$65 ​per month plan includes unlimited calls, texts and data

Following recent early-upgrade plans from T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T, U.S. carrier Sprint has announced its own program allowing subscribers to upgrade their devices more regularly. "One Up" costs $65 per month and gives customers unlimited calls, texts and data. On top of that you'll agree to pay 24 equal monthly installments to cover the cost of your new smartphone, though after 12 months you can return the device (in good working order) and start the process over with a new phone.

Sprint says it'll offer "One Up" with no down payment "for a limited time," though the carrier didn't go into specifics on just how long this would be. The plan launches today for new customers and those eligible for an upgrade, though it's not currently available in Florida or Washington, D.C.

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Sprint One Up Along With Sprint Unlimited Guarantee for Life Available to New and Existing Customers on Sept. 20

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), September 20, 2013 - In continuing its commitment to offering customers the best value in wireless, Sprint (NYSE: S) announced today Sprint One UpSM, a new upgrade program that gives customers unlimited talk, text and high speed data while on the Sprint Network plus the ability to upgrade their smartphone every 12 months starting at just $65 a month1. The new program is available Sept. 20 to new and existing customers on Unlimited, My WaySM and My All-inSM plans.

Sprint One Up offers customers an affordable option to upgrade their device more frequently. With Sprint One Up, participating smartphone customers get unlimited talk, text and data for an introductory rate of $65 per month – a $15 per month savings off their Unlimited, My Way standard rate plan and Sprint’s guarantee of unlimited talk, text and data for the life of the line of service2. Sprint One Up is also available for smartphones on the My All-in plan as well as on tablets in combination with tablet plans starting at just $5 a month.

To participate, customers simply purchase an eligible smartphone or tablet and agree to 24 monthly installment payments for the device. For a limited time, customers can enjoy no down payment for the device. After 12 consecutive payments, customers can give back their current device and upgrade to a new smartphone or tablet.

“Sprint One Up is the best value in wireless,” said Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. “The new program gives Sprint customers the ability to upgrade every 12 months and unlimited talk, text and high speed data for just $65. And, unlike other carriers, Sprint guarantees the unlimited talk, text and data for life. No other plan can compare.”

Sprint One Up for Existing Sprint Customers

Existing customers meeting upgrade eligibility requirements also can participate in Sprint One Up. In celebration of this significant launch, Sprint is rewarding current customers with the opportunity to join Sprint One Up through the holidays. Sprint customers who are not yet upgrade eligible, but have had their current phone for 12 months, can give back their current eligible phone and sign up for Sprint One Up, provided they meet the credit qualifications3.

Best Value in Wireless

Sprint continues its commitment to offer the best value in wireless with Sprint One Up and Unlimited, My Way and My All-in plans. Sprint One Up features:

Unlimited talk, text and high speed data on smartphones guaranteed for the life of the line of service starting at $65 a month (excludes surcharges and taxes)
Annual upgrades on smartphones and tablets
0% APR monthly installment payments for the device
Single Line Smartphone Comparisons

Sprint customers also will see significant monthly savings — up to $45 a month – compared to similar plans from AT&T and Verizon4.


Sprint continues to bring a better wireless experience to more customers across the country as it builds out its all-new 3G and 4G LTE network and is projected to provide LTE to 200 million people by the end of 2013. For the most up-to-date details on Sprint 4G LTE, visit www.sprint.com/network. Customers can also check www.sprint.com/coverage for updated coverage maps.


Sprint One Up is available in Sprint company-owned stores to new and eligible existing customers on Sept. 20 (program currently not available in Florida and Washington, D.C.). Visit www.sprint.com/oneup for more information.


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Sprint introduces 'One Up' annual upgrade program


Same here.. I have 3 lines open on a family plan, and I'd be willing to adopt this for us if it meant at least 1 phone could upgrade (mine, of course)

I just chatted online with a Sprint rep and they said each line qualifies for the $15 credit for the One Up. If what they said is true then you multiply the number of lines you have that are participating by $15 and that will be your discount. For me it would be 5 lines and the break down would look something along these lines:

Line 1 : $80 - $15 = $65
Line 2 : $70 - $15 = $55
Line 3 : $60 - $15 = $45
Line 4 : $50 - $15 = $35
Line 5 : $50 - $15 = $35
Total : $310 - $75 = $235

That's before any discounts you may receive and before the device payment

Ouch. You actually play those prices? On T-Mobile after the first two lines, my 3rd and 4th lines are $15 each. That's with 500 minutes (teens don't talk on the phone anyway), unlimited texting and 2GB of high-speed data.

Ouch you actually use T-Mobile. They don't work at all where I live. It's bad when GhetroPCS world and T-Mobile doesn't.

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Works for me. It must suck to be in an area where T-Mobile is not an option considering what they bring to the table.

Hmm you can keep your 2gig data. I can easily use 2 gigs every month. Sprint is giving you unlimited data on all devices.

I pay much less than that per month for 5 lines. I'm on the older Sprint plans before they changed to their Unlimited, My Way plans.

I've been considering switching to T-Mobile but 3 of my lines are in another state that only is predominately 2G coverage where the phones are. If it wasn't for that(and the fact that two of the lines are under contract) I would have switched already, where my home is has 4G so I'm not worried about here =)

It looks as if Sprint is limiting it to a maximum of three installment agreements:

How many Installment Agreements can an account have?

A customer with qualifying credit can have up to three Installment Agreements on an account.

So it would probably be:

Line 1 : $80 - $15 = $65
Line 2 : $70 - $15 = $55
Line 3 : $60 - $15 = $45
Line 4 : $50 - $0 = $50
Line 5 : $50 - $0 = $50
Total : $310 - $45 = $265

Ahh, I hadn't seen that on the website. The rep I spoke with said it could apply to every line on the account. It's probably limited to 3 because after that they wouldn't be making any money.

Sprint just told me it would be $15 off the bill not $15 off each line (I have 3 lines). The rep I talked to at fist didn't know at all and got someone else 'higher up' to answer. Looks like no one knows right now

Which, if you are signing up for this plan, would most likely be never, right? If you are upgrading every year, you would never pay off any one phone.

That's the part of this that I think Sprint *really* dropped the ball on. Basically, once you've fully paid for the phone, you have to start paying the subsidy cost again. That makes *zero* *zero* (yeah, double on purpose) sense, and really makes me not want to take this option, which is a bummer cause I was kinda excited about it when I first heard the news.

We have got to find *some* way to get these carriers to de-couple the subsidy costs. I bought my Note 2 outright, but I'm still paying the full monthly price, including the subsidy. It's one area that I think T-Mobile is really "getting it right", and I might really start taking a harder look at switching providers after this.

I've been a Sprint customer for almost 10 years, and I've been generally happy with my service, but this really feels like a slap in the face in a way.

>We have got to find *some* way to get these carriers to de-couple the subsidy costs.

GSM Nexus + Prepaid.

Totally agreed! Honestly? The only way is for lots of loss on the carriers part. They won't change as long as the money is rolling in, no matter how much people complain about things about. What is a loss of 10K subscribers when you still have 20 million? Now, if 1 million people switched, and told everyone their reason why, then we would have some traction.

You can't really just "bring your own device" to Sprint. You can only use a Sprint branded device. So no... no discount in that respect.

well in theory you could buy a cheap Sprint smartphone from ebay or craigslist or get one from a friend/family member and BYOD to Sprint and ask them for the $65 plan and then they will tell you to go pound sand because you have to be financing one of their new phones in order to get the $15 monthly discount and as soon as your finance payments stop, you lose the monthly discount until you start device financing payments again. it's a vicious cycle that will suck in the poor masses and keep them trapped in an endless cycle of poverty, despair, and desperation. but they'll have a nice new smartphone every year to help ease the pain.

1. i wonder if you must also renew your contract every year to qualify?
2. i wonder how easily you can walk away after 6 months? 1 year?
3. i wonder how much a top of the line smartphone monthly and total payment will be - like an S4?

So...you're complaining because Sprint is giving you a free phone and $15 off your monthly plan price in exchange for signing a contract? And if you choose to stay with your phone your plan goes back to the old price? THE TRAVESTY!!!

Sprint is NOT GIVING YOU A FREE PHONE! You are paying the cost of the phone every month with a $15 subsidy. If it takes one 24 months to pay off the phone you have discounted the phone by $360. Sprint created this plan with the purpose of locking clients in with new contracts after every upgrade. While a $360 subsidy sounds great, I'd rather not be locked into another 2 year contract with Sprint.

I'm asking because of the early rumors that the Nexus 5 will support Sprint bands. I'll only stick with Sprint if I can save on my monthly bill.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like that is the case. Although you may be able to get around it. I spoke with customer service over their chat and they said you could go into the store, pay what you want upfront, and then the remainder is the 24 month payment. Theoretically you could pay all but $100 up front, have a $5 payment on your account, and then do it all over again in 24 months. It's not bring your own device but it's buy your own upfront and get some kind of a discount.

This just depends on where you live. Sprint sucked in my area but they FINALLY started upgrading the towers and putting in LTE and now it is decent. Unfortunately t mobile is bad in my area so I would have to spend much more for the better ATT & Verizon service.

i've had Sprint since 2008 and i had Verizon (Treo 650) and AT&T (TDMA Nokia 6160 dumbphone) before that. i have no problem with Sprint's service or plans or pricing or device offering. in fact, i think they are the least evil of the big 4 and provide the best overall value in post paid. however, i want the SIM Card no contract BYOD freedom and choice that GSM prepaid plans offer so i'm switching to AT&T GoPhone as soon as the Nexus 5 is available.

I'm moving to T-Mobile once the Nexus 5 comes. How's GoPhone compared to the T-Mobile plans? I can't stand At&t but open to any plans that are best.

i'm going for the AT&T GoPhone Unlimited Talk/Text/2GB Data Plan for $60/month (you can add 1GB of extra data for $10 as needed). T-Mob would be my second choice but i've heard stories on the web and from personal friends that T-Mob has big gaps in coverage - even in metro areas - and i can't live with that. if i need to make a phone call - i need to make a phone call!

...unless you travel to the country. Of course, to a New Yorker anywhere outside of metro NYC is the country.

I have the 2Gb/Unlimited Everything Else plan from AT&T, and I'm very happy with it. As best I can tell, they don't throttle you or give you lower priority for your LTE data. I just did a speed test, and here are the results:

Ping: 92ms
Download: 46915 kbps
Upload: 10957 kbps

Here are my averages in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN:
Ping: 110ms
Download: 26031 kbps
Upload: 10516 kbps

It's pretty sweet. I use callingmart's website to get a discount on my service using discount code ca3p-1207 (this works all the time, no limits). You just go there, pay for it, and your service is instantly refilled electronically. I pay $55.87 per month for service from AT&T. Plus, you accrue points that you can use to reduce your costs too. If you want to go to the website, you have to get the $60 AT&T GoPhone Real-Time-Refill (RTR).

I feel like these upgrade programs are just more moneygrabs...one company started doing it..then everyone followed. I'll just stick to buying outright and being on prepaid.

Sprint, disappointing customers yet again....

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I just upgraded to the silver HTC One a few weeks ago, and now there are new colors (and gold expected) that I prefer. Plus, other smartphones are being released, too. However, it doesn't sound like I'll be able to use the "One Up" plan this soon, so I still feel somewhat trapped after upgrading once again.

This seems to happen to me every time I purchase a new smartphone, even when I wait to use my upgrade discount, shortly after new products are released. [Sighs] I'm sure One Up will work well for some Sprint customers, though.

Also, I don't like the giving back your current device portion of this "deal," especially if the customer spent $199 or more with the original upgrade discount.

I didn't see anything in the official release but I read somewhere they are allowing people within the first few months of their contract to jump into the One Up. If you are truly interested(you end up paying $7 more a month for the privilege of upgrading once a year and no contract) it's worth going to your local Sprint store to see if they can do anything with you. If it's still within the return period they might just return everything and have you rebuy under the One Up program

I just spoke with Sprint and they said that I am eligible for One Up on June 1st 2014...which is just shy of 1 year into my contract. At that time I can exchange my phone for the new hotness. I do hope this is true because I can get on board with this program. It may not be the most financially sound option, but if I can avoid going through the hassle of selling my phones I'm all for it.

Well, you are giving back a phone that you've had for 12 months. There's no resale value in a phone that old. That value should be going towards the new phone.

Most 12-14 month old phones are still reselling for $175-$250 (About 1/3 of the value left). Check prices on ebay or elsewhere for the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy s3 or similar phones released about 1 year ago. They usually don't bottom out in price until 18 months (the end of carrier supported updates for most) phones.

There is a really good comparison of all the different upgrade programs at learningcameras.com

It shows the costs of each plan over 2 years

Their breakdown is pretty good, but it doesn't take into account the plan price. When you throw in the price of the plan T-Mobile clearly comes out on top. Not to mention T-Mobile is being the most transparent about where the money is going. The others are still playing the same games they always have. Sprint is at least making an effort to appear consumer friendly.

Maybe the link just takes me to a different page, but the Sprint breakdown isn't in the chart at all. T-Mo, ATT, VZW, upgrade yourself, don't upgrade. That's it. The chart sucks balls, especially since they discuss the Sprint plan in the write up.

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If you read the breakdown below the chart, it does explain that T-mobile has a way lower price plan and they are doing it the best. However, you probably don't want to factor plan price into the upgrade cost because most people understand they are paying more for ATT & Verizon because those carriers have better networks, more coverage, and are larger. You get what you pay for. It wouldn't really be comparing apples to apples. If I want to know how much it is to keep an iPhone upgraded every year, the chart gives me that for each carrier. Then it is up to you to decide what service is best in your area and what you are willing to pay for more coverage and faster data

So, if I wait 24 months to upgrade, I get to keep my old device AND the $15 discount?

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The fine print says the $15 discount ends at the end of your 24 payments. If you upgrade at the end of the 24 months on the One Up plan again then yes, you get to keep your $15 a month discount. When the phones are going to be at least $20 a month extra you are paying $5 a month for the privilege to upgrade once a year and have no contract.

way off the point. but what is a reason why it wouldnt be available in florida and D.C.? anyone know? im in NY and not interested but im just curious about that

They should have kept their premier plan. It was ahead of the times and people were happy!

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I would rather pay $7 a month for the ability to upgrade every year. then be stuck in a 24 month contract to upgrade

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Even with the $15 discount going away. The plan is still decent because unlimited MyWay is $80 anyway. So what do you lose by signing up for this plan? You get a discount, then it goes back to what the MyWay plan costs anyway.

Seems like a no brainer unless I'm missing something.

It would help if Sprint would train there phone reps about this program. The overseas call center had no clue and the US call center couldn't even run numbers because I wasn't eligible yet! Even the rep I was talking to thought it was stupid that she couldn't help.

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If the carriers have a proper recycling program for the phones that are returned this is a really good idea to cut down on waste.

Softbank needs to inject it's influence into Sprint before their worth being a customer of!!!

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I'd like to know how this works out for customers who are more than a year into their contract with Sprint yet don't qualify for an upgrade yet?

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Yes. I just asked about this yesterday in store. I have the Note2(bought at full price) and was looking at getting the Note3. Since I have around 250 days left till my next regular upgrade, I was told I could do one up when the Note3 is released.

So let's get this straight... you make payments on the non-subsidized price for a phone, while paying full price for the plan that used to subsidize a lower cost for a phone. And instead of owning the phone, you give it back to them so they can refurbish to use in insurance for some other poor sucker. To top it off, you get a crap network with about 100k data speed at best for your trouble.

Where do I sign up? :)


You are getting $15 off each devices plan per month while you "financing" the device.

Technically, if you have only made 12 payments, you are not done paying for the phone, so think of it as renting or leasing. When you lease a car, you only pay for the value (depreciation) while you are driving it. At the end of the lease, you can buy it, or turn it back in.

Look at VZW and ATT and TMobile. TMobile and Sprint are the only 2 of the 4 Major Carriers who are reducing the cost of your monthly service, while charging you full retail for the device.

With Sprint pricing, you are paying $360 LESS over the course of 2 years on the service fees of your device ($15 x 24). Take a Samsung Galaxy S4 that is $199.99 on a 2 year contract, add the $360 ad you see the phone "really" costs you about $560 plus the $36 activation fee fo we are at $596 as the true cost of the phone.

Its a decent deal IF you keep the phone for 2 years as you save money on your monthly bill.

Buying a phone every 12 months is always going to be expensive. (new accessories, etc.)

Umm, quite the opposite actually... If you're gonna keep it for two years then just stick to the the regular subsidy model and get your phone for $50-200 on contract, it'll be WAY cheaper.

This is simply a cheaper way to upgrade every year, instead of paying full off contract price every other year (so like, instead of $50-200 for the subsidized phone + 600-650 for the one you buy in between renewals, $650 to $850 total every 2yr for devices) you pay about $300-$325 a year for a new phone ($25-27 x 12month, except it's $10-12 cause of the discount).

You save yourself between $50 and $200 every two years, let's say $100 to $200 since you'd usually pay at least $100 for a flagship device; it's really not much and you're basically committing to upgrading EVERY year on the dot or the plan starts working against you (the more monthly payments you make the less it's worth it).

OH, and this is all before taking into account the resale value of phones (which would probably even everything out and make this semi pointless, even despite the poor value of CDMA phones, I've sold my previous two EVO s for $150-ish without even trying). They're just using the whole discount thing to obfuscate matters and possibly hope that some people sign up and DON'T end up upgrading every 12 (works out in Sprint's favor).

It's not a terrible rip off like AT&T/VZW's upgrade plans are, but it's not that great a deal either unless you KNOW you'll upgrade every year and you hate selling your old phones (tho even Sprint will often buy it back for $125 credit or more).

Personally I'm staying put until the Nexus 5 is announced. I already pay $65 on Sprint thru a student discount (which would probably go from -$16 to -$11 if I moved to this, cause of how it's structured) and I'm not in a hurry to upgrade my EVO LTE. Having a Nexus that allows me to ride out my Sprint contract and occasionally test the GSM prepaids would be interesting. Hopefully the FCC leaks weren't wrong!

Hmm, I knew that seemed off compared to my original thoughts, ran the numbers wrong... You'd spend $120-144 a year on phones so you always end up saving SOME if you upgrade every year (but losing out if you don't, so you have to be committed to it)... You save yourself $400 to $520ish every two years, a little less once you account for taxes and resale value of old phones (maybe $250-300 less tops).

It's still not nearly as good a deal as they paint it, you're really saving $100 to $200 but fully committing to the lease/yearly upgrade model... Not to mention to always paying insurance ($112/year) since if something happens to the phone and you can't trade it in then all savings go out the window, I typically stop paying insurance after a year if I'm keeping a phone longer (which admittedly hasn't been often).

I shouldn't have said the regular upgrade/renewal cycle is WAY cheaper if you only change phones every two years, but it IS cheaper... You can typically find phones like the One for $50-100 a mere three months after release (both my mother and my sister ending up getting the One and One X for $50 not too long after their release, neither one was bought later than August of the year they came out). Even if you're pretty oblivious or you buy Samsung (there's typically less deals in the best selling phone) you'd spend $200 at most.

With these plans you end up spending $240-288 if you keep the phones for two years and Sprint doesn't start asking more up front, PLUS $30-40 in taxes (for the full cost of the phone) that you can often avoid if you upgrade/renew online thru Amazon etc (and even if you don't it'd be $14 at most, since you only pay taxes on what you're actually paying for it). Honestly, the whole thing is designed to sucker people (hence the $15 pseudo discount) it only *barely*makes sense for frequent upgraders.

I actually thought it was a bit more advantageous at first but the more I analyze it the less it's worth. Most people are better off renewing and upgrading like normal every two years and just buying off contract whenever they really get the urge to upgrade mid-contract. There's also a little advertised Sprint plan where you can buy out your contract mid cycle in order to upgrade like you're out of contract, they raised the fee some so it doesn't save you as much but it's another option (that you lose/ignore if you commit to term payments and semi-forced yearly upgrades).

Well, the last part is completely dependent on where you live. I have great data speeds with Sprint where I live. The rest, though, yeah... that's pretty much it.

I think the $15/month discount going away after you've paid off the phone is beyond idiotic.

Honestly, though, I just went and checked T-Mobile's website. They advertise a $50/month plan which, plus the phone (Note 3) financing, equals $71/month. And, after 24 months, it would just be the $50/month. What they don't say though, unless you read the fine print, is that is for only 500mB of "high-speed" data per month.

For really unlimited high-speed data, it's $70/month, which is exactly what I'm paying Sprint right now, including the subsidy, so this plan would (sadly) still come out better than what TMobile is doing, if you've a heavy data user.

Unfortunately, I average about 8gB/month, and have peaked at 18gB in the past.

I hope they announced the NOTE 3 really soon! I hope they offer this $15 discount just in time for me to upgrade to Note 3 and switch over to this cool new plan :)

My first thought as well and I am one of those people that would upgrade every year

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15 X 24 = 360...So they are cutting the cost of what we pay for a smartphone in half roughly after 2 years. 15 X 12 = 180, which is what they are "saving" us with the discount for signing up for something decoupled from the account. I could buy an S4 or HTC One full price, keep it for a year and sell it for that much and fund my own upgrade program...yet still pay Sprint roughly 80 a month because I didn't take theirs. If Sprint doesn't have LTE in my area when the contract's up, I'm switching to T-Mob and just buying my phone from now on, or BYOD off of Amazon.

So my wife and I have had our GS3s for just over a year. If we call and sign up right now, we need to give back our current phones. I get that.

Also right now after all fees and taxes and what-not, our bill is approximately $175/mo. (I know.)

In the 1up program, if we got GS4s, we would get the following:
Line1 service: $65
Line2 service: $55
GS4 installment: $27
GS4 installment: $27

...BUT that's with the $15 introductory discount that would go away as soon as we went through 24 months of installments, raising my bill to over $200.

Most people would get the GS4 or something that costs the same, so it's not hard to see that this doesn't save most people money. If you wanted to get a GS3, however, I'm sure you could save some money. Maybe that's their plan.

Agreed. If we gave them $99 each up front for the phones, though, it drops my bill to $165.

Even if all of this is nothing but creative marketing, I really like that we are getting some visibility into the impact of subsidizing the phones with them. I really REALLY like that.

It just seems like T-Mobile came out with something that genuinely saves people money, and the other 3 carriers told their accountants to get VERY creative in selling the same product - or better yet, finding a way to charge us more money if we hit a loophole.

Actually, you're math is a little off there: after 24 months the $15/month goes away (which, I agree is beyond idiotic) but so does the $27/month for the phone, so the bill would actually still be exactly what you're paying now.

You are absolutely right - I neglected that. So at 24mos after the $15/line credit goes away, and I stop giving them $27/phone each month, my bill actually would go down to $150/mo.

At that point, I'm assuming that I've lost the $15/phone discount forever and then if I jump back into 1up, it's safe to assume that my bill would be the $150 + $27 + $27 = $204.

At that point, though... I'd probably be hard pressed to not want to switch carriers, and it's impossible to predict what the market will look like at that time.


No - the discount is in play while you are paying on your device and goes away once the device is paid for (24 months). If you get another devicethen you start the cycle over. The beauty is that you can get the full upgrade every year. For people who upgrade more than 2 years apart it might not make as much sense.

The one thing T-Mo had going for it is the inclusion of the insurance. That adds a ton of value there.

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Get your data network up to speed, without continued false promises and disappointment after disappointment, and we can talk again. I had to wave goodbye to Sprint this month after 10 years. I didn't want to, but I finally had enough of their being so far behind the curve with their data network. The straw that broke the camels back recently was sitting 50 yards from a Sprint store in a mall, and having zero bars and not even able to load a webpage, and my wife's AT&T phone with full bars and LTE. One of many examples, but it finalized what I knew I had to do.

Regarding the plan, seems pretty decent and a good value compared to the competitors. The others, outside of T-Mobile maybe, are a big ripoff in my opinion. Why would I still pay a subsidized service rate when I'm basically paying off the device over the contract term, and giving it back to you to refurbish and sell again if I don't? Makes no sense. I'll still subsidize my devices or pay full price until these plans are a better value.

"The straw that broke the camels back recently was sitting 50 yards from a Sprint store in a mall, and having zero bars and not even able to load a webpage, and my wife's AT&T phone with full bars and LTE. One of many examples, but it finalized what I knew I had to do."

This sounds like the VZW commercial!!!

And seriously, I was in a Corporate Sprint Store, with two towers nearby. You could not lock onto 4G LTE if you tried. Yet, the sales persons where hyping LTE to a customer. I was in there with my daughters phone (service issues) and surfing on my phone. A customer asked me about my data speeds and I told him "they are fine I'm on VZW"! And with my discounts I'm only paying about $5 more per month than before. The real plus is my phone isn't constantly searching for signal (draining the battery)and my calls and texts come through.

I don't know is it's because Sprint is testing LTE in Dayton Ohio, but having text messages fail or hang up for long periods of time is making me want to leave Sprint more than the data. I'm a year in on my current contract and I won't even humor this One Up plan until the texting issue calms down. Better off emailing people.

Here's what Sprint does not want you to know:

2 The guarantee applies to customers as long as they remain on the Unlimited, My Way or My All-in plans, meet the terms and conditions of the plan and pay their bill in full and on time. Price and phone selection are subject to change. Other plans may receive prioritized bandwidth availability. Streaming video speeds may be limited to 1 Mbps.

I just wanted to clarify what you said. If you go with a lower plan, you could get restricted.

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Went to a Sprint store today they said it didn't even start until October I just went and asked for more information they wouldn't even share anything what gives sprint

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I just got off the phone with a sprint corporate rep. The $15 discount, doesn't start until you complete the 24 month installment. This discount also has the stipulation of what plan your using as well. So if your using the 2 new plans that sprint is promoting, then you won't qualify for the $15 discount.I was also left under the impression that the $15 discount will remain on your contract for quite a while, I'd assume it will only disappear if you renew your contract or get a new phone.

This is just a lawsuit waiting to happen....

you get the phone free upfront, but then you have to pay the sales tax for it

Does anybody not realize you will get taxed double for your phone then? You pay sales tax on the phone upfront which can range from 5-12% depending on where you live

Then, the $27 a month you pay for your equipment, there will be a mobile sales tax on it, which is close to 15%....

so you can be paying anywhere from 20%-27% sales tax for your phone.....

so for a $600 phone, you end up paying a whole lot of taxes....


so in the end, $27x24 months is $648+ around 20-27% tax making it $778-$823 for the phone

better off buying it off contract on a website like amazon and save tax and get the phone out right.. or on ebay and save some more money

So, the phone starts at $65 a month but... by the time you add $10 premium data plan around $10 in taxes and the $11 in insurance it's actually around $100/ month per line. Doesn't sound like a deal to me.
I pay currently $181 for 3 phones all premium data (only my son has the insurance) & my line only (as of last year) gets my employee discount of ($25) a month. Think I'll stay where I'm at drop my son when his contract is up & switch carriers when mine is up. Verizon looks better and better every day.
The only reason we haven't switched yet is because no other carrier can match the $181 for 3 unlimited everything lines @ the moment.

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Actually the new plans, that would be $65 after the discount, do not require a premium data fee.

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I tried doing this yesterday. Firstly I have an employee discount from working with sprint so I pay $100 for 2 lines. I went to my local sprint store and they advised me that they can't assist me since I have their discount and I would have to call in to change it to one of the plans they are using. I said ok since I wanted to don't he one up program anyway. After making the change to my plan and choosing the my way unlimited, they told me I was not eligible due to my account having a spending limit on it. The kind lady in the store told me that I can switch back to my discount and then do it again. After calling Sprint personally they told me that this plan is not eligible to people with regular unlimited or my way plans and only to people with employee reffered lines and employees only at this time. This was AFTER I switched from my lovely discount of $50 a month for unlimited everything. I asked the rep I was on the phone with to explain how I am not eligible when they clearly state that it's for people who have their unlimited or my way plans. I've been off contract since February of this year and the only way I can get my account serviced is when I call directly to employee care due to the SERO plan I'm on. She then tried to say my number was located in the DC area which was false. After being put on hold multiple times, telling her manager she doesn't know how to do her job or de-escalate my situation, she blatantly states that since I am upgrade eligible then I should just use my upgrade. The purpose of doing the one up program for me was the free phone. Yes I work and have money but if the program is offering me a free phone then I can at least settle for a slightly higher bill. So recapping, I am unable to get my account serviced unless I call in to employees care. I cannot take part in anything sprint is doing since my account can't be serviced inside of a sprint store due to system restrictions. I lost my $50 monthly plan with no hopes of getting it back due to false information. I don't see myself staying with sprint anymore.

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You mentioned something about getting free phones on the One Up plan. That isn't the way the One Up program works. Folks that sign up for that program aren't required to sign a contract, but do have to pay the full price of the device broken up into 24 equal payments. So for example it would be an additional $27 per month on top of the $65 per month for the monthly service fees.

Regarding losing your SERO plan, I would raise a massive stink and do anything I could to get that back.

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And I'm fine with that weknsmith. It's just the simple fact that I lost my extremely good plan in hopes of going to the one up program just to be told that I don't qualify with the plan THEY said is required to even qualify for it. The fact that I lost SERO plan as well is what set me off. I don't care that the program started just yesterday, don't tell customers who do what you say to do in order to qualify for a program that they aren't qualified after doing it. That's like saying if you beat Usain Bolt in the 100 you win $1000000 and when you do it, getting told we don't have the money and he wasn't ready for this race.

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A big point all these comments seem to miss when comparing Sprint vs The Others is data usage. I could never do a 2GB/mo plan. I have had Sprint for nearly 14 years and every time I think about switching carriers I remember my ~10+gb usage and I have never had to worry about overages or throttling (noticeably) with Sprint.