SPB Mobile Shell for Android

It's been 10 long months since we saw SPB Mobile Shell for Android. That's right, the same SPB who used to make Windows Mobile usable. And long after we got a look at it at Mobile World Congress it's ... still not available. But you can now sign up for a private beta, and possible get a look at a whole 'nother UI for Android. Be sure to check out our hands-on from February, and there's all new video after the break. [SPB Mobile Shell for Android]


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SPB Mobile Shell for Android looking for a few brave beta testers


loved what they did with winmo years ago on my samsung device. looks promising. if they really are looking cross platform, adobe air may be a solution.

i really hope i get it, it would look so nice on my evo and i would have the best looking evo in school

Signed up. I'd love to be able to use sense widgets with this but I can live without them if not.

I am really looking forward to hopefully being picked for the beta test. I loved SPB apps on my Windows Mobile Phones, I am sure they will be much nicer and so much smoother on Android.

I've been a WinMo guy for a while, and SPB were the only players in town if you were serious about getting the most out of your phone or PDA.

I'm sure they will provide excellent utilities for Android. They know their stuff.

This looks awesome, and as much as I want it, I refuse to pay any more than $5-$10 for it. $30 is way, WAY too much for a home replacement.

oh and for the record assuming it has everything I need this would be the one to finally make me shy away from my launcher pro +

i used it on winmo and
i dont think i'd replace launcherpro with this but
they could REALLY use this on WP7 to replace those fugly tiles