Good news and bad news here, for you folks in Peoria, Ill. You indeed are seeing fleeting Verizon 4G LTE signals in your fair city, according to the Journal Star. The bad news? You're still just in the testing phase. Hey, there are worse problems to have, we reckon.

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Does this mean it can be taken away?


Well, let's hope that we actually do get some LTE around here.

i hope they roll out E.Peoria also... im here in morton (ten miles south i would love for my Gnex to get some 4g action

tim242 says:

Testing just means they haven't announced it yet. It has been on in my fair city of Bryant, AR for 2 weeks. It has yet to be announced.

Caveman419 says:

Would really like a stronger signal, live at the top of the hill towards Morton and lose 4G halfway up the hill.

Patience is a virtue!

But 4g is better

madeincanon says:


dthurman says:

Will it play in Peoria? I am in Washington and never saw 4G :-(

wilsodw says:

Oh well at least I know it switches from 3g to 4g.