Current customers stuck with $199 price tag, full price still $549

Sprint is prominently displaying promotions on its HTC One pre-order page indicating that new customers coming to the Now Network will receive $100 off their purchase. Provided you bring your own number to the carrier (presumably to make sure people intend to stick around) and sign a two year contract, the device will ring up at just $99. The HTC One will be finally available on Sprint on April 19th, but pre-ordering before then secures your device, which Sprint says it will attempt to have arrive at your door before it actually goes on sale in stores.

If you're planning on pre-ordering you're unfortunately going to be restricted to just the silver/white model, with the black model still "coming soon". Is $100 enough money to make you consider switching carriers? You can get more info at the source link below.

Source: Sprint


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HTC One just $99 for customers who switch to Sprint


to me will be fixing the network issues they been having, i move to tmobile back in November i am very happy, it was not fun paying for a service i wasn't getting!!.

THIS! I just broke my contract with Sprint 8 months in because their service was GOD AWFUL in Cleveland. I switched to AT&T and I'm MUCH happier (as is my wife, who relies a TON on her phone for work..)

Same here down in Florida. Paying lots of money for garbage service that I could scarcely use outside and forget-about-it indoors.

Gladly paid the termination fee even though I tried to get it dropped. W/E. On AT&T LTE with a HOX and I couldn't be happier (unless I had a One of course :) )

Believe me, it's not worth it. I lived in an LTE area and I couldn't even make phone calls in my house. Switched to AT&T, worth every extra penny.

I've been a Blackberry guy for about 5 years. The HTC One is the 1rst Android phone that has made me want to jump ship. I will be in a Sprint store Apr 19th. Very nervous about a new platform, so comfortable with BB but anyway, going to dip my toe in other waters. 1rst post here by the way

I'm a Sprint customer, have been for over 7 years, don't switch to Sprint. The network (especially right now) is horrible. I have the HTC Evo 4G LTE (One X), and no 4G in my area, and even the 3G is horrible, call quality is horrible and even in 4G areas, speeds are horrible. Please, please don't switch to Sprint. I want Sprint to succeed, but I wouldn't want you to pay for it.
As far switching from BB, I don't know why you haven't done it yet! :-)

Unfortunately this guy doesn't speak for all sprint customers. I avg 12-15 mbps on 4G and 1.5 mbps on and reliable ALWAYS wherever i go so one persons experiance is not an indicator of the network. As always check the network in the area you live in.

Unfortunately you are in the minority. Sprints service has been getting worse. My service sucks, and you should consider yourself lucky. Unless you live in some rural low populated city sprints network is horrible. Oversaturated areas are out of luck. I'm in Orlando and service is spotty unless your right under a tower that's not overloaded. For some reason there is one lonely tower that has lte and its not impressive, its not anywhere near any city either. Only slightly better then the good wimax signals I was getting before on my OG EVO.

Minority? No. I live in baltimore and no matter where I go, VA, DC, MD my signal strength is awesome inside buildings or outside. Matter of fact in my basement I get a clear 4G signal while my brothers whole family on AT&T get nothing. So again, area is the most important thing, but for alot of people sprint rocks. Have you seen their network??? It's made a huge improvement over the last year. My 3G was barely .5 mbps like a year ago. Now network vision is here and its smoking.

You on crack? I live in Leesburg and travel in and around Orlando for work. In both places, I get great signal. No complaints...4G sucks still but they are working on it.

Well again it all depends where you live. LTE is rockin' hard here in the Chicago metro area.

Only advice is to make sure Network Vision is up and running in your area of the country before you decide to make the jump.

Will they pay the outrageous ETF fee that VZW will charge me? I'll even pay the $200 for it. While their service is slower than others, at least it's still unlimited, as Sprint isn't money grabbing for a made up commodity they call data. It never runs out. Don't limit it.

I already planned on leaving Verizon for Sprint (I'm off contract) but couldn't decide between the HTC One or the Galaxy S4. This deal made the decision for me as it will essentially make the phone free after I get my $100 from HTC for mailing in my Thunderbolt. I live in a Sprint LTE area which helped make my decision as well.

And I'm getting $100 for my old Samsung Moment that has been sitting around collecting dust for the last year. I just need to decide if I'm going with the One instead of the S4.

Glad to know that my 10+ years as a loyal Sprint customer, with 4 lines of service and a big-ass bill every month, gets me jack shit! It's like Dish Network with these guys. Give me a fucking screen protector or something, man!

I've been a Sprint customer for the same amount time and have the same number of lines. I've never had any issue calling them every couple of years and getting something from them. Usually it's just a month or two of free service which is a far better deal than $100 off a phone if your bill is anything like mine. In the old days they'd change the start time for night minutes, give 500 free minutes or give unlimited text messages but those things don't matter anymore.


i've been with Sprint for 13 years. i asked for the $199 HTC One price, as my S2 has given me nothing but problems. my contract is current, but expires in November.

the offered to let me have the privilege of paying the $199 if i pay the "early upgrade" fee of $175. When i pointed out that it would actually cost me less at this point to terminate my contract early, the response was "well, then do that if you want."

i can't believe that's what my loyalty to Sprint gets me.

i was with sprint for a very long time. i finally made the switch, what good is it to have unlimited data when i cant even use a simple task like google now, San Diego coverage is horrible. stay away from sprint. they kept telling me that they are improving their network, I'm sorry i cant wait for you (sprint) to get your shit together i need service that works now, with Verizon i pay a little more but man i get 4G about 90% of the time in my area of service. worth every penny. and 4GB is enough for my wife and myself.

Don't get sucked in. I tried Sprint out but only knew one person that had sprint service and they said it was fine. It worked great at my house but once I started traveling it all went to hell. Couldn't use my phone inside most buildings and in many places where Verizon had 4 bars, I had zero. The worst part was that even though you can roam on Verizon, my phone kept trying to revert back to sprint's non-existent service and web pages took minutes to load. Was the most frustrating year of my life. Unless you can call someone in every part of the country you plan to be and ask how the service is, I wouldn't do it. Nothing worse than going on vacation with the family or taking a work trip to NYC and not being able to use the phone you're paying for.

They could give the phone away and it wouldn't be worth it. Was on Sprint for many years and when they started selling the iPhone the quality of data service went in the hole. It was so bad I force my employer to let me take my company cell phone to another provider (Verizon) then a few months later I talked them into moving all lines to Verizon. With the new shared plans we are paying about the same but quality of services is 10 times better. Only downfall is don't have unlimited data but these are business phones and users are told not to stream video or do large downloads while tethering... Think twice before going to Sprint to save some money on a phone!

im in San Antonio, one of the first to get wimax and LTE... Now that wimax is getting phased out, wimax speeds are great... LTE sucks. On the coverage maps it says there's a tower acouple of streets down from me and i get no lte at home and .45 mbps on 3g

This is a hell of a deal for anyone in a Sprint LTE area & willing to sign a 2 year contract. Just make sure you can *get* the service you will be paying for.

I just switched and I'm not too happy. I live in Metro LA and Barely get 3G which jumps in and out.....I've had 4G in my house for 1 day, now it's only showing 3G?! Wth man, I'm still within my 14 days and not sure I'll stick around, but as the ole adage goes, "you get what you pay for". Very frustrated with such a nice phone I can barely use.

"Is $100 enough money to make you consider switching carriers?"


For One thing (see what I did there?), I'm not interested in the HTC One.

Second, I'm sick of contracts.

Third, I prefer a Nexus experience, unfettered by carrier interference.

Fourth, they can't match my monthly bill with Straight Talk ($45). I broke my Sprint contract to get away from Sprint. I don't care if the phone is free, I'm not signing another contract so that I can pay nearly twice as much each month as I am now.

Who's towers (radios) does Straight Talk use? Are Straight Talk customers given lower priority if heavy traffic? Does Straight Talk have data restrictions? Does Straight Talk have LTE?

Straight Talk operates on either T-Mobile or AT&T. MVNO customers are almost always put at a lower priority than primary (postpaid) customers on the same network. Straight Talk has some sort of data restrictions depending on how much data you use and the market you're in, but there are no hard lines to follow. Straight Talk doesn't have LTE.

That being said, many people just straight up can't be served by Sprint, and will never see Sprint LTE either. And even at a lower priority (being MVNO customers), AT&T and T-Mobile HSPA+ data speeds blow Sprint's out of the water. Not to mention it's about half the price every month.

It may not be as much of a 'no brainer' as some make it sound, but the prepaid option is certainly compelling for a lot of people.

Thanks for the information I was seeking, Andrew. Just as I thought GSM, network priority restrictions, no LTE. All carriers will have LTE build out by end of 2013.
Seems like the most versatile array of radio frequencies service and best price may be t mobile off contract. Plus HTC One, no etf, can upgrade phone at will.

I have been on the Sprint Network for a few years and it is painful .
The unlimited Internet they advertise is garbage because the service is so poor you rarely get to use it. I have recently written to the BBB complaining trying to get out of Sprint. I had a HTC EVO and then upgraded to a IPhone 5 what a mistake!!! I have been kicking and screaming ever since.
I live in Florida and the service is spotty and call quality sucks!!!
Do not go with Sprint trust me!!! If you do go with Sprint make sure you have WIFI on because that is the only time the Internet will work!!!
Pay the extra money and go with Verizon or Atat.
Maybe check out Tmoblie .
Stay away from Sprint expensive service which does not work!!!
I have called over 50 times to complain .
Save yourself from the aggravation!!!