Sprint Evo 4G

Ready for some more device rumors? The latest comes from Engadget, which says June 13 is the likely Sprint Evo 4G launch date -- don't worry about it being a Sunday, that's normal for Sprint -- though a week earlier is in the running, too.

Another question they may be answering is how much extra access to Sprint's WiMax network may cost, and it's looking to be between $10 and $20. While nobody wants to pay extra for something, it's nice to know that you won't get stuck paying for 4G service if you're not actually in a city that has it. Whether you'll have to pay extra for the 8-device WiFi hotspot fun (we certainly hope not) remains to be seen. [Engadget]

Update: The Engadget guys are getting peppered with the same comments we are, and it looks like the fee will be for the hotspot only, and not 4G access. Fingers crossed.


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Sprint Evo 4G rumored for June launch; WiMax would cost $10-$20 extra?


Wimax will not cost extra to use. The CEO flat-out said this at CTIA. This leak is confusing the Wimax Hotspot functionality with Wimax in general. Carriers don't charge more as the towers went from 1xRTT to EVDO nor did they charge extra when they started bumping up some markets to EVDO Rev. A. It would be stupid to charge extra for a new service that is only beginning to roll out.

I will gladly eat my words if Sprint goes back on their original word and makes that mistake but from every bit of inside info I have read or personally encountered, it is the hotspot that will be an addon while 4G is a bonus for now if you have it. As it gets more widespread they will begin transitioning people to an all-data plan and route voice over the 4G network but until then, there won't be a change in plans.

Exactly, this is why I hate engadget, they don't care about anything non-Apple. I'll echo your comments, WIMAX will not cost extra to use!

that's my birthday. I wonder if I beg and beg they'll let me upgrade 3 months early. Crossing eyes, fingers and toes.

That's my birthday, too. I gotta get mine from Best Buy, however, for two reasons: 1) No waiting for mail in rebate and 2) because of 1) I can use a family member's discount eligibility to get the full rebate and then switch numbers withut giving up the rebate. My daughter figured out that trick to get an HTC Hero last December.

it's only about 2 months away... that sounds great! I hope that it's just $10-$20 dollars ($19.99 sounds like Sprint) all included (HotSpot, 4G)... Sprint $19.99 Everything 4G Data Plan... LOL

I'd buy the EVO it if they allow 3G only (in 4G markets) but adding and requiring additional cost for 4G may keep me from getting this phone.

I will get this phone on sprint and the added 4G requirement cost won't bother me, when new york gets it to use. The reason why I left AT&T and verizon is that though the are the best companies out, when they get the iphones to rival each other the data plans are going to cost allot. If you pay $69.99 and a extra $20 optional add on that is cheap. When LTE comes out though I say the data plan is going to be $60 for LTE+3G, though if rumors are true you'll pay for what use. I'll be damm if I pay AT&T or Verizon over $100 or more for service to them..

It would make a LOT of sense for Sprint to release Evo 4G before the next Iphone. Why? Because, no matter how great Evo 4G is (and trust me, it's every smartphone-users wet dream), once the next Iphone comes out, it'll more than likely eclipse everything else by the sheer virtue that it's an Iphone. And this next one is going to be a doozy. Sprint needs to pull off a preemptive attack on AT&T/Verizon before it gains even more ground w/the next Iphone.

Man, this phone is so money.

What is going to be so great about the next iPhone? Even the iPad doesn't run multiple apps.

It isn't that it's going to be great. To be honest, even with it's rumoured updates, it's still only catching up to the competition as everyone else can already do what it's going to be able to do. No, it's just that Iphone is so ridiculously popular that everyone will automatically look to buy it.. and the best thing for Sprint to do is release it before Iphone so it can get the heads up.

I agree, but I could see why Sprint might wait. If they release now, chances are they might get some people that pay the ETF and get the phone at whatever cost, but all those iphone early adopters have contracts ending in June/July, and they might not want to go for paying ETF, and by the time their contract is up, EVO is 2 months old and, although still an amazing phone, might lose it's hype a little. Plus, the iPhone is 5 years old, and hasn't really drastically improved in that time (I'm not a hater, just no mind blowing improvement), so if Apple doesn't blow the doors off this model, then people might go for the new hype just as their contracts are up.

Personally, I want it out now, and think it's absurd that they didn't release it when they announced it!

If they release it in June, market the hell out of it, then drop the price just before or after the new iphone releases they will be fine. Strategically, it is best for them to get a month lead on the iphone though cause the iphone's media storm will eclipse everything else in the phone world for at least the week before and 2 weeks after it is released.

I don't think they're going to charge extra for Wimax for two reasons.

1) It's not even available in most markets
2) They didn't charge extra for higher speeds in the past

I think the hotspot function will be extra.

It sounds to me like the charge will be for the mobile hot spot functionality, not 4G itself. If that is the case, it would be like charging for tethering. For that, I can understand a charge. To charge for 4G, especially if you don't like in a WiMax coverage area, might severely hinder the sales of this phone, super or not. That could turn out to be a bad move on Sprint. Then again, if the people are salivating enough...

Sounds like the release date takes advantage of everyone's Palm Pre 1 year upgrades coming due. I got my Pre one June 6 last year ( the day it came out), my premier upgrade gives me access to this phone right away

Have a friend that runs a sprint store that had mentioned this charge several weeks ago when discussing the EVO. He had mentioned an extra $10 to the data plan.

It was vague if there was coverage restrictions but it seemed to be a 4G specific charge regardless. Basically any 4G device. Someone has to pay for that new network I guess.

Time will tell...speculate on!

But the costs of maintaining a 4G network over 3G network is less. Charging more for something Sprint pays less for doesn't make sense. It has to do with placement of towers, they don't need as many to cover a full city as they would for 3G towers.

Sorry to say but I can guarantee that your friend doesn't know more then any of us about the prices of EVO plans. When Sprint officially announces the prices then that's when we will all know including your friend. I've talked to many Sprint managers about passed products' release dates and none of them knew about more then I did. They basically get the info about the same time as us and sometimes we enthusiast know more then them.

Sprint does not charge extra for having a smartphone on the plan like Att or Verizon,however, they do require a data plan. If they charge $10-15 extra is OK. I mean the other companies charge a "LUXURY OR GAS GUZZLER" fee(if we may call it that) for having not-so-smartphones, that don't multi-task or allow whatever program you want, yet people are willing to shell well over $100 a month just for one line. Sorry but, I just can't comprehend.

Wonderful! I will gladly pay +$20 for 3G/4G WiFi HotSpot and end my $60/month data card plan and net ~$45/month in savings with tax.

Sprint won't, of course, charge extra for 4G service on the phone itself. Only for the HotSpot feature.

Do you just not know how to read or something? The extra 10-20 is OPTIONAL.

And yes, believe it or not, if you wanna data package, you're always going to be paying more than your regular non-internet package.

No matter how you look at it, Sprint is still going to be cheaper than Verizon/AT&T. (Tmo sucks)

Ok you guys I need your help. Now I need to know what phone you will be getting. With sprint announcing the evo 4G and the Google nexus one being at the same time darn them(sarcastically speaking).I am just overwelmed with joy and excitement. Now the nexus one has to be cheaper to compete right? If so which will you guys be getting? Remember, Nexus on is no slouch.

Ok you guys I need your help. Now I need to know what phone you will be getting. With sprint announcing the evo 4G and the Google nexus one being at the same time darn them(sarcastically speaking).I am just overwelmed with joy and excitement. Now the nexus one has to be cheaper to compete right? If so which will you guys be getting? Remember, Nexus on is no slouch.

just got back from the sprint store here in Frederick, Md....very knowledgeable rep said they are getting the HTC Evo in 2 weeks....does not have a price yet

I'm wondering if you will be able to have a 3g hotspot and not pay a fee for 4g hotspot if there is a fee. With that said, can the Evo do a 3g hotspot or only 4g?

does anyone know if the battery life will improved from past phones?
I have an pre and it defiantly needs to be charged every night.