Verizon Fascinate ship date

Where, oh where, is the Verizon Fascinate? We've been waiting for the final U.S. version of the Samsung Galaxy S to hit (and watching our hands-on with it over and over), and it looks like it might be in a couple short weeks. This screen from Verizon -- it actually has to do phones provided to Verizon employees -- shows "Device shipping around 9/6 based on a 9/9 launch." Add to that the fact that the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards -- taking place Sept. 12 -- are sponsored in part by the "Samsung Fascinate - A Galaxy Phone," (thanks, orcares) and it seems like we're getting pretty darn close.

That could well just be a 9/9 "launch" for employees, but that's on odd term to use just for that, right? And with all that said, the usual caveat about not counting our chickens before they hatch, but the Fascinate can't get into our fat little fingers soon enough.

(And, yes, that's the Microsoft KIN that's mentioned there. Verizon's trying to get it out of its employees' pockets, and we certainly can't blame them.)


Reader comments

Sept. 9 a possible launch date for the Verizon Fascinate, tie-in with MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 12


PLEASE launch... PLEASE launch... PLEASE launch! Oh, and btw... Surprise us with a front-facing camera since we've been so (im)patient!

The FF camera isn't going to happen. But a sept 9 release date would be welcome. I've been waiting for this phone for 2 months now!

now that it is releasing, can we start calling it the Droid S inline with the rest of Verizons marketing?

That sounds about right, since my 30 days is up on my DInc on 9/8. I'd been hoping I could check out the fascinate and exchange if I liked it better. Having looked at a Vibrant the other day, I think I would. Oh, well.

I don't get it. Why must the US carriers always make their own versions of all the big phones? It just slows things down and causes confusion. A Galaxy S is a Galaxy S, why not just let it be that? xD

Do you want every car in America to be called a Ford? Galaxy S is the line... Fascinate is Verizon's model. These were all announced a while ago on the Samsung's mobile website, full specs and all. It has been taken down since. You were able to compare the four versions of the Galaxy S line. There will not be a front facing camera.

Finally! I've been waiting for this to hit the market! Now, X or Fascinate? My 2yr is up tomorrow and I've got a choice to make!

Any chance the DX, Dinc or D2 get price drops after this launch? How many $199 phones can Verizon sustain without killing the demand? I guess that is assuming the Fascinate will be $199, but I think that is a pretty good possibility.

According to Engadget:
"You were wondering about giveaways? You're in luck, because this time we'll be giving away, not one, but four Samsung Galaxy S phones! Yep, we're talking about four phones, on four different carriers, so you know what that means."
This is supposed to happen during the Friday, August 27th Engadget Show. Four different carriers, eh? COME ON VERIZON!

Almost every android phone Verizon currently carries as on that death list that dropped the other day. So how long do you give this one. I say July next year and this one will be in the smartphone graveyard too.

Hmm, sammy has done well with the galaxy s. Im a loyal X fan myself. I think the the difference comes down to the custom bloatware moto and sammy put on the devices and size. The X is huge but comfortable, the S will be smaller for sure. I will stick with the X for a year. I think that there wont be a need for an upgrade until then. For now im waiting for the S to come out in a tablet.