Sprint today announced that it'll officially launch LTE data in two New York boroughs — Brooklyn and the Bronx — on July 30. Parts of Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens are coming later this year, but you testing is already underway, and you might already be seeing LTE signals.

In addition, Sprint said it'll bring service to all 277 underground subway stations in New York. You'll start seeing coverage in three dozen stations in Midtown, Manhattan and Chelsea early next year (and so long as you're on Sprint).

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Sprint LTE hits Brooklyn, the Bronx on July 30


Wow, finally hitting New York now? Maybe I'll be able to escape the clutches of Verizon in about a decade.

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Wrong, take a look at "sencorly" & you'll see that sprint has lte covering more of NYC than at&t! It just hasn't been activated until they covered at least 70% of the state. Also they're actually building their network again from the ground up, not upgrading, not using the same antennas or location & adding lte, t mobile is taking short cuts by using the same antenna locations instead of leading new better more efficient locations. Think about these things, sprint already had hotspot devices that use 800 MHz, 1900 MHz & 2.5 GHz lte, so all we sprint users are waiting for is the phone... Spectrum wise we have the universal 2.5 GHz lte, the first multi mode network & yea I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; the north side & my average downloads are really over 25mbs which is very good for the network that sells the most smartphone & most Samsung phone's, so in other words everyone on sprint has lte & it's giving good lte speeds & who knows what'll happen with T-Mobile after 5 million people are using there lte since there antennas are so diluted with space cause they're too cheap to rent locations. Burned!

Do other carriers cover the underground subway stations already? That seems like a nice feature. Not that it really matters to me since I live in Wisconsin! But I like to travel there.

Not exactly. You can get service in some stations that are closer to street level, but it's not reliable and not claimed by the carrier to have coverage. However, some carriers (AT&T) have WiFi hotspots set up in stations for their customers.

It seems like a great feature to have. Especially if the subway is your main mode of transportation.

Wish Sprint would increase the coverge on some of the the "EL" stops here in Chicago. Once you go underground on the Blue or Red Line the signal is nonexistent.

It's actually stupid. It's only the stations which have coverage. If the train is actually moving, you'll be dropping connections as you move down the line. May be fine for data but voice will def be at issue. They are doing it proper in London where you won't lose coverage.

In NYC there's boingo hotspot, it's free but it's not everywhere. I think that at&t & Verizon have them in a couple of major subways, but it won't be universally throughout all subways like sprint will build.

I dropped sprint like a bad habit in February, in favor of Tmo when I bought my Nexus 4. Since then, Tmobile has lit up well over 100 LTE locations, and Sprint is just now turning on their NYC LTE. I watched as my sister suffered painfully with her Note 2 connected to their god-awful 3g, and I was only a few feet away with my N4 whizzing away while connected to Tmo's LTE (although as unofficial as it gets, it was still there and very usable) If sprint has any hope of not staying the worst of the "big 4" in this country, they sure have a lot of work ahead of them. Honestly, I've lost hope for them, and am waiting for the news that they have ultimately sold the remaining shares of controlling stock to Softbank and just bowed out of the market for good. THeir LTE is looking to be just as good (read: god-awful) as their WiMax.

Slow clap for Sprint, guys.

you will be waiting for a long time because none of that nonsense you are talking about will happen. Sorry buddy, your facts are all mixed up.

Hmmm a rather uneducated statement. Considering Softbank just bought a majority share in Sprint, which now owns all of Clearwire. Sprint/Softbank now has more spectrum than AT&T, Verizon, and TMO.

They are doing a complete teardown and rebuild of their network and now have the resources to finish the rollout. Once it's done it will be the most advanced, future proofed network in the country.

TMO is nice, but get out of the city and burb's and it's just as bad as Sprint is at the moment.

I live in "the burbs" and I get a perfect LTE signal. I think your statement is far less educated than mine. I spent two years with sprint, suffering through their horri-bad WiMax, and now my service is actually where it should be with tmobile.

You're the one who needs to get your facts straight. Having more spectrum is nice, but they sure aren't doing much with it.

Besides, I have one acronym for you that you just can't come back from: CDMA. End of discussion

Exactly why he said "Get out of the city and the burbs". I live in a city with a population of 65,000 with probably that many more in the outskirts (still have mail delivered by city post office) and we are part of the I-40/I85 corridor in NC and T-Mobile coverage is pitiful. Sprint blows it out of the water without LTE available.

If you had read my reply correctly "get out of the city and burb's and it's just as bad as Sprint is at the moment", I did not say 'burbs are bad. Plus the fact the deal with Clearwire and Softbank just went through, they need to refarm Clearwire spectrum for use with LTE. Also do not forget about Nextel's 800mhz spectrum now that they are defunct will help increase speeds on the 3G side.

I have been on Sprint for 4 years and rode the ups and downs as well. Both carriers have their strengths and weaknesses. But your off the cuff, obtuse statements just don't make any sense.

I'm in Chicago and Sprint is quite good in most places in the Metro area.

I'm in Chicagoland far north wit great LTE in most places but when I'm in 3g it horrible with Sprint. I stay in T-Mobile's network almost 100% of the time so when I'm contract is up in Nov I'm gone. New pricing when I upgrade will be $45 more then currently. Im bill would be $100 less if I switch even if I join JUMP and installments for a new phone.

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Yeah have to agree, Sprint 3G is pretty bad in the Chicagland area, but thankfully I'm hardly on 3G in the City and Western Suburbs.

But again now that Nextel is gone, Sprint will be repurposing that spectrum for 3G. Supposedy it's already in use in some areas of Chicagoland.

There's nothing wrong with a CDMA network. At all, actually. The truth is that CDMA is more secure and technically superior to GSM. The networks are more efficient. That's why the 3G you get on TMo or AT&T is actually a CDMA variant: because it's better tech. GSM is more prevalent throughout the world, partly because of the higher royalties required for using CDMA technology and partly because GSM was developed across the pond, whereas CDMA was developed here in the US. Just because more people use it doesn't make it better - sometimes it's just cheaper.

At the end of the day it's all moot because LTE puts everyone on the same playing field. In due time that's what every network will be. GSM and CDMA variants will be a thing of the past.

CDMA has nothing to do with the future of Sprints network. If you had your facts straight you would know that in a few short years Sprint will be an all IP based service. More and better lower bands than TMO and an LTE Advanced network that will compete with the true big 2. Get off the TMO teet....

I don't know where your from but in NYC we've had unofficial lte for over a year, easily getting 15 to 27mbs, but on July, 30. it'll be officially turned on & it'll work the way it should. The 800 MHz is working great & is already usable as lte but only with mifi500 hotspot, along with 1900 MHz lte & 2.5 GHz (old wimax) it can be used now, but phones that support the 2.5 lte & 800 lte are needed. Location plays a big part right now & in my area it's fast & unlimited. 230 gigs this month... And about T-Mobile, they're using the same tower location, not leading better more efficient locations or even rebuilding from ground up like sprints network vision.

Everybody always put Sprint down..which is they're opinion. But Sprint is coming up. I got Sprint 4G coverage where I live. There's also Verizon LTE, and ATT HSPA..and TMO Edge...(what a joke) Everybody talks about T-Mobile but most people forget that T-Mobile has bad coverage in places as well...and in some parts of the country, there isn't any service at all. T-Mobile has good programs to lure customers in and whatnot, but just like what people say about Sprint,...whats so good about the devices and/or programs if the network isn't the best. TMO has to expand and they really isn't or if they is, they aren't doing it that much. People should also know that there is a lot of cities etc. that has Sprint LTE now, however, it just hasn't been officially announced.

Nevertheless, this is a good move for Sprint..hopefully by them taking their time with the 4G, We don't have 4G outages like I did on Verizon.

Holly crap!!! I'm here in El Paso, Tx. I remember reading that we were on the list a few months back for LTE to be coming "soon". After reading this article, in the comments someone said "you have LTE it just hasn't been announced", I turned on my 4G and low and behold, it works!!!!!! I have only checked by my house here near EPCC VV campus. I'm excited because 3g was soooo slow.

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I live UES and have had LTE on my Samsung Galaxy Note II for a while now. I also get coverage when I am in midtown. In both cases it sometimes (rarely) drops to 3g or just hangs for a moment but mostly it is working just fine.

I live in South East Michigan and Sprint's LTE service isn't supposed to be ready for months, but I get good LTE coverage at home, and they just lit up the tower where I work. I use the Sensorly app to report coverage as it expands. It is also interesting to watch it spread week by week.

I might consider switching to TMO in a year when my contract is up, but only if they have LTE coverage in my area as good as Sprint's is now

I was in Brooklyn about a month ago, and could barely get a 3G signal on Sprint, much less 4G. Maybe it was because they were doing upgrades, but if not Sprint is still going to suck there, 3G or 4G.