Galaxy Note 2

When the Galaxy Note 2 started showing up on carrier store shelves here in the U.S., there was one curious omission to the firmware. The U.S. variants of the device were shipping without Samsung's touted Multi Window View software that lets users move around different apps in small windows while they do other things on the device. Well, fear not if you're on Sprint because the feature is rolling out OTA (Over The Air) starting today.

The update to software version L900VPALJC is primarily to bring the new Multi Window View feature, but also includes a few other fixes. GPS lock settings can now be controlled by corporate administrators, email messages properly go into the Outbox when sending with no signal (or in AIrplane Mode) and SMS notifications will now beep while in a phone call.

Have you received the OTA yet? Let the other users know in the forums.

Source: Sprint Support Community; More: Sprint Galaxy Note 2 Forum


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Sprint Galaxy Note 2 OTA bringing Multi Window View


Sprint is racking up big time. They were the first carrier to update the Galaxy S3 to jellybean while everyone one else is still waiting. Now they are the first to the multitasking window feature on the Galaxy Note 2 while Tmobile and At&t are still waiting. Major props to sprint they are rolling major. Tmobile better wake up soon.... Usually I have always been a early adaptor meaning a day one buyer of so many devices over these last 2plus years. I will be buying my Galaxy Note 2 on November 15th on Tmobile and will be happy.

I feel Sprint is doing this to make up for their less then ideal data speeds and 4G in big areas but nonetheless it is great they are rolling out the updates quickly. This gets users pretty excited, including me, even though I am not on Sprint.

Wow kudos to Sprint for this update and the S3!! It used to be that Sprint + Samsung = SOL for updates so I am glad that they are leading the way.

I almost wish now that I didn't leave them and their sloooowwww 3G speeds and even slower LTE roll out.

I've gotten as low as 7mbps and as high as 29mbps on Sprint LTE. With coverage everywhere I've been. Maybe it's slow where you are but it has never been slow enough in Houston to get raped by ATT or Verizon. It used to be that Samsung was show period about their updates. People complained and they fixed that.

im at work right next to a very busy highway and i have yet to have anything lower than 1.5mbps when i check speeds throughout various times of the day, maybe its just me, i have seen bad reception in areas where others have full signal, but c'mon, they are working on Network no and anhancing it as we speak and trying to launch LTE at the same time also, and i have never had a problem with Customer Service over the phone either, different experiences for different people i guess.

I got my Note 2 Saturday. Have to say it is nice. No OTA update yet. Not familiar with feature so will have to try it out when it comes. Sounds ideal for me. Yeah Sprint. I like you right now.

Love that I can change the features on the bottom row without changing the launcher. Phone runs fast and battery is superb. Overall great phone without this feature.

No update yet for me either. I've been trying since I read this article earlier. No worries tho I'm patiently waiting for this.

What's everyone's overall vibe on the Note 2...I mean the folks who have them in their hands? Considering picking one up in December. I've read reviews and watched the it everything that it is cracked up to be? Is this excitement just because its new and shiny? I'm just curious what the end users are thinking. Thanks!

I had the Samsung Epic, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and now the Note 2. It's by far the best phone I ever had. It's simply amazing. You should get it.

Go buy it. It's better than anything on the market, the size was a selling point for me. My girl said it was too big. .. Now I'm trying to find a way to come up with 700 bux.

I downloaded the update from XDA and installed it. The multi-window seems cool, but I'm not sure how often I'll need to use it.