that Samsung has the update.zip publicly available.

I found detail picture instructions on how to install it here:

It was pretty much the easiest install I've ever done in my life, and it didn't erase any of my data. Just don't use Samsung's stupid Windows Software Updater tool, I mean wtf were they thinking with that.

So I got the new update on my epic... Now all the photos I had in my gallery are completely gone, all the music I had is gone, and i can't even set any ringtones. I can't use Zedge ringtones or the basic android system ringtones. Every time i try to set one, it always says "The application Zedge (processnet.zedge.android) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." And i have to force close. The same thing happens with the basic android system ringtones. "The process android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly." I have no idea why this happens or how to fix it, but right now my phone is basically on vibrate and i keep missing texts and calls. Also my basic camera app no longer works. I am actually pretty upset with the new update, for all the cool stuff it did, it completely screwed a lot of stuff up.

Does anyone else have these problems? Any idea how to fix it, or when there's gonna be a fix for it?

I figured out how to change my ringtone to one of the basic phone tones. You have to unmount the SD card. Then, go change the ringtone. Then, you can re-mount the SD card. I still can't have any fun tones, but at least it rings!

Well, I updated March 2nd, and I don't have any issues with the camera, or the home screen or pictures being deleted.

The only thing I notice is that when the screen is off and I press the power button to bring it back up, it takes about 1 second, whereas before, it was instant. I'm using NoLock though to bypass the "slide to unlock" screen, so maybe it's a compatibility thing. Also, IDK how you're getting fast GPS locks. Mine is taking forever, and when it does lock, it's off by like 50 feet, showing me driving through peoples' houses rather than on the actual road. And one last thing is that when I pinch to zoom in the web browser, it brings up this checkerboard background instead of just zooming, so I can't see how much I've zoomed. Kinda annoying, but at least embedded flash videos now work!

Other than that, everything is working fine.