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Sony is in the process of sending out invites to the Indian press for a launch event on May 8. The showcase device is to be the Xperia Z2, which is then expected to go on sale later this month according to a report from The Economic Times.

It's been a slow start in other markets for Sony's latest flagship device with apparent shortages leading to delays in many folks getting their phones in hand. But thankfully this report suggests India is looking more promising at launch.

Source: Economic Times via Xperia Blog

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They're so slow. Here it was launched March 13 but you can't buy it until June.

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the1m.polo says:

#1 reason I went ahead and got the M8 .. this is a horrible launch by Sony! How do you expect to contend with the major OEMs like this.. I wanted the Z2 but they just took too long to even provide a solid date

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quailallstar says:

What price point will this phone come in at?

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camera531 says:

It's not even coming to the US. It's only the biggest market in the world... Way to go, Sony.

bhatech says:

Sure.. The carriers are eagerly waiting to screw the device, put more bloat and ugly logos on the phone.

China and India are the biggest market for any OEMS. Even though lower end device sell more there, it's still a bigger market for higher end devices than US.

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spectre51 says:

Yes it is. It well be available from Sony unlocked.

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verpeiler089 says:

Uh, biggest market? Not really...

angryGTS says:

It is coming to the U.S. I believe at the end of May to buy unlocked.

Eagerly waiting for launch.. Will be my next upgrade from Xperia Z phone :-)
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Will be my next upgrade from Xperia Z phone :-)
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miknxn says:

I can't wait to buy this phone. Come on June!

Frank Shih says:

And they are still going to release the z3 this Sept??

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Jay Shank says:

I bought Z1 last month..unlocked here in India. Fine for me for a year so no to Z2

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