Sedio Surface case

I do love the feel of the thin HTC One X in the hand. I also worry about how it would weather an unforeseen drop. 


Putting a case on your HTC One X is probably a worthwhile thing to do. A decent case costs way less than “insurance” on your new device and it can also make your phone stand out a bit from the crowd.

Sedio Surface case


The Sedio Surface case is a two-piece design. The smaller third of the case slides over the bottom portion of the phone and the upper 2/3-section slides on over the top.

The case is lined with a felt sort of material which should protect the phone from direct contact with the plastic of the case.

two piece design

The two sections of the case lock together, providing a good, solid fit.

Sedio adds a kickstand to the back – ala the HTC EVO 4G LTE.  This looks to be the same kickstand that Sedio has on its case for the Evo. It is a very nice addition to the case as it allows the HTC One X to rest (only in landscape mode) on the kickstand for watching movies or pretty much anything else. I did have a little trouble getting the kickstand to open – probably the result of not having any fingernails.



The Sedio Surface case is pretty much a hard case with a rubberized feel to it. It also covers the entire phone, so it offers more protection than say the Case-Mate Barely There case.

While not as thick and durable as either the Active or Tough cases, the Surface case is also a bit thinner than those heavy duty ones. I feel reasonably safe that if I were to drop the One X in this case it would hold up OK.

The case also extends a bit over the front face of the phone, which means that when you lay the phone on its face (not usually recommended) the glass is protected by the lip of the case.

Attention to Detail

The Seidio Surface case is well made and the attention to detail is good. The cutouts for the headphone jack, microphones, speaker and Micro USB port should not interfere in any way with their functions.

Sedio has decided to put built in covers over the Power button and Volume buttons as opposed to leaving the buttons totally open. This certainly protects the buttons, but I always prefer having the important buttons accessible.

The case is substantial enough so that if you lay the HTC One X on the back, it will rest on the case and not the protruding camera housing. 

The wrap-up

The Seidio Surface case for the HTC ONE X is a very good sort of “happy medium” between say the Tough or Active cases reviewed and the Barely There case.  It covers the entire phone but it doesn’t add too much bulk.

Cutouts are done nicely and the kickstand is a very nice touch.

The good

  • Entire phone is covered
  • Kickstand is a great addition
  • Access to all ports and jacks
  • Two piece design makes it easy to get on and off

The bad

  • Covers to Power and Volume buttons make them harder to use
  • Kickstand is hard to get open

The verdict

This is, yet another good case for your HTC One X. This case offers a nice compromise between a really bulky Tough case and a very thin case that doesn’t cover the whole phone.

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Reader comments

Seidio Surface case for the HTC One X review


I'd say it makes the buttons a lot easier to use, they'd be hidden in depressions otherwise. This way they're raised relative to the case. The volume buttons have nice separation too.

i have the pt case from bestbuy and it is literally the exact same case... down to the dimentions and bevels and everything lol the only difference is the kickstand :o great case.

I am using the Seidio Surface Case with the holster (Combo). The latch on the holster which holds the phone in place covers a portion of the power switch. Although Seidio did indent the latch slightly, it was not sufficient, and every time I put the HOX in the holster, it depressed the switch, and brought the phone out of sleep mode. I did report this to Seidio. It finally drove me nuts, so I cut down the width of the holster latch with a hacksaw, and it works just fine now. I do like the Seidio far better than the Otterbox Defender, which has a horrible holster design (very difficult to remove the phone).

I've liked Seidio products and this time is no different. I am currently using the Seidio Surface Case with the Holster on my HTC One X and I really like it. I only have the regular Surface Case though, not the one with the kickstand. I had actually considered buying the one with the kickstand but then I noticed that the way the kickstand is oriented, you wouldn't be able to plug the charger in while it's standing so I decided not to get it. I guess the kickstand is designed more for use while on the go. I like to use my phone as an alarm clock (especially when I'm traveling) and it would've been nice to have a stand built-in to the case rather than having to find a way to prop up my phone.