Sprint Evo 4G launch party

The Sprint HTC Evo 4G is set for its big coming-out party on May 12 in New York City. And as with the Evo's cousin, the Windows Mobile-powered HD2, it looks like movies are going to play a big part of the device -- so much so that Sprint's giving an advance screening of "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," ahead of its Memorial Day release. And if the thought of two hours of Jake Gyllenhaal in a loin cloth isn't exciting enough, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse's also going to be on hand for the big event.

Still no word about when the Evo 4G will actually be available (or what it will cost); the invite only says "this summer." Stay tuned.


Reader comments

Sprint plans Evo 4G's party for May 12 in New York City


DAMN! Talk about a NIGHT CAP!... Good thing the Nuggets/Jazz game was keeping me awake...

For a second I clicked the pic thinking I could register lmao... Finally some more news on the EVO!... HOPEFULLY A RELEASE DATE ON THAT DAY!... WHY A Big shwing like this without extra information.

And one more thing I was really looking forward to them bringing some kinda VOD service and it looks like they will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK.... So May 12th? I'm sure that's when Sprint will announce a release date and phone plan info about the EVO. I'm excited about this party!!!

Anyone else notice the "world's first Android phone" typo? lol. This phone is awesome, but it's certainly not the first Android phone.

While this is nice I guess what Sprint needs to focus on is getting specifics about the phone, its pricing, plan pricing, launch date, pre-order details, etc, etc out to the public AND the media so they can really start to build interest and commitment.

Showing a movie and talking about the phone won't win post paid customers from VZW or ATT!!

Im sure there will prob be rumors of pricing and launch date after this media party happens i jst hope the pricing aint to high..

So is this a launch party or an information one? I wonder if Sprint is worried about all the customers they might be loosing to VZW with an April launch of the Incredible versus an August / September launch of the EVO.