Sprint Evo 4G retail box

At this point, the Sprint Evo 4G has been handled every which way to Sunday -- not that it's some big secret or something. But there still are a few odds and ends to clean up. One of them is the retail box, which we see above. Also confirmed is that the Evo's shipping with an 8GB microSD card, which is darn nice of Sprint. Handful of more pics after the break.

Evo 4G retail box

Evo 4G retail box

Sprint Evo 4G

Sprint Evo 4G


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Sprint Evo 4G retail boxed is unveiled; 8GB microSD card confirmed


I kind of wondered this myself. I have an 8Gb card right now that is class 6 so if it is not then I will just use mine!

in all honesty, does it matter in a phone? in a high end digital camera yes, but in a mobile phone a class 2 doesn't impact on system performance in any way you could notice, unless you were installing apps side by side so you could see the couple of seconds saving you get

Interesting that they give you and 8gig card in this and a 16 in the HD2.

Do people really get excited over boxes....hahahaha!

Funny, I thought he was talking about the box too. I didn't realize he said phone until after I read your comment. That is weird though that the name of the phone isn't on the phone. Small thing, maybe it's under the kickstand. lol.

What HTC phone do you guys own that does say the name of your phone on it. I have the hero and it doesn't have 'Hero' branded anywhere(external).

my touch pro 2 doesn't have its name on it, neither did my mogul, pretty sure its not that common

I have never understood why they put the network branding on the phone, just incase you forget who you are paying your money to?

Free advertising for the mobile company. When you're showing off your EVO to your friends, they'll catch glimpses of the Sprint logo.

This phone is definitely going to be the shit! I can't wait until June 4th 2010!! I hope this phone is everything its suppose to be because this will be my phone for the next 2 years for sure, no more phone switching no matter how tight another phone is that comes out!! HTC EVO 4G ALL FTW!

Hey JB23, WE ALL SAY THAT! That is until the new SHIT comes out. Just admit it, you like the rest of us, can't live without the SHIT in our hands!!!

Now what does THAT say about us?

I was banking on a Dell Streak, that was intil I found out it was going to AT&T. I had it ALL planned right down to that gorgeous 5" screen then they had to go and give it to AT&T.

Talk about wasted a WOODY!

Well this is the best "shit" out right now so that's why I'm getting it. In about 5 months when something better comes out then you can get that or still have this one which will still be awesome even if there is a better phone out there this phone will still be what it is.....freakin' awesome.

LMAO yeah you are right I am like all the people that want the NEW phone and the NEWEST GADGETS but i'm serious though, when I get the HTC EVO 4G that'll be it for about a year and a half. I'm not even gonna look at the newest phones coming out later this year after I get the EVO cause if I do I might just be tempted to sell the EVO and upgrade LOL.

I did see that DELL STREAK AS WELL, but yeah thats a no go for me cause AT&T is lame!

lol. You've been eating Chinese way too much. But you're right. It looks like a to-go box from my local Chinese restuarant. So delicious.

This is true! It looks like a peel'n eat kind of rations though doesn't it? Like one of those applesauce containers I give my kids to eat!

Just pre-ordered mine over the phone w/Best Buy, and I'm out camping! Couldn't wait till Monday! It's all over till the 4th!

why are you browsing the AC BLOG while your out camping? I guess I never missed a thing cuz I never went camping. I mean if this is what you do for fun!

Am I missing something here?

Whatever happened to winnie roasting or marshmellows on a stick!

If Sprint had only shipped this with an 8GB class 6 card and FroYo 2.2, I promise no one in their right mind would be complaining about some ridunculous $10 overtax. C'est la vie.

Class 2 and Eclair 2.1. Now the timer starts for HTC and Sprint to get 2.2 onto this 2001 monolith. I say 4Q. How 'bout you?

such a great phone!!! such a shame Evo users won't be able to experience 2.2 on this amazing phone for possibly months after Nexus users.....i am a Nexus user, though! i wish this phone was Google exclusive and not thru a carrier! i would buy it right away! can't wait to get 2.2 soon!!!

No Picture of the back of the box? That usually lets us know what all types of goodies that actually have packed in them. and a pic of the Micro SD too.

shhhhhh, that box might be ugly but "Baby Jesus" is inside :) I hope this phone turns out to be what everyone is expecting and wants.

I'll stick with my good ole workhorse Moto Droid. Rooted, OC'ed and running Bugless Beast v1.0. Fast as hell, stable and will be running Froyo a couple of weeks after the Nexus, well the rooted ones anyway. IF this thing shipped without Sense UI and just ran vanilla Android I would be excited.

Hey... come on. Some people like slower phones with less features and pay more for it. Just saying...

this phone looks amazing, and I've tried to figure out so many different ways that it would make senses to switch from at&t to sprint but the simple problems I have are:

1) This is really the only good android phone they have. Will they keep up this rate of bringing good phones to their network or will phones die on their network like the Pre?

2) I live in California, which is not even listed as having 4g coverage. Doesn't seem like it would make sense to buy a phone requiring the $10 extra 4g premium

3) Updates? It seems like Sprint takes entirely too long to update their android phones to the next version. How do we know this won't happen with the Evo?

$10 regardless will be cheaper than your other plan on other carriers.

The Sprint network has actually been progressively getting better with phone offerings over the past year or so. So I would expect them to go forward from here, not backwards. (that is just a SWAG -Scientific Wild Ass Guess)

As for updates, we can expect a delay. That is the single thing that keeps the Nexus One above the rest in that it was made by Google. So it isn't like you won't get the update, but it will be delayed like the rest. The thing is going forward, your hardware seems future proof for a while... so you will not only get the update, but you can fully benefit from each one.

Not twisting your arm, just giving the words of a Sprint customer for about 6 years and I see how they are doing.

Too bad Sprint has horrible customer service and even worse service in my area or I would be all over this phone. I could care less about anything that phone does over my incredible, but I would like the bigger screen! Really nice looking phone, congrats to everyone who's getting it, you'll have one heck of a phone!

Continuing to use Sprints poor customer service from the past is getting old. Look at the facts.

#1. Their CS has been steadily improving month after month after month and has been applauded by the industry.

#2. All service providers have bad coverage area's as well as the occasional bad rep, you can't avoid that.

#3. Take advantage of their 30 day guarantee and if you don't like what you get, walk away for free.

What dream world are you living in...lol Their customer service is down right terrible and there is no other way to put it. It has not gotten better or is. Its just down right awful.

Yes they all have spotty areas. Sprint seems to top the list.

Anyways.... the phone is cool and I am interested to see it in action. Am more interested in what the GSM spawn will be but until then the EVO is king. Just have to keep lovin the N1.

#1. From the past....nah they are still horrible. Drop the brand loyalty.

#2. Yes, and like I said in MY area, learn to read please before responding.

#3. Why would I want to do that when Verizon has good customer service and good coverage in MY area.........

Sheesh some people amaze me.

Sweet phone but screen to large for my taste . I used the HTC hd2 , didn't like the size of it

Just got my preorder confirmation! I so cannot wait for this phone. I have an 8 gig card now on my Pro 2. Not sure if it's class 6 or not but I'll take whatever they give us here. I just wonder if we will get a screen protector like we did with the Touch pro 2. I would love a case. Already seen some cute cases that have the cutout for the kick stand. This phone is gonna rock!

I pre-ordered mine today @BB in Gainesville, FL and I was number eleven on the list looks like pre-orders are going quick. So glad I don't have to wait in line for one of these like Pre last year. So excited June 4th can't get here soon enough!

i'm sure this is a dumb question, please bear with me but what the difference between class 6 & class 2?

but on a phone you really will not notice in day to day doesnt effect listening to music and will only add a second or two when you are taking a photo

Just preordered my EVO at RadioShack...and it came with a $20 accessory gift card, as well, as an additonal $10 off after you complete their online survey!!! June 4th...that's my date with destiny!!!

Don't forget The Shack is the only store letting you walk out with $200 out your pocket!!!

The Shack WON'T make you mail in your $100 rebate... THEY GIVE IT ON SPOT!!!

Best Buy is doing the same but without the extra $20 assesory credit so the Shack is still better....

one little plus for hero owners is that it will use the same battery. that's a savings because this phone's going to need quite a few to last the day, i'm sure. **Also works with: [HTC Hero™ with Google™, HTC Snap™, HTC Touch Pro2, HTC® EVO™ 4G with Google™].**
hero owners aren't eligible for upgrades until the fall :(
i still think the $10 premium charge is ridiculous. how often can people sit around and watch you tube videos on the phone. after the first week, everyone will go back to using this phone just like they have every other phone.
my hero may (or may not) be getting 2.1 this weekend. i don't want to be with a new phone, pay a surcharge & have to wait 9 months to get 2.2. for this phone.
to be the sh!t, it should have shipped w 2.2. then, maybe, the $10 charge would be easier to stomach...bc it would have everything!!!! it's hard to justify when we know froyo is right around the corner. and the word games from sprint are a turn off. they said 4g would be better for the same price. and then they add a premium usage charge? that's bs, lying to your customers, & getting around charging for 4g when it isn't available everywhere. so they decide to charge for it, and call it something else. FAIL.

lrn to turn stuff off to save the battery

i love how people are still bitching about the 10$ thing

people waste more than that stupid shit

Yes, people do wait more then that which is why, if people want ti save more money, they probably shouldn't be getting this phone. If people are willing to pay more then by all means, get the phone. I'm still stuck on the fence with this, I mean, pay $120 more a month for this freakin' awesome phone, or stay stay stuck with my Palm Pre, which isn't a bad phone at all, just a little slow and small for my taste. Decisions, decisions. I'm sure when Sprint stores get demo phones in I'm going to check the EVO out and fall in love with it.

Why would you be paying $120 a month? Are you actually going to get the mobile hotspot service? Don't you already have a home ISP? Do you not have the $69 data plan with free any mobile minutes? I will be paying $79/mo.

LOL Looks like a box of lunchables but hey i dont care i pre-ordered mine this morning...June 4th here we come ..... if you ordered at radio shack they said they cannot sell your pre order until after 2 days of the release date and it does say it on the receipt so no reason to camp out.......also i went to a number of radio shacks and they all say the $10 extra a month for 4g is optional...i dont know if thats becasue im a premium member and in the nyc area....just wanted to share also im an existing pre member and i bought the pre a day after release and my upgraded on my contract is officially june 1st....just thought id share...in case people had and questions or insights

i'm in nyc too & a premiere customer but i think radio shack has it wrong. sprint is saying the $10 isn't a 4g surcharge but rather a premium data charge...in other words, word games. lol

Guys with the updates, you need to glad that we're getting updates for free with some features to come along with it. Normally they would tell you go buy a new phone if you want more features.

wait...where did this photo come from? do you guys actually have it? I doubt it cause there would definitely be an unboxing!...right?

I apologize if this is a stupid question,but do any of the stores (sprint/shack/best buy) have a dummy version of this phone on site? I'd love to pre-order,as this sounds like my dream phone, I'm just hoping it's not too big. I'd like to get a feel for it before ordering.

I apologize if this is a stupid question,but do any of the stores (sprint/shack/best buy) have a dummy version of this phone on site? I'd love to pre-order,as this sounds like my dream phone, I'm just hoping it's not too big. I'd like to get a feel for it before ordering.

I haven't seen a dummy unit out anywhere, but my local Radio Shack has a dummy HTC HD2 on display; I'm sure other vendors have them as well. The size and shape of the HD2 is virtually identical to the Evo.

Hey Android Central,

Please make a SOLID posting explaining JUST the explanation of the $10 upcharge. I'm so tired of going through all these comments with people complaining that it's for the 4G because it is NOT.

Hey people out there...do your research!

Sorry AC, you are awesome. Just FYI :)

ok, kinda off topic, and I know it's kinda stupid, but did anyone get a laugh about the fact that they are taking a pic of a phone, with a phone? (look at the reflection in the face of the evo)

so beautiful it makes me tear up lol About the whole update thing waiting does suck, but i believe that any phone that has more on it that just the stock Android OS is going to be delayed in getting it's updates. That's why I finally broke down and rooted.

Also Sprint does have the best data plans out there and their customer service has gotten better. It's not perfect but it has gotten better. I think Sprint realizes what they need to do to make their company better and i hope that whatever changes they continue to make only allows them to move forward. The evo is definitely a sign of that and so is the 4G technology. I honestly don't mind the extra 10 dollars a month. my plan will still be cheaper than my buddy's plan who is on a different carrier for the same features. Plus new technology costs and if i want it in my area soon i don't made paying more to help get that technology out for all Sprint users.

i so wish there was a way to do a virtual crowd wave with everybody chanting EVO EVO EVO EVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

thats weird why they would use such a big box. Its going to take alot of room for whoever is storing it. Imagine the UPS fedex trucks with hundreds of thousands of these huge boxes? wouldnt that just be more shipping charges? Guess I can use it as a lunch box in college, yeah cuz im crazy like that

Yeah right! This is the Evo 4G! Emphasis on the 4G. Verizon will not an expansive 4G network until 2011!!!! Plus they just released the Droid Incredible which is very similar, but has no front camara, HDMI out, kickstand, or 4G. There is no way VZ will have anything like the Evo 4G anytime soon!

Why are you people so miffed about $10?? There is no similar plan from VZ or ATT that is even close comparable in price, even after Sprint's $10 add-on!

because one of the reason some of us chose sprint is based on our cheap plans. if the price keeps getting pushed up closer to the other carriers than our reason is gone. I dont care if its still cheaper "overall", its not as much cheaper as it once was...

so no matter how many features and services Sprint adds to your mobile experience you expect the price to remain the same. *sigh

well ok yeah you got on sprint when their plans were cheap and that worked for you, very understandable, but if thats the case then DONT GET THIS PHONE! nobody is forcing to buy this phone, I mean come on with technology getting better and better the way it is theres NO WAY prices can remain the same for the newer technology. so if you dont want the 10$ extra charge then DONT GET THE PHONE! and quit crying, chump!

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Sprint doesn't supply the hardware, HTC does. So you don't think a front-facing camera, an 8MP camera, 720p video, 4G speed, HDMI out, and a kickstand is enough to compete?

The carriers dictate what is included in the phone. Sprint has the choice of what size memory card is included. Why do you think so many Verizon phones didn't include wifi for so long? Also for the regular average joe however much memory is included is a big deal. Someone who listens to a lot of music or wants to watch a lot of movies on their phone is going to get a 16gb iPhone over an 8gb Evo. Of course that person could always buy a 16gb card from BestBuy or online but most people don't go through that hassle with their phones. Many of my friends who have the G1 didn't even know there was a memory card in their phone, it just was in their when they got their phone and that was the end of the story. And yes all of the features that the Evo 4G has are good competition for the iPhone but just a simple memory card upgrade is a much more important feature to most people then HDMI out and a kickstand. With the new iPhone coming out this summer packing in some serious hardware upgrades it would've been smart for sprint to include a larger memory card in their flagship device.

The average joe does not store all their music, videos, and files on their phone! 8 GB is plenty for the average consumer to store their on-the-go media, and you know it! Secondly, if you are really concerned about media storage, wouldn't you get a device that has an infinitely expandable memory, instead of one with a set amount?! You can get Sandisk 8-16gb microSDs on Ebay for next to nothing! Thirdly, if anyone is seriously considering buying an Evo, considering the bevy of cutting edge features it has over every other phone out there that, including the iPhone HD, that having only 8Gb stock memory is really going to dissuade that person from getting it? Get real man.

TONS of people use their phones to store their music and videos (though I never said anything about other files). And though 8gb is plenty for most people most people will still go for the device with more storage. It saddens me to see so many people with 16gb and 32gb iPhones when they only use 4gb or 5gb. And both you and I know that we could pick up a 16gb or even a 32gb MicroSD card however, the average person doesn't know (or want to go through the hassle) to do that. The average person is going to go with whatever comes with the device, and people are going to see 16gb or 32gb far more appealing than 8gb. In my high school I've seen kids want to upgrade from their G1s to a Nexus One just because it has more storage. Seriously, high school kids who are a large market for technology dont even know things like this. And of course all of the features the Evo has over the iPhone the included media storage is a huge deal. Plus we won't know what new hardware upgrades the new iPhone will get this summer so it would've been smart for Sprint to include a 16gb card in their flagship device.

I am too very disappointed by sprint adding a per line charge for this phone. One of the reasons for me changing from AT&T was due to the data charges being per account instead of per line. However I am still purchasing the EVO, and moving to sprint, not because of the 4G, wont have it near me, Sacramento, Ca. But because the Evo is such a great phone, and coming from Edge... Yes! I said edge, the difference between 3G and 4G won't effect me much.

One of these days I will be able to completely catch up with the world.

New Question: Anyone know if it is a mini or micro USB port? From what I've seen online, the port on Hero shows as mini. I've seen advertisements for accessories for Evo already, but they say it's a micro. These cannot be counted on. Can you share this info having it in hand?
Thanks in advance!

Everything is Micro now. Hero came out before the switch. BlackBerry did the same thing, along with all Motorola phones. The EU wants a standard for all phones and not wanting to make different parts for different parts of the world all of the major manufacturers are just switching to MicroUSB for all of their phones.

Thanks..think I got it about Evo being Micro. Are you referring to the EU Hero or the Sprint USA Hero? Is the Sprint USA Hero a mini or micro?

Thanks again!