Samsung Galaxy S4

Third-party charger issue purportedly fixed

A small follow-up update to the original jump to Android 4.3 back in October is hitting Verizon Galaxy S4's today with a few small fixes and improvements. According to the Verizon support document for the update, email connectivity has been improved, as has data roaming across Canada and Mexico. Further, data speeds when using enterprise proxy servers have improved, and a notable issue of third-party chargers not charging the phone should be resolved as well.

The new software version after the update will be I545VRUEMK2 — if you've received the update and are noticing any big changes, be sure to hit the forums and let other members know how it's going.

Source: Verizon; Thanks, Jeremy!


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Small OTA update hitting Verizon Galaxy S4 with various fixes


The amount of Samsung shills is too damn high!

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And your a prick! It's a legitimate question!

Posted via Android Central App Using my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

What's a freaking regard? If you're gonna sling insults, you may want to take a typing course, the letter "T" is on the top row above the "G". Oh, and no one's used that insensitive term since Disco went out of fashion.

This seems very Verizon and device specific.

In other words, not a Samsung update but a "ooops we flubbed our part of the update" update

Is anyone else's S Memo crashing? I thought I'd give it a try the other day and it crashed repeatedly. I figured maybe this update would fix it, but no.

Posted with the Sammy S. the IV.

Already tried it. Still not working. Not a big deal. Just thought it was funny that preloaded bloat doesn't work.

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Are you talking about s note or action memo.

Actually it doesn't matter, neither is bloat

My phone can beat up your phone. It's bigger, badder and has more moves. If worse comes to worse, it also comes with a sword.

Neither. It's a pre loaded Samsung app called S Memo.

... And it's bloat. If I can't uninstall it, it's bloat.

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There is a super easy fix for this. Hold the notification until app info pops up. Clear data and cache. Then do the security update manually and it will be successful.

Just got the update and haven't seen any recognizable difference in the operating system.

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If you reset the phone after 4.3 upgrade those security messages went away and the phone is much better... But most won't reset and you are stuck with issues

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Actually did do a full reset my phone after the 4.3 update, and I still got the persistent notification. Don't act like you know my life!

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Small update? Mine took 20 min ported into my PC via USB? Unless of course I got the whole 4.3, but I've had my S4 for over a month so...hmmmm?

Amazingly no additional bullshit added to phone.. s memo not crashing. .. nothing looks different at first glance.. will have to check on that stupid security notification bug... that has been pissing me off royally... haven't seen it all day thus far

Got the new update last night on my GS4. Noticed that my phone doesn't say there's been some unauthorized security breach anymore, every time it switches from cell service to WiFi. BUT, I noticed this morning my GPS is screwed up. It says I'm about 150 miles away from where I really am. I tap the locate me button a few times in Google Maps, it finds my correct location but then shoots back and forth between my current location and the incorrect location. This causes all of my apps that use the GPS to be screwed up.

Oh, and they forced Google Drive to my phone. The brand new Android Device Manager that helps locate your lost phone and remotely reset it...yeah, it doesn't work now because the GPS is jacked up. They made my smart phone, dumb!

No apparent GPS issues here, but will report anything I see on commute home.. I'll use the nav and my biking tracker to test..

I downloaded this update tonight. It appears that now I cannot any longer update apps on my SD card and move apps to the SD card. Has anyone else noticed this? I assume it's related to the update, but some input from here would be appreciated!

Am I the only one behind with the firmware update on the S4 ? My phone was my best friend before the Android 4.3 upgrade and I almost dread using it now. Now, I could blame myself for not getting the firmware updated in time or I could wait to update it and then beat myself up. I haven't tried the new OTA update though.

Has anyone that has updated noticed whether it interferes with foxfi? It keeps popping up on my screen but I am holding off until I have no choice because I don't want to lose foxfi.

I received an update this morning and I am having a terrible time with my mobile hotspot. Within minutes of connecting I cannot get to any website on my PC or S4. Even dropping the hotspot doesn't fix it. I have to reboot device. I have been on my phone for 30 minutes after last reboot with no problems. Trying again.

I did a consistent ping and just watched the response time slowly get worse. Took about 3 minutes for both phone and PC to become unusable.