Sony Xperia Z2 tablet gets Root, ClockworkMod Recovery

Sony's Xperia Z2 tablet is an insanely thin piece of hardware that not only runs Android 4.4 KitKat but that's now also primed and ready for ClockworkMod-based Recovery and Root.

Before you get too excited, you'll need an unlocked bootloader, so you're presently restricted to the 16GB Wi-Fi version of the Xperia Z2 tablet. If that's not a dealbreaker then hit the source link for instructions and let me know how it works for you!

Source: XDA

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ki11ak3nn says:

So I would hope that means the Z2 phone will also get root. Good stuff. I'm not too far from Canada. I might just have to pick one up from a Sony Store up there.

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angryGTS says:

Yep the Z2 has root and recovery already too!

ki11ak3nn says:


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I just wish they'd hurry up and release the LTE version already.

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bhatech says:

Rene reporting this? I mean every android device gets rooted, so not sure what's special here that Rene had to report.

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ctleng76 says:

No, not really. Many eventually do, but there are also many devices that aren't popular enough to warrant it. And there are some that are so locked down that it is difficult to achieve.

tkhamis says:

Where in Canada or US is this tablet available? Neither or have them listed?

rampage1979 says:

Yeah I havnt seen it listed yet I really would like to try it out before buying it first. I read that bell in Canada is getting exclusive rights to the z2 but I havnt heard a launch date yet.

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This tablet is too sexy. I had a hands on in a store yesterday with this beauty. The screen is rich in colors, good contrast, wide viewing angles, bright just a bit reflective. Playing asphalt 8 is a joy on this beauty. Easily the best android tablet for great user experience.

worknman says:

That wasn't in the US, was it?

That wasn't in the US, was it?

gautampw says:

Gets roots and recovery, now just needs to get enough users

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rob damiani says:

When will the Z2 tablet be available for purchase in the USA please?

I read a while back that it wouldn't be coming to the USA. That's why I went to eBay. No regrets. I love this thing. iPad slayer.

rob damiani says:

You live in the USA?

xsylus says:

I don't see why they need to make rooting so difficult. If they offer an unlock tool for the bootloader with the disclaimer and terms why not do the same thing with root? It's a constant battle between the corporations denying users root access and losing the battle EVERY TIME. Why waste resources on trying prevent the users who NEED root from getting it when they'll ultimately find a way to get it despite the best efforts stop them. All of my Android devices are rooted and guess what, the world hasn't imploded.

Deniel Brawn says:

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