Version 4.8 of the popular camera app to be released later this month

Sony and Camera360 have announced that support for the Sony CyberShot QX series lens cameras is coming to the popular Android camera app. Scheduled for a world wide release this month, the QX series lenses we're one of the things we saw at IFA 2013 that got us talking. If you're not familiar, the picture above explains it pretty well. The lenses (which also handle all the image processing and can work stand-alone) attach to your smartphone and use an application to control them wirelessly. This gives the benefit of a much larger sensor and lens than any camera phone can provide, while still providing an easy way to share your pictures through your smartphone. It's some great outside-the-box thinking, and we're curious how well consumers will adopt the idea.

Currently, only Sony's PlayMemories Mobile app works with the QX series, and it needs some work. They have released what looks to be a great SDK for developers, and we should see more apps like Camera360 add support for Sony wireless cameras in the future.

The 4.8 update for Camera360 is coming this month, and you can bet we'll take a look at it. If you want to check out the interface and current features (it's a great camera app), hit the Google Play link above.

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Sony CyberShot QX camera support coming to Camera360


Jerry, is Android Central working on a review of Phil's borg eye...errr...QX10? I'm very intrigued by this device but I would love to have the opinion of those I trust with all things tech...

Nice.I hope that it will take advantage of the flash LED on the phone. Because the QX10 and QX100 have no build in flash. And Sony Playmemories app does not support that feature.

Any Ideas if I can attach the device on big smartphones like the Note2? What is the Max limit.


It has to be adjustable. There are just way too many phones for Sony to make adapters for each. They aren't going to be mass producing them like phone case companies do.

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"BorgEye" looks great on Jerry however waiting until 2014 2nd quarter for "BorgEye 2"
for stereoscopic version.
Rumors talk about Xray view feature and Night vision.