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We've seen leak after leak of the Sony Ericsson Nozomi (aka Xperia Arc HD) over the past couple of months, but now it seems we may have some early details of the device's American cousin, the as yet nameless LT28at. A Bluetooth SIG listing for the phone, spotted by XperiaBlog, suggests that it'll sport an impressive list of specifications. Apparently the LT28at will ship with a 4.55-inch 720p Sony Reality Display, a stonking 13 MP back-illuminated camera and LTE support, presumably on AT&T.

The Bluetooth listing doesn't mention AT&T by name, but Sony Ericsson has historically added the "at" suffix to its AT&T devices, so we think it's safe to assume this one will be headed to AT&T's LTE network rather than Verizon's. Equally, no CPU is listed, but given the way SE likes to streamline things across its product line, our money would be on the LT28at using a 1.5GHz dual-core chip, like the Nozomi.

However, the most unique thing about this phone is its purported camera setup -- 13MP is just insane for a smartphone camera. Sure, megapixels aren't everything, but SE has a great track record with its Exmor R sensors on devices like the Arc and the Ray. XperiaBlog managed to dig up a few example shots from the LT28at on Picasa (check the source link), and even after compression the pictures are pretty impressive.

Here's hoping we'll get to see more of the LT28at in the flesh at CES in just a few weeks time.

Source: Bluetooth SIG, XperiaBlog


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Sony Ericsson LT28at specs suggest 4.55-inch, 720p screen, 13MP camera, AT&T LTE


And this is why we keep seeing increases in MP instead of leaving the MP the same and using a better sensor.


This is how they trick the consumer, bigger = better = not always true. iPhone had a 5MP for the longest, smaller than everybody else 8MP but they had a MUCH better sensor.

nice. Honestly part if the reason I got the Gnex is brcause I know id be happy for atleast a year while all the new Phone Spex get flushed out and refined. Like HD screens... and we'll see how the Quad core race goes. Also what manufacturers will do with skins.

Sony (Ericsson) is really good at cameras, and Japanese manufacturers seem to like to put marvellous cameras on phones, so this 13MP could be expected.

what skin do Sony phones run? While the camera is probably pretty great, if it runs a lackluster, outdated skin on top of 4.0, it'll be irrelevant to me.

Sonys UI is called "TimeScape", it's really a minimal coating also, meaning its not really noticeable- in my opinion anyways.
That said, I hope they either do away with the physical buttons or drastically improve them from recent models. They really make the devices feel dated.

damn.. why cant this be 5 inch.

now that i have Galaxy Note i cant possibly go to anything smaller then 5 inches.

grrr... i like reality display sooo much more then the SAMOLED.

my arcs display is just amazing, and its super visible in sunlight.

why would you want to go to anything else from your galaxy note right now? I would much rather have a galaxy note than this thing.

We don't need anything more than 3 megapixels. What are you guys trying to make? Billboards?

More megapixels means more detail on bigger picture, correct? So when you take a picture and you zoom in on it, wouldn't you see more detail?

I take pictures of whiteboards in school and need them to have as much detail as possible.

Yes, if the sensor is a good one...

However, most of the time MP is only going to be an indication count of the pixels and not quality of the images taken
...Most companies exploit this by taking a 3MP-quality sensor and blowing up the images to higher MP using built-in software. The images are no better than the sensor they contain but they still market them as high MP cameras and mobs of uninformed buyers eat it up.

Are you serious? 3 MP? Lol Do you even have a smartphone? Or an entry level and are trying to make yourself feel better about your purchase?

Are all ATT LTE phones supposed to sport 4.5" screens? How about some variety for the folks w/ small hands?

Learn to hold the phone correctly - Steve Jobs

...but in all seriousness, there is definitely a lack of small phones. I don't think the need for a sub-4" phone has anything to do with hand size.

I know I'm jumping back and forth here, but I don't know why people feel the need to use a single hand to access their phones...I use my left hand to hold the phone and hit hardware buttons and my right to touch the screen...I'm not really sure why people need to use the phone with one hand.

Hmm.. how about if you're holding something in your other hand.

Grocery store: shopping cart in one hand, sifting through your shopping list app on the other
Nightclub: One arm around a girl, the other hand to enter her digits into your phone :-D

I'm surprised that one guy that's "blazing with his droid charge" hasn't commented saying how people shouldn't waste their time with this device because quad-core phones are coming this year.

I love 4.5" screens after getting my SSGS2E4GT, all other screens just feel too small, I have huge hands and I still have use two hands with my phone. Although I do think they need to make smaller devices for smaller people, they look so awkward with phones as big add there face on their ear.

My personal preference is a 4.3 inch screen. Again I have the rezound and it's a perfect size for me, I do love taking pictures so that 13MP would be the only aspect of that phone that has me a little jealous.