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As launch day approaches, more technical details of Sony's new Xperia S are starting to trickle out. We learned all the key specifications at CES (where we also got some hands-on time with the device), but now two interesting new features of the Sony flagship phone have come to light, according to Swiss tech site

Firstly, the site reports that a Sony Ericsson product manager told them the Xperia S has a "dirt-repellent", "UV-active nano-coating". We're not even going to pretend to know what that means, but if it protects the device from scrapes and daily wear-and-tear, we're all in favor. For what it's worth, the presence of an "anti-stain shell" has already been confirmed on the official Sony Ericsson Facebook page.

The product manager also reportedly spilled a few details on the new battery tech employed by the Xperia S. The phone is said to use improved lithium-polymer technology that's capable of recharging in half the time taken by earlier models, with ten minutes of charging time apparently being enough to power the device for a whole hour.

The Xperia S is due to launch in Europe from the second week of March. Its American counterpart, the AT&T Xperia Ion, will land stateside during the second quarter.

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Sony Xperia S boasts 'dirt-repellent' coating and 'fast charging'


As much as I like this phone, Its not appealing to me like the ARC. something about the design of thism phone that makes it meh for me, but I can't figure it out

Still not the real next gen batteries that are otw...Full charge in 6 minutes for a cell phone size battery...Waiting for that battery to get a new phone :-)

Why would dirt-repellent coating mean it was resistant to scrapes or wear and tear? The most you can read into it is that it repels dirt. For the other two, I hear cases do that.