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New Sony flagship features 1080p screen, 13MP camera, and reality display

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It's been leaked and rumored over the past several weeks, but today the Sony Xperia Z is official. At its CES 2013 press conference this afternoon, the company announced a new flagship smartphone with large, high-resolution display. The Xperia Z packs a 5-inch 1080p Full HD Reality display, and runs Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU with 2GB of RAM.

Design highlights for this device include a high-level of dust and water resistance, and a an all-glass back, similar to recent efforts from LG. The Xperia Z will launch globally in Q1 2013

We're live at the Sony booth at CES 2013, and we'll be bringing you hands-on coverage of the Xperia Z very soon, so stay tuned. Go past the break for the press release and a bevy of hands-on pictures.

Introducing Xperia™ Z –the best of Sony in a premium smartphone

  • Full HD 5” Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 for super brightness and clarity
  • Sony’s media applications deliver rich user experiences and instant access to entertainment services
  • Easy and fast One-touch functions to wirelessly share music, photos and videos across devices
  • New stand-out Sony design with water and dust resistance

January 7th 2013, Las Vegas, USA – Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) today introduces its new flagship Android smartphone, Xperia Z. With a 5” Full HD 1080p Reality Display, Snapdragon™ S4 Pro quad-core processor, 13 megapixel fast-capture camera and 4G LTE, Xperia Z has all the specifications expected from a premium smartphone. On top of this, it brings the best of Sony’s unique technology, content, design and connectivity to deliver rich user experiences. Xperia Z will launch globally in Q1 2013.

“With Xperia Z, we are bringing over half a century of innovation in TV, imaging, music, film and gaming to create a superphone experience that truly stands out,” said Kuni Suzuki, President and CEO, at Sony Mobile Communications. “With great specifications, Sony’s media applications, One-touch functions and outstanding battery life, Xperia Z is well positioned for leadership in the smartphone market. By putting smartphones at the heart of our strategy, Sony is enabling people to create, enjoy and share content and experiences like never before.”

Intelligent Sony Technology
Xperia Z’s razor sharp Reality Display, powered by Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2, brings Sony’s long-standing TV expertise to the smartphone and delivers an immersive viewing experience with super brightness and clarity. The smartphone shares capabilities with Sony digital cameras and features Exmor RS for mobile, the world's first image sensor with HDR (High Dynamic Range) video for smartphones. HDR technology gives clear images against strong backlight, so users can capture razor sharp pictures and videos whatever the conditions.

Xperia Z also includes Battery STAMINA Mode that can improve the standby time by four times or more* by automatically shutting down battery-draining apps whenever the screen is off and starting them up again when the screen is back on.

Discover, enjoy and share entertainment with Sony’s media applications and One-touch functions
Sony media applications offer a consistent entertainment experience across a range of Sony devices. Pre-loaded on Xperia Z, the “WALKMAN”, Album and Movies apps, enable discovery of on-line and off-line content through a single access point with new ways to enjoy and share that content. The “WALKMAN” application provides access to all your downloaded music, a library of 18 million songs to explore from Music Unlimited and Facebook social integration. The Movies application gives consumers access to over 100,000 movies and TV series from Video Unlimited while the Album application enables easy access to Facebook friends’ photos as well as browsing photos by location.**

One-touch functions enable consumers to easily share music, photos and videos from their smartphone to an array of NFC-enabled Sony devices, including speakers, headphones and now TVs. With the new BRAVIA TV, also announced today, simply touch Xperia Z to the remote control of the TV to instantly enjoy your photos and videos on the big screen. 

Two additions to Sony’s range of NFC-enabled headsets were also introduced today, the Stereo Bluetooth™ Headset SBH20 and the Wireless Headset DR-BTN200M. Touch Xperia Z to either headset and begin listening to tracks instantly.

Stand-out design and durability
Precision engineered with premium materials, Xperia Z introduces a unique OmniBalance design with subtly rounded edges and smooth reflective surfaces on all sides. Despite its slim 7.9mm body, Xperia Z is highly durable with tempered glass and anti-shatter film on the front and back, as well as the highest levels of dust and water resistance*** (IP55 and IP57) found in a premium smartphone.

In selected markets, a design variant of Xperia Z – Xperia ZL – will also be released in Q1 2013. Xperia ZL delivers the same immersive entertainment experiences as Xperia Z but in a smaller form factor.

Xperia Z and Xperia ZL will launch on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and will be upgraded to 4.2 shortly after launch for the latest Android user experience.

Key features for Xperia Z

  • 5” 1080 x 1920p full HD Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2
  • 13MP Fast Capture camera with Exmor RS for mobile, HDR video, Superior Auto and Noise Reduction to effortlessly capture razor sharp pictures and videos in any conditions
  • Dust and water resistant (IP55 & IP57) with a durable glass display
  • 1.5 GHz asynchronous quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor with 2GB RAM
  • Battery STAMINA mode improves standby time by at least 4 times

Reader comments

Sony announces Xperia Z, a 5" flagship with 1080p reality display


why not just dump Sprint? You'll never have the latest and greatest releases and unlocked devices with CDMA....GSM FTW.

I'm in the same boat. I love Sprint. I will refuse to go to AT&T and T-Mobile doesn't cover my area to make the switch a possibility. Quite frankly, if Sony wants to make any indent in the US market, they have to spend on a CDMA variant of their major phones to grow their exposure here.

For an operator variant, the operator has to pay for it. That is why you don't get many phones released in the US compared to WW.

I like GSM too but I like the unlimited everything (well 300 voice) on Sprint for $40 a month ($50 if they upgrade to a smarter phone). Some of us Sprint users are on the SERO plan and some even got corporate discounts up to 25% off on that plan when some uninformed Sprint agents were allowing it.

sprint or tmobile, that is the sole reason why they don't sell well because they only make devices for at&t here in the usa, very stupid way to run a business but that is their way of thinking.

It's very ironic that Sony doesn't build a CDMA version of their Xperia phones considering that Japan uses CDMA. I don't get Sony. If they want to broaden their market and make money, then they have to release phones available to all carriers especially here in the US when buying a smartphone without a subsidy is too expensive. It's for this reason that I think Sony will fail to make any dent on Samsung or Apple's share of the market. The company is losing sight of their goals. They used to be the dominant force in technology but they lost that perception because of bad decisions and marketing. I want a Sony Xperia phone but I can't get one because I'm with Sprint. Sony just can't compete without looking at the big picture.

That being said, I think this Xperia Z phone is too large for me but it's great to pair it with their new Xperia Z Tablet. I prefer the Xperia U, Sola, Miro, Go, Tipo or Ray. I don't know, but I think a 4" screen maybe too big for a phone. If they can make it more compact, then i'm sold.

What about interior memory??? Hope it has 32 or 64gb of int memory with ext sd card. That would push this over the top. Android Central always leaves these specs out. To me that is one of the most important.

Looks great, except that glass on back. I thought they'd know it's a bad idea since iPhone 4. Because I don't think they'd use Gorilla Glass 3.

I was lusting all over this phone from the leaked pics...until I just watched the verge hands on video. The thing is a HUUUUGGGGEEE fingerprint magnet. I mean that's to be expected with a glass front and back but wow are they super noticeable.. that would annoy the hell out of me.

get the white version or the zl. that one isn't made out of glass and it has the same specs

Love Sony's design, but C'MON with the FFC and that Gingerbread-ish like UI!! Sony should stop trying to make their own UI. They really suck at it.

Points for bringing back the dedicated camera button, but it is poorly executed as it is flat, and probably only intended to launch the camera app rather than a 2 phase button for taking pictures.

Other than that, another week another Xperia, Yawn.

CNET states in their CES eval...Z series batteries can not be swapped. Hardcased in.

Based on Qualcomm's stated chipsets this summer, I wouldn't go near this Sony POS.

You're welcome.