Sony Ericsson Android device

Is it a phone, or is it a netbook?  With a 5.5-inch screen, a cellular radio, and a hinged slide-out qwerty keyboard, it's a little of both.  We don't know much else about the device, except what was leaked to engadget -- it is supposedly launching with stock Android 2.1 sometime this fall.

If it follows SE's track record with smartphones, expect to see it sometime next year, everywhere but the United States.  Please Sony, don't disappoint with this one of a kind gadget.  We all love the way your electronics look and feel -- even us Americans! [Engadget]

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samurikuma says:

I truley hope Sony Ericsson does a good job. Some of the best phones I've had were Sony Ericsson.

likwidsoul says:

Yeah let's hope this doesn't go the same route as the experia. Because it looks pretty sweet.