Sony S1  

The 9.4-inch Sony S1 just might be making its way into the hands of consumers in the UK as early as September 1. New rumors suggest that the Sony Centre stores across the pond will be training up their staff to the max in an effort to ensure they know all the ins and outs of the new tablet. Still no pricing details at this time but if this pre-order date sticks then chances are we'll see one pop up soon.

Source: Thisismynext

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Really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these. Looks like Sony is BACK with design style.

Thisismynext is like the Ultimate All Star Tech Team... Poaching top bloggers left and right lol. At least Phil is still here.

Phylar says:

Sure, it looks good, but will it ever get an official update after release?

I'm a member of Sony (X), Sony's exclusive invite-only site and the source of the leaked tablet videos, and although it does not give specific dates, the frequency with which the aforementioned videos are being made available would suggest a release somewhere around September, so the timing fits...

Hopefully we do see a release around that time though, 'cause these tablets would make awesome christmas presents for the wife and son, particularly with the Music Unlimited functionality built-in!