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Push games to your console, chat with friends and keep up with stats on the go

It's that time of year (decade, really) where folks can get their hands on next-generation consoles, and to match up with its PS4 launch Sony has just put a new PlayStation App in Google Play. For those who want to stay in the loop even when they're not at home playing, the PlayStation App lets you keep in the loop. Once connecting your accounts and your PS4, you can push games to your console at home, chat with your friends and keep up with all of your stats.

The app also opens up chances for second-screen features when games make them available, expanding gameplay possibilities. You can cut down on the clutter with system guides, manuals and the PlayStation Blog right at your fingertips as well. If you are eagerly awaiting your PS4 arrival, you can head to the Play Store and grab a download of the PlayStation app and be ready for when it arrives.

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shadlom says:

Yaaay, Midnight Friday.

Junior chuxx says:

Not interested!!!

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jwyche007 says:


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blazer236ix says:

Lol +1

Peter McCain says:

Yeah. It's rushed. The demo systems are failing. Games have framerate issues, the light on the controller reflects on the screen, and now they even changed their policies... Making the ps4 look worse than what ms was trying to do earlier.

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Mike77 says:

Nothing you said was true, enjoy your Xbox720

crazace says:

xbox fanboy much? This is all BS!

jayochs says:

lmfao, please just stfu M$ fanboy. my ps4 is a launch day with absolutely no issues.

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barondebxl says:

You a clown

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Cole Cadieux says:

can some on tell me why im not really as thrilled as Muhammad Ali in thrilla in manila for the ps4 release this week i bought all other ps consoles on launch but im just not excited as my other fellow gamers, i've even pre-ordered it for peat-sake.

Ryan Oneill says:

Not available in UK. The trend continues

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sashioni says:

It is. Open this link on your phone to take you to the Play Store page.

MC_A_DOT says:

Yeah like he didn't already try that -___- ...It does not work.

01011000 says:

App is on the sluggish side... Considering all the info being pulled from the PSN servers into the app, I'm sure this can theoretically be addressed in future performance updates.

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Trey_W says:

Great, only 2 days away!!!

BRENDO702 says:

I'm waiting for that Xbox One!!!

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not for UK yet :/

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barondebxl says:

Bought one from a trusted seller in eBay for 150$ extra. If you didn't preorder chances are slim to none to get one on launch day.

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ZeodoHokill says:

I love it when I see a new gaming gadget come, then I hate it when it does't release in Hong Kong. Stupid "where only" policy......

carraser891 says:

shuda pre ordered a ps4..

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Raylz says:

Lol its ok Only Microsoft was ahead of the game minus the Store

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Devlyn16 says:

Hmm Compatable with Nexus 7 [2013], Compatable with Nexus 10.

NOT Comapatable with Moto X????

radgatt says:

My ps4 is at Walmart waiting for me to pick it up. So tempted to just wait at Walmart black Friday for an Xbox though

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qc1987 says:

Can't get the app =(. Am in the U.K

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