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High-quality imaging as an accessory could be Sony's answer to latest 'cameraphones'

Here's a crazy (but plausible) rumor for a Friday afternoon. While other manufacturers are releasing camera-centric smartphones — such as the Galaxy S4 Zoom and Lumia 1020 — Sony might decide to take a different route and offer high-end imaging as a smartphone accessory.

Sony accessoryThe latest rumors from Belgian camera site SonyAlphaRumors suggest that the manufacturer is preparing a lens with built-in imaging sensor and battery, that will mount to a smartphone and communicate wirelessly, after pairing over NFC. The device would also be usable on its own, though renders of the purported gadget seem to lack a screen of any kind. As such, the main use case involves attaching it to the back of a smartphone and viewing a live, wirelessly-beamed feed.

As for the optics behind this accessory, the site reports that it'll use the same sensor and lens as Sony's upcoming RX100 Mk II high-end point-and-shoot, a camera expected to sell for around $750. So it's unlikely this add-on will be cheap, though a second version is said to be on the way with a smaller sensor and larger optical zoom.

The site claims its information comes from "two trusted sources," and If the reports are accurate, it'd be a bold that combines Sony's presence in the smartphone and camera spaces into a genuinely innovative (if slightly mad) accessory. It's also a logical extension of Wifi-enabled cameras and Wifi SD cards, which allow smartphone connectivity. By offering a high-quality camera add-on for smartphones, Sony could surpass devices like the S4 Zoom in terms of image quality, while still allowing their phones to remain slim and sleek during regular use.

As always, take this unconfirmed information with a pinch of salt, but this certainly sounds like the sort of thing Sony might do. CEO Kaz Hirai has previously stated that smartphones and cameras are two of the company's three main areas of focus, and such a product would conveniently straddle both categories.

So would you be interested in a camera add-on for your phone? Shout out in the comments and let us know what you think.

Source: SonyAlphaRumors


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Sony rumored to be prepping 'lens and sensor' accessory for smartphones


Sounds cool. I like the idea of having a thin phone and being able to extend it with a kick ass lens by Sony. Saves a lot of space while traveling (a full camera or only a lens in the bag is a big difference).

This would be a perfect solution for what I want, if it works as advertised. I want better photos than a cheap point and shoot or a smartphone offers, but really have no need for a fancy SLR. I have to admit the idea of the S4 Zoom tempted me, until I actually looked at the specs and the appearance of the, uh, phone (camphone? phomera?).

If it's true they will beat the "camera that will change everything" that Nikon is reportedly working on.

It really would change photography and what people use to take pictures.

I will buy it.. I take a look lot of lab sample pictures at school. Would be easier to use the phone over a separate camera.

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Absolutely brilliant idea. Take the lens to events or places you know you'll need or want to shoot pics and leave it at home for everyday use of your phone. I'm in!

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This will probably only work with Sony phones... and there isn't a Sony phone on the market I'd even consider buying.

Definitely innovative! I'd seriously consider if it worked on the GS3. ;) But what phones in general lack is a fast shutter speed. Taking high-res, or even zoomed in pictures is nice, but catching the pic you want when you want it is more important.

Just my 2¢.

Exactly. If its universal it would be a win for everyone, but we all know how Sony likes their proprietary Stuff.

Of curse Im sure some fine developers would make it work with other phones as well.

The image sensor would likely need to be on the attachment.. if you look at most phones, the camera is not on the same spot... even within the same brand. If you have room in whatever you are using to carry this, you have room for a stand alone camera. If the sensor is on the lens and it connects by Bluetooth to your phone, it would have a transfer rate of 700KB/s. If it's wifi direct, it would only work with certain phones.

I love the idea. But for me, at least, the price for an "add on" has to be cheaper than the thing its being added on to. Read cheaper than $200.

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It is possible today to pair a Xperia device with a Cybershot DSC-WX300 and take photos with the device display and shutter rather than the camera.

So taking the next step, i.e. a camera accessory that is mounted on the smartphone and then allows the user to take photos just like an internal cam is logical. The technology is already available in-house.

I would also say that it is a better solution than an internal high quality camera module since the external one can offer less compromises (thinness etc are important and it degrades the optic quality etc).

Very innovative. You could stick the lens in a pocket or bag and just pull it out when you need it.

thats kind of awesome, i was just thinking about this the other day, but in a slightly different use. i was thinking of having just a normal lens but then, say if samsung made it, you unscrew the normal lens and put a 55mm or so on it, using the same mounts as samsungs (or whatever manufacturer) mirrorless cameras. this would probably make the phone fairly thick though, which i wouldnt mind.

Plz do it fast n bring it to the market fast coz I prefer only sony n ya try to change or style of ur phone as nw of ur phones are quite similar to other as far as the look is concernd samsung is doing that so they are taking the market quite easily. As for eg experia neo or neo v its a good n stylish phone try to chane the style the look not all that type experia z also look same n zr too plz change that otherwise no one can beat sony