The LG G2 will be available with Sprint's unlimited data plans

In the midst of this morning's LG G2 news cornucopia, Sprint sent out a press release to let everyone know that they will also be carrying the G2, and they still offer unlimited data. While we assumed the former was the case when LG announced that all four major US carriers would be selling the G2, and that the latter was still true until we see customers marching on Kansas with pitchforks and torches, it was nice of Sprint to drop the reminder.

You can read the full statement from Sprint Product Chief Fared Adib after the break.

Sprint to Bring Unlimited Data Experience to LG G2

NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE), August 07, 2013 - Sprint (NYSE: S), the long-time leader in offering unlimited wireless services, today announced it will offer the LG G2 smartphone on the Sprint network later this year.

Fared Adib, Sprint Product Chief, issued the following statement:

“Over the years, we have teamed up with LG to bring top of the line devices to our customers. I am thrilled to see our relationship grow as we open new doors together by bringing LG G2 with the benefit of Sprint’s unlimited 4G LTE plans to our lineup.1 The new Sprint Unlimited Guarantee, available with an Unlimited, My WaySM or My All-inSM plan, is the perfect match for LG G2 because our customers can enjoy the powerful camera, huge screen, fast LTE speeds and other innovative features while on the Sprint network without worrying about costly overages or sharing data. While other wireless providers are moving away from unlimited service, the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee allows our customers to lock-in unlimited talk, text and data not for just the next two years, but for the life of the line of service.”

About Sprint

Sprint offers a comprehensive range of wireless and wireline communications services bringing the freedom of mobility to consumers, businesses and government users. Sprint served more than 53 million customers at the end of the second quarter of 2013 and is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the United States; offering industry-leading mobile data services, leading prepaid brands including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, and Assurance Wireless; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. The American Customer Satisfaction Index rated Sprint as the most improved company in customer satisfaction, across all 47 industries, during the last five years. Newsweek ranked Sprint No. 3 in both its 2011 and 2012 Green Rankings, listing it as one of the nation’s greenest companies, the highest of any telecommunications company. You can learn more and visit Sprint at www.sprint.com or www.facebook.com/sprint and www.twitter.com/sprint.


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Sprint to carry LG G2 'later this year'


Will it be a Nexus? No? OK, no thanks. I sprung for the HTC One and aside from the fact that it's wonderful hardware, I've been nothing but pissed off by it. I'm either getting a Nexus device ON Sprint next time around OR leaving Sprint. I'm over it.

Later this year on Sprint, that must mean Nov/Dec time frame and maybe Verizon won't be last for once (doubt it though). I don't get why these carriers can't announce dates like then can with say crapple's phone.

Come on AT&T.


I have noticed that VZW is the only one that really makes their own rules when it comes to stuff like this.

Whenever the other 2 release it, Sprint will. Didn't it say somewhere that it was going to be done worldwide within 8 weeks or did I imagine that?

Sucks later this year that's the crap I'm talking about.. Leaving sprint we have to wait for updates 4g but they real quick to bill you....all I want to know is who'ssss coming with me??????

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I think it's safe to say that NoNexus ain't comin' lol. You're on your own, pal.

Posted via Android Central App

If it's triband I will pay full price so as not to renew contract because come January if my data still sucks, I will be switching to tmobile. I will miss my Google wallet though :(

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

I was about to leave sprint this fall and take a nexus 5 off contract but it looks like they are testing LTE in my area. Now i'm considering the G2 and the sprint contract for another 2 years.

For anyone saying if its not triband they aren't getting it, chances are if you already don't have LTE then you even seeing triband before your or near your next upgrade is slim... just something im thinking about

Yeah I don't care about data lol Sprint data signal sucks in some places and is over the top incredible in others... But I am a Sprint customer for life.. I take the bad with the good.

I might get this phone as I badly need a new phone. It almost definite that I will get this phone as it comes with sprint.

I just got confirmation from a rep today that the LG G2 Sprint variant will actually have a removable battery. This apparently has something to do with the phone being a tri-band/world phone. Whatever the reason, I'm ecstatic. I love the screen size, specs, etc. Regarding the rear buttons,my index finger always sits on the back of the phone anyway so I'm ok with that. I have played with the Samsung S4 quite often and while I think it's a great phone, it is so overloaded with too many gimmiky features and the SD card suddenly became damaged and unreadable on my friend's phone. All of his photos were lost. Others have reported the same problem. My old HTC EVO 3D never had that problem. Another big selling point for me is the LG doesn't have Touchwiz which I find really irritating on my Galaxy Note tablet. Now if only Sprint would announce the official release date! The rep was not talking but I suspect late Sept or early Oct. The Sprint PCS website now says COMING SOON.