Sony Xperia Z1

16GB black model available for $619.99

Sony has made the SIM-unlocked LTE version of the Xperia Z1 available in the US. Sold through the Sony web store in black, purple and white, the soon-to-be-outdated Android device (remember, the Z2 is launching this month in some countries) is going for $619.99. Previously, the Japanese manufacturer only had the HSPA+ version available for consumers to purchase.

The black variant of the 16GB LTE Xperia Z1 is currently the only one in stock; the purple and white versions are backordered with an estimated shipping date of April 30th. What’s interesting is the HSPA+ version is also completely out of stock through Sony, so while it’s slightly cheaper you’re now able to quit waiting and pick up an LTE variant.

It’s worth noting that this is listed with Android 4.2, though most Z1 models should be on at least Android 4.3, with 4.4 updates updates rolling out for some models in recent weeks. So, U.S. Sony fans, will you be picking up a Z1 or holding out for an American Z2 launch?

Source: Sony, via: Xperia Blog


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Sony Xperia Z1 LTE now available to buy from Sony U.S.


The z1 is a pretty awesome phone, despite it being outdated. To save a couple bucks, plus LTE support, is no small order.
I admire Sony for their amazing build quality and a ui that isn't horrible to look at.
That said, other than battery life, I would still probably take the nexus 5.

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I'm a huge fan of Sony's hardware, but until they can keep current devices stocked in the US (and not AT&T branded) I won't even consider buying one. I want an unlocked Z2 or Z2 mini. Anything less is not even worth my time. I won't buy a phone that's got no more than 6 month worth of updates, because that means I could very well miss out on getting any updates at all if the timing isn't right.

Plus, I can get an unlocked S5 for that price...even a few bucks cheaper!! I really don't see any reason to buy last year's hardware at this year's price.

Sorry but I would just get the m8 at 650 and have kitkat. I really would like to keep using Xperia phones but they just take too long to upgrade software.

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Strange, the Z1S on t-mobile is essentially the same thing, yet is about a hundred dollars cheaper to buy outright.

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You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

So they just now allow us to buy the z1 while the z2 is being released everywhere else in the world? No thanks.

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C'mon Sony what's wrong with you! Z2 and Z2 mini in the states now! I mean were practically waiting to throw our money at you but it seems you don't want it...

Bad deal considering Z2 is already released and for a little more money you get a better spec HTC one M8. Too late Sony.

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Ugh.... Sony I want to throw my money at you yet you insist time and time again that I don't.

This is a great phone, but I'm not spending $600 on last years model. Drop this to Nexus prices and we can start talking.

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This actually irritates me more than anything. About 6 months ago, I wanted this phone in its LTE variant that fully supported AT&T's bands, but none could be found except for ridiculous prices on eBay, and only in black. I had an Xperia ZL that I absolutely loved before that, but thanks to Sony's apparent lack of care for the US LTE market, I can't get a Sony phone at a reasonable price when the hardware is fairly new. Sad. I love Sony's UI & hardware design. I just wish they'd show some interest in at least offering SIM-unlocked phones for the US LTE market.

Too little, too late, Sony. You should be offering the Z2 and/or Z2 mini, or you're just reinforcing why you don't sell many phones in the states.

I bought this Z1 2 weeks back unlocked in India and so far, loving the pH...Waiting for LTE to hit New Delhi, but is out in Mumbai,...till then, 3G is what I'm rocking..and my 15MBPS down broadband internet at my home...

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