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FIFA edition arrives alongside a silver metal banded version in the UK

Sony is an official partner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and in celebration of this the Smartwatch 2 is getting a colorful makeover. Well, it's getting a yellow and green band, anyway. The FIFA edition has been outed by UK retailer Clove for arrival in March, and besides a watch band designed in honor of the host nation Brazil, there's nothing else different about it. 

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It isn't alone, either. A less colorful, but slightly more premium looking silver metal banded version will also be going on sale in March. Again, the only difference is the band, but this one might attract those folks looking for a higher quality finish. Both will cost £132 inclusive of VAT, and there's no word as yet on whether or not the bands will be available separately. Anyone tempted? 

Source: Clove

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jwyche007 says:

Doesn't "going Brazilian" mean something else?

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mssca says:

ha ha.. +1

MartyDel says:


(Laughing out loud)

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It has been known to ;-)

brunodmjr says:

LOL. What it means? I'm Brazilian and to me "going Brazilian" is to go HUEHUEHUEBR

That silver is nice.

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I have the Smartwatch 2 already but that silver band would be nice if sold separately, it's a bit more professional looking than black rubber.

m733 says:

That silver band looks nice But still a bit pricey.

leorc242 says:

Want a funny story? Sony does not sell their Smartwatches in Brazil...