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Users of SIM unlocked models on both AT&T and T-Mobile are reporting the OTA

It looks like Motorola has another successful soak test under their belt, as folks with unlocked — as in SIM unlocked not bootloader — have been reporting that they are pulling the 4.4.2 update down this evening.

From what we hear, there's little difference between 4.4 and 4.4.2 that faces the user, but when something is .2 higher you know it has to be .2 better.

As luck would have it, I'm not seeing anything on mine so I'm living through the user reports. I'll keep checking though, and you should probably do the same.

Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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Some unlocked Moto X users seeing 4.4.2 update this evening


thank you. I am most interested in the fixed battery life, I noticed a consistent difference in battery life compared to 4.2.2

Changes I've noticed so far (not all are listed in the release notes):

-New printing options
-Better indoor / low light photos
-Faster unlock from Active Display
-Slight performance boost
-Black page bug in Chrome is fixed
-General Android 4.4.2 changes for all phones (eg. Exchange fixes, ART fixes, elements of the launcher that were previously still blue in 4.4 are now white, etc.)

Usually you get the update first for the device you have.Most times this is the same update that gets pushed to everyone else since most bugs have been fixed.

You have to be signed up to the Motorola Feedback Network(MFN)to participate in the soak test.There is a place on motorola web site to sign up for MFN
I cant post the link since it is automatically marked as spam when I try

Me, too.

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May be a dumb question, but I bought my AT&T X from Motorola during the 1 hour sale.. Does that mean my sim is unlocked?

I got it last night too. I'm on an unlocked X with an AT&T SIM.

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I tried enabling ART developer runtime with 4.4 on my Moto X and noticed some Play Services Stopped Running or such error recently, so I switched the Moto X back to dalvik runtime. I will see if that is fixed after I get 4.4.2. I didn't have this error when enabling ART on my Nexus 5 nor on my Nexus 7.

Same thing here...I get the popup every once in a while. I'm about to update it with art enabled and see if it gets fixed.

would have been hilarious if beiber totaled that rented lambo.

Enabling ART have caused some apps not launch with 4.4 so I switched back. I tried ART after reading somewhere that it improves battery life - how true is this?

Well I swear by it that art has improved my battery life on my nexus 5. As for the moto x, I enabled art right off the bat when I got it, so I can't compare it to battery life on dalvik. But my battery life has been pretty decent.

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Well, the update is officially announced by Motorola. But following the instruction to manually update it doesn't work as advertised though.