A 100db speaker for £134.99 on Sony's latest budget offering

Just after CES and the Xperia Z1s, Sony dropped word of a couple of more budget oriented devices, including the Xperia E1. This 4-inch Android smartphone has a party piece around back, and has been priced – without a firm release date – for the UK by online retailer Clove Technology at £134.99. Music seems to be the focus with the Xperia E1, with that pretty insane sounding 100db speaker around back, and a dedicated Walkman button. 

The budget smartphone space has been getting pretty hot of late. With Nokia releasing low priced Lumia devices, and the current king the Moto G, folks who want to spend less are getting more bang for their buck than ever before. The E1 doesn't match the Moto G on outright hardware and software, with a Snapdragon 200, a 480x800 resolution display and Android 4.3, but Sony is offering its own unique taste on a low-cost phone.  Current estimates on UK availability suggest April, and you can pre-order a SIM free version at the source link below.

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Sony's noisy Xperia E1 gets a price in the UK


1. this is an interesting idea. i would like a set of high quality/volume stereo speakers built into my phone. i understand the current limits of physics but the idea still intrigues me.
2. WTF are those colored squares that the headphones are plugged in to?

100db sound?? Wow. For comparisons sake, HTC one has 83db.

FYI, 90db is 10x louder than 80db, so this smartphone should have 100x louder sound than most smart phones (iPhone 5, moto x, s4).

I want one... An android iPod.

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Umm I believe your mistaken. a 6db increase is usually perceived as twice as loud to someone who has an ear for music/sounds. Those who aren't producers/audiophiles may need a larger increase in dB (7-10) to hear a sound as being twice as loud.

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Truthfully, this is really a Walkman with a big speaker and a smartphone attached to it.

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(ZeroLemon 7000mah battery)

I know that everyone cries 'thinner phones!' but I really like the look on this. Still won't buy it but like it

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