Sprint Epic 4G

Despite some issues with the initial rollout, it looks as though Sprint Epic 4G owners are now once again seeing the update -- EC05 pushed to their devices. A quick look in our forums shows this to be true and if you check out the Sprint customer forums the original posting has been updated with the following info:

UPDATE: The OTA push for EB13 users has been started and should reach your devices today.  If you haven't yet received the push, please be patient - there are a lot of devices in the queue to receive the EC05 update.

Needless to say this has been a long time coming. Hopefully this roll out will go a lot more smoother for folks. Jump into the forums to discuss the latest update release. [Android Central Forums]


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Sprint Epic 4G Froyo update pushing again


The update is EC05... not EB13. EB13 was the old update that they pulled with the sports mode camera bug etc.

I don't normally complain about spelling errors as I'm quite prone to them myself...but this made me lol:
"Hopefully this roll out with go a lot more smoother for folks."

I'm on EB13 still waiting for the update.zip or OTA to hit my phone, will use whatever comes first.

All fixed Right updates (and spelling) put in.. Sorry, the Sprint info was a mess and sorting it out confused me even reading it. :/

I'm a little bittersweet on this one. EB13 was a nice build for me, and I don't need Sprint ID.

Oh well, I guess I'm getting EC05 today. Which I'll believe when I see, since this is Samsung. :P

I manually updated to ec05 last night and can tell you sprintid is something you won't even know is on your phone unless you decide to try it out. Even if you try it, it's very easy to turn off and uninstall the different id packs. It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I imagine it would be something my mom would be very happy to use for example. It's pretty customizable actually, if you wanted to run the id packs.

I'll second that. Was pleasantly surprised when I got the OTA update this morning and I didn't wind up with a big fat ID icon on the screen. It's in the applications, but my home screens, etc. look pretty much the same, just a bit Froyo-ier. Doesn't make much sense to me to push ID for "users new to Android" to a phone that's been out for months already, but whatever. Start bitching about the wait for Gingerbread in three...two...one...

Great that's awesome now verizon needs to get there heads out of there a** & get with the program, I'm actually a fascinate user & verizon is pissing me off... I wouldn't recommend verizon to ANYBODY!!! Stick with Sprint or T-Mobile cuz verizon is a joke

I saw this on another thread, tried it, and it worked.

If you're still waiting for an update, go to the market and download an app by google. About a minute after it installs, you'll be prompted for the update.

The update is nice except for the apparent froyo vibrate/silent debacle. This part makes me a bit angry. But finally glad to get froyo. #NeverAgainSamsung

Yeah Im not really sure why the silent/vibrate functions were changed with froyo but you can tweak the settings to hopefully work how you would like.

Apparently a bunch of intelligent users got their panties all in a twist because they couldn't differentiate between "vibrate," & "silent" and thus had "volume button malfunctions." It was a well documented complaint on the official Android support pages.

Personally I thought using the volume rocker to go from ring > vibrate > silent was convenient and logical. Apparently others are not as logical. Oh well, now I just use a widget (Widgetsoid) to control the ring settings.


wait... what?? what are you saying, that they canceled the eco5 update and went back to eb13??? what? i hope this is an editorial mistake...

edit: just re-read the article and i think im even more confused now.
are they pushing both updates?? someone please elaborate? big thank you in advance :)

NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU WILL OR WONT BUY, or how mad you are at Samsung. It sucked that it came late, but if you would have rooted like the rest of us, it wouldn't have had to be that way.
"Those who TRULY want to leave, will get up and do so without saying a word or calling attention to themselves".
-Your Grandmother

All you have to do is take 5min and flash back to D18 through Odin and you'll get the udpate in 10min. It's really that simple. I just did folks.

In true samsung fashion, this roll out (AGAIN) has been filled with false expectations. We were told the 24th, then the 25th, and now we are reading that it could take WEEKS to reach all the devices. The upgrades are rolling out to the folks with the most recent upgrades first - EB13, DI18, DI07, DG27,DG17 (which is mine). So most likely I'll get the upgrade around the time my 2 year contract is up!

I should have purchased the HTC EVO...

I received the update yesterday. I'm not really sure what the big deal is about froyo because everything is pretty much the same. I could do without the sprint id pack and I hate how the music player is no longer able to shuffle the songs. The way people were crying about not having froyo made me think it was goin to make a drastic difference.

I didn't believe it. But it happened. My wife got her update at 4 pm pacific & was mad cuz she couldn't care less. I got mine at 930 pm. About f 'ng time

from arlington, virginia: Saturday 3/26/11, 2:50PM still NO update on my Epic --am on OTW EB13-- YET, our other device, a Transform, got the update yesterday evening around 6:30pm......discovered adobe flash 10 will not function on the Transform.

Im from Springfield, Va and I was on EB13 and I went back to D18 and got th update in 10min. It only takes 5min

My wife got her update and I was more excited about it than she was. Sprint ID is much faster on her Epic than on other devices (Transform...slow!). She has noticed some changes, but nothing that made her jump for joy.

Updated my Epic on Friday morning. Now my phone is sluggish in performance, phone freezes up, video camera 'fails' etc. Thanks Sprint/Samsung.

Sunday afternoon.... still waiting. Got EB13 from the Samsung site and it has been more sluggish since. HOPING that this update fixes that. My son has a transform and he got his update Friday, but none for me. Not surprised in any way. LOVE my Epic, but wow, a lot of waiting :(

Ok I just recieved my OTA update while I was here at work. Literally 5 minutes ago. Went from EB13 to EC05. I've read the complaints and issues above. Not sure about everyone else but I've not had any issues as of yet. Even installed some of the id packs. I can see why some people have an issue with SprintID but it looks like Sprint was trying to please as many customers as they can from the young to the old. I actually was impressed with the ESPN id being a sports fan. I also know it is really easy to just go back to my setup. All in all the upgrade for me worked just fine and I didn't need to use Odin to go all the way back just to get the update.

My update from EB13 to EC05 came tonight. It did let me know immediately after downloading an update from the market (and I updated anther app earlier today). I also like the widgets available with the ESPN ID pack that are not available from the market.

FINALLY got my EC05 update overnight. I was starting to think I wasn't going to get it. Sprint's network must be really messed up. So far everything seems to be working. It even seems a bit more responsive than with EB13. Hopefully I'll see some improvement with battery life as well.