Years ago, Sony used to be one of our favorite electronics companies, they made beautiful, desirable products that seemed to be ahead of the curve. Fast forward to 2009 and Sony products always seem a little misguided, a little needless, and almost always proprietary.

So color us surprised when we heard that Sony was working on an Android-powered Walkman. Has the maker-of-all, master-of-none company finally conceded defeat? Have they finally realized software is what makes great products these days? It would seem so if they put Android on their Walkmans.

Details are expectedly vague but it makes incredible sense: no one cares about Walkmans right now, people want more Android. Plus Android is highly customizable, has a great web browser, and a slew of applications to boot.

We say it's a no brainer, what do you guys think? Is Android going to be in everything?



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Is Sony Building an Android Powered Walkman ?


Conceded defeat? Really? Have to say that really was a truly stupid thing to say. Sony has for quite sometime supported many different Operating Systems on a lot of their devices, including Linux on their PS2 and PS3 game consoles, Windows Mobile and Symbian on their smartphones. How can them expanding their OS support be "conceded defeat"?

My dream is to have a Sony Ericsson smartphone with Android of course + Nice sony cybershot camera (>5mpx) + keyboard.