Android Central @ CES This year at CES we saw a bunch of new phones get announced, in particular two Sony phones that were very similar yet very different. Sure you can take time and watch the Sony Xperia S hands-on video and then compare that to the Sony Xperia Ion video and go back and forth looking to see which one you are most interested in. Alternatively you can just sit back and enjoy as we allow Sony to explain to us the benefits of each. So, which one appeals the most to you? Either of these potentially your next device? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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Comparing the Sony Xperia Ion to the Sony Xperia S


The S is a gorgeous phone. Not sure if I heard what version android it was running. I want the S with stock ICS.

Will the Sony Xperia s come to U.S? If so will it be a AT&T phone? Last and and not less when?? Please someone reply .. Thanks