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Live with PlayStation now available in app, kind of

Sony has pushed out an update to its official PlayStation 4 companion app for Android, with the headline new feature being the inclusion of "Live with PlayStation" video feeds in the app. Well, sort of in the app. You can browse the gaming streams from within the PlayStation app, but those broadcast via UStream will open up in the UStream app should you have it installed. streams will open up in the browser of choice on your Android device. 

Additionally, Sony now says that video notifications are supported under "What's New", and it now won't automatically connect to your PS4 while in standby mode and fire it up. Grab the latest version from the Play Store at the link up top. 

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avantiel says:

Anyone got that APK? im not from the US so I cant download :(

anon8383393 says:

We got it in great Britain

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lindseybp says:

Its been a surprisingly solid app with no crashes. Pretty good for a first app on ps4. It should only keep getting better.

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XavierMatt says:

So much blue.

Verge FanBoi

Hargoth says:

Does not work at all for me on my old Z and my new Z1s. Does not see my PS4 when connected to the same access point. :(

I hope this new version fixes that ...

Sure you're not doing something wrong?

Works on every smartphone in my house, and a few friends

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This app is only going to continue to improve. I love it!

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Now if only they would get it working on a stock EVO 4G LTE.

alexlam24 says:

Only ps3 :(

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PsychoRaven says:

You can still download and use the app even with your PS3. I do this and I have yet to buy my PS4 (SOON! :)). The only real difference (among many others) is that instead of waking up your PS4 and downloading a game/dlc/theme. The PS3 will have it waiting for you once you turn it on when you get home. Although the PS3 doesn't have the same standby feature that the PS4 has (mention above). It's still pretty fun to mess around with from time to time, not AS nice but fun.

I say check it out and get a feel for how it functions to prepare yourself for a PS4(if you plan on getting one that is).